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Streak for the Cash: How to Beat the Premier Fantasy Sports Game

Updated on June 14, 2012

Streak for the Cash Is the Ideal Fantasy Sports Game

Tired of the usual seasonal fantasy baseball or fantasy football league? Well, now you can put your sports knowledge to the test in a monthly challenge known as ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. Streak for the Cash is a fantasy sports game that involves accumulating the longest possible winning streak by selecting a winning team, player, or other sports related proposition prior to the start of the matchup. Win the pick, and your streak stays alive. However, lose the pick and streak starts brand new from zero. So, do you think you have what it takes to put together the month’s longest winning streak? The participant with the longest winning streak at the end of the month doesn’t just get bragging rights, but a cool $50,000 in their pocket.

Need some more information? Here you go: Every single day, a given number of matchups and propositions for a variety of sports are posted to the public where users can pick the winners of the props and matchups. They are given at a variety of different times, so there is no limit as to how many picks you can make in a day, you just can’t have to picks at the same time. Research, talk to friends, read sports forums; do whatever it takes for you to feel comfortable picking the winner of a matchup. Every time you collect a win, you add to your winning streak. If you have the longest streak at the end of the month or if you have the most wins, then you’re in line for a nice payday. The game is fun, the competition is fierce, and the prizes are worth the research.

Still have questions? Check out this link:\rules_2011

Now That You've Signed Up...

Now that you're a member one of the most exciting fantasy games out there, it’s time to start picking. While ESPN provides a variety of fantasy sports game, none are as winnable and beatable as this one. With the correct amount of research and a little bit of luck, this sports game is a very beatable one.

However, it can’t be done on your own. Unless you’re the luckiest man alive, as in, 27 or more picks in a row lucky, you will need to do research so that you can make the best, most appropriate picks. Some picks are easier than others, but a little research never hurt.

Which sports propositions and matchups do you choose the most on Streak for the Cash?

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Streak Beasts: Making Picks Easier

I have been playing Streak for the Cash for about two months now. My first month was rather unsuccessful, probably due to the fact that I thought I was the world’s luckiest man. However, I came across a group known as Streak Beasts. Streak Beasts is a group of sports fanatics and researchers that provide research and insight into the game’s daily picks. After I started using the research provided by this site, my winning percentages skyrocketed the next month.

Streak Beasts owns and operates a website providing useful information for members of ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. Aside from providing information and research, the site has incorporated a friendly environment and a social area for sports fans, offers monthly prizes, a private group for the serious Streaker, and information for related fantasy games.

Wanna check it out? I swear it's worth it.


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      daniel Bailey= mainman1957 4 years ago

      On May 20th 2013, was their a prop game played at 9:23 p.m for streak for the cash.

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      John 5 years ago

      I have been following a very helpful site at

      Just wanted to pass the word along

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      Matt 6 years ago

      This is awesome.