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Stocking Fillers For Commuter Cyclists

Updated on July 25, 2012
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Liam Hallam is a sports science graduate. A keen cyclist, runner, and obstacle racer who ran his first ultra-marathon in 2016.

Great gifts for commuters

A commuter cyclist riding an On One Pompino bike with panniers on their way home from work
A commuter cyclist riding an On One Pompino bike with panniers on their way home from work | Source

Buying Christmas presents for cyclists can be a challenge

especially for those that take little more than a passing interest in their partner, child or friends cycling. However with a little help you can find a great stocking filler for cyclists whatever your budget. This hub focuses on relatively inexpensive stocking fillers for cyclists as Christmas can be hard on the wallet as well as a few higher priced items which will likely make great long term investments for cyclists.

Below are a selection of stocking fillers for the cyclist in your life. Whether they love mountain biking, road cycling, triathlon or simply commute by bike to work each day- There's an economical gift for every cyclist!

Economical stocking fillers for commuter cyclists

If the cyclist in your life mainly commutes to work or around town on their bicycle it's worthwhile considering a number of cycling gifts that are ideally suited for commuters and will not break the bank.

Water bottles are a great inexpensive stocking filler

CamelBak Podium Bottle
CamelBak Podium Bottle

The Cammelback Podium is a BPA free non drip water bottle which would be really appreciated as a gift.


Every cyclist needs waterbottles

It's almost impossible to go for a ride without taking a drink of water. A relatively inexpensive gift which will serve as a stocking filler for cyclists is a new water bottle (or bottles). Never buy the metal water bottles that are popular with walkers as these make an almighty noise when they rattle around in a bottlecage.

Cammelback make some great water bottles for cyclists which willo be a really well appreciated gift.

You can pick up inexpensive cycling water bottles from many outdoor shops and in some cases the supermarket so you don't have to go out of your way to treat your cyclist.

Hu viz stickers to keep your commuter cyclist safe and seen

Nathan Helmet / Cycling Stick-On
Nathan Helmet / Cycling Stick-On

A selection of reflective stickers to use on helmets and bikes to increase visibility while cycling


Keep your commuter seen this Christmas

Visibility in traffic is a key need for all cyclists to remain safe while riding so consider treating your cyclist to some high visibility items which will help motorists and other road users catch sight of them in traffic.

Items such as hi-viz sticker sheets are a great inexpensive stocking filler

Is your cyclist a cool commuter?

Does the cyclist in your life like to commute with style? If yes it's often even more difficult to buy for such a person. Currently the biggest name in 'cool' in the cycling world is considered to be the Rapha brand which produces cycling clothing with a retro edge.

Great commuter cycling jackets

Gore Bike Wear Men's Oxygen Gore-Tex Active Shell Jacket
Gore Bike Wear Men's Oxygen Gore-Tex Active Shell Jacket

A premium commuter jacket made with Gore-Tex fabric for extreme waterproofing and breathability. Expensive but worth it long term.


Keep your cyclist dry on the daily commute

A good quality waterproof jacket is a very shrewd investment for any cyclist. It will make the cold, wet commute as bearable as possible while helping to keep the wearer warm and dry when the weather turns nasty,

When it comes to waterproof jackets if you buy relatively cheap you have a trade off in breathability. Cheap waterproof jackets tend to become very clammy on the insider as the sweat and moisture builds up inside so go for a good quality jacket which is breathable and will last a long time.

Consider looking for fabrics like Gore-tex for a heavy duty long term investment or consider a lightweight waterproof jacket that can easily roll up and store in a jersey pocket or rucksack.

Give the gift of a puncture free commute

It's official-

Cyclists hate punctures

therefore a good consideration as a stocking filler (or two) is a set of new cycling tires to give your cyclist a trouble free commute.

Before you purchase any tires always check what size wheels you're buying for. The likelihood is that the cyclist in your life is using either 26 inch (usually found on a Mountain Bike) or 700c tires (usually on a road bike) but it's best to check before you choose.

Great tires for commuters

Look for commuter bicycle tires which have excellent puncture resistance like Schwalbe Marathon tires. They're designed for puncture free long distance touring but serve as a great commuter tire which will keep the commuter cyclist rolling no matter what the weather and how rough the roads are.

If your commuter rides a road bicycle (drop handlebars) consider a thinner road type tire which can provide a faster ride due to reduced rolling resistance while offering a high degree of puncture resistance and road grip. Great brands for such tires are Schwalbe and Continental. Continental Gatorskin tires (pictured right) are a great choice which are favoured by many cyclists as a winter training tire for when the conditions worsen and the likelihood of a puncture increases.

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    • internpete profile image

      Peter V 5 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

      These are great ideas. Most people would have few ideas about what to get someone who is a casual cyclist, but these provide a good range of options.