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Storylines for Emmalina

Updated on February 13, 2017

Emmalina or Emma as most fans know her is one of WWE’s Women’s SuperStars. The Australian native spent 3 years in NXT before being called up to the main roster. However, Emma’s main roster debut was less than stellar.

She was thrust into a storyline with Santino Marella, which saw the two form a romance along with a goofy dancing tag team gimmick. Emma’s storyline with Santino quickly came to an after a few short months.

Emma was then relegated to sporadic appearances on RAW and NXT. But it wasn’t until spring 2016, when Emma returned to the main roster with a heel gimmick. Emma and her friend Dana Brooke formed a team, which saw them attacking many of the babyface women.

However, Emma’s main roster tenure was once again halted due to a back injury.

With her recovery complete, Emma is ready to make her debut again, only this time as a modeling persona renamed Emmalina.

But what exactly will Emmalina do once she returns?


Women’s Championship

Emma is a good wrestler and many fans would like to see her hold the Women’s championship.

The women’s championship events on RAW consist of Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha Banks. Unless you're part of the 4 Horsewomen group from NXT, then odds are you won't get a title shot.

Emma was part of NXT long before Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha; which adds fuel to her implementing herself into the title picture. Feeling she doesn't get enough recognition, Emma could interfere in the championship match and assert herself as a threat to the women's division.


Storyline with Dana Brooke

Out of all the scenarios this seems to be the top one for Emma.

Prior to Emma’s injury, she teamed with best friend Dana Brooke. But during Emma’s absence, Dana aligned herself with the RAW’s Women champion, Charlotte.

With Dana Brooke not doing much since splitting with Charlotte, a storyline with Emma could be a good opportunity for both women.

The potential storyline with Emma and Dana Brooke could go one of two ways.

  1. The two reform their alliance and assert themselves as a dominant force for RAW’s women’s division.
  2. An angry Emma feeling betrayed that Dana teamed with Charlotte, turns on her former friend.


Drafted to Smackdown

This may be a stretch, yet many fans have expressed interest in seeing Emma on Smackdown.

Even though RAW has the bigger stars, Smackdown has been the #1 show with it’s focus on the women’s division. Smackdown has 6 active women SuperStars, all involved in storylines and getting equal screentime.

RAW has the same amount of women, although the only ones who get screen time on the show are Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley, and Nia Jax.

If Emma were to debut on RAW, she could get lost in the shuffle of the bigger names. Yet, on Smackdown she has a greater chance of getting airtime. Plus, it’d be a great way to restart the Becky Lynch feud, which came to an abrupt end due to Emma’s injury.



Most of the time when a SuperStar changes gimmicks that's a career ending sign.

We've seen it many times over the years. With Emma aka Emmalina getting a modeling gimmick, it may not be a hit with fans.

The WWE Universe is quite vocal in their interests and if they don't like something, they're sure to make their feelings known. If the WWE doesn't have a good storyline or the crowd doesn't connect with her, then she could be relegated to one minute squash matches with the more popular women.

What will the storyline be for Emmalina?

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