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Steve Nash Free Agency

Updated on May 24, 2012
Steve Nash playing for the Suns in the 2011-12 season
Steve Nash playing for the Suns in the 2011-12 season | Source

Steve Nash Free Agency, where will the 2 time M.V.P end up? Even at the age of 38 he is still one of the best point guards in the NBA. At this point in time there are a few chamipionship threatening teams that are in need of a point guard, and someone of Nash's skill, talent and experience may be just enough to give those teams they push they need to get that ring. Let's discuss a few teams that may make a run at Nash in the free agency period.

Miami Heat:

The Miami Heat feel as though they need another elite playmaker on there roster to get that elusive title, even though LeBron James and Dwayne Wade play there best basketball when the ball is in there own hands. Anyway, Nash is hungry for a ring, and Miami is in a strong position to challenge for one and who wouldn't want to live in Miami with all there great weather and living by the beach? Having Nash, Wade, LeBron and Bosh on the same starting 5 is scary, and well that might all but guarentee the Heat a title or two, (providing they play as a team)

Chicago Bulls:

With the loss of Derrick Rose to a torn ACL which according to reports is likely to sideline him for up to 8-12 months the Bulls are likely to throw everything they can at signing Nash as he would be the perfect replacement for Rose until he returns. However there are some downsides for this in Nash's view such as, what will happen when Rose returns? Can the Bulls win enough games without Loul Deng and Derrick Rose for a large portion of the season to challenge for a title? Where as the Heat have all there cards already in place and offer Nash strong support. Though don't count Chicago out of the equation because they will most certainly make a strong play at Nash.

Dallas Mavericks:

With Jason Kidd in strong decline the Mavericks need another strong point guard, with Kidd himself even stating that he wouldn't mind going back to the bench if Nash joined the Mavericks, Nash is guarenteed a starting spot. Though the question begs: has the mavericks time come and gone? Are they good enough to have another title run? There roster is decline and alot of there players are close to retirement, though a temptation to return to his old team might be quite strong. Another downside is that the Mavericks are reportably making also a strong play at Deron Williams so this would not make Nash there first option.

New York Knicks:

This option has now actually almost gone out the window which Nash reportably not interested in signing with the Knicks, maybe its the fear that he would not be a starter while Jeremy Lin is there? Who knows, but it doesnt look like Nash is interested in signing for the Knicks.

I'm sure other teams will make a play at Nash, and who knows maybe he will stay with the Suns though this is unlikely because they are not going to be challenging for a title anytime soon. For me these 3 teams above are the most likely to be tempting Nash to come to there town. One thing is for sure though, if the Heat were to woo Nash to South Beach, would any other team stand a chance? Only time will tell


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    • Bazookaz12 profile image

      Bazookaz12 5 years ago

      Ah yes I forgot about the lakers, though I believe sessions will be better next season for them

    • Matthew Maktub profile image

      Matthew Foreman 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      What about the Lakers? They need help at PG also. I'm a big Nash fan but if he goes to the HEat I'm still gonna root against them.