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Strength training programmes

Updated on March 24, 2013

For the overall growth of an athlete, sports specific strength training programmes are of prime importance. Weight lifting in the earlier days was not recommended by trainers as it increased muscle mass that could come in the way of a good performance. Today strength is required for power, strength endurance and high speed for all sports.

Nearly all strength training programs do not cater to the athlete’s needs as Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding regimes control training programs. Strength training is more defined and does not merely consist of weightlifting for a prolonged period of time. The advantages of strength training for sports are many; it avoids excessive training and helps the athlete attain the highest physical strength at the exact time.

Training must always bring out the best in the athlete keeping in mind the sport he or she is associated with. The intensity and duration of every exercise is important because the neuromuscular system and the energy system of the body undergo a lot of strain. Bodybuilders work on a particular set of muscles and do workouts until they are completely exhausted. Sportsmen require movement training and not building up of muscle mass.  Today, the vertical jump has been recognised by trainers as being a very important part of sports training programmes. In a vertical jump the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps are all used and need special exercises, the barbell squat is the most apt for the purpose. Vertical jump performance can be improved to a drastic extent by jump squats. The exercise regime for athletes must consist of endurance, agility, strength, power and tactical. The choice of a good resistance exercise must be used for other kinds of sport training too.

Most trainers have included Olympic weight lifting as a part of their fitness regime without any doubt. There is all around development of strength and power with Olympic weight lifting. There are many options available for athletes to choose from a set of strength training programs. Basically, they together with their trainers have to work out a strength training programme that best suits their bodies as well as the sport they are participating in.

Body building only aims at boosting muscle size and appearance, on the other hand strength training programs that are related to sports aim at the development of muscular strength or explosive power. Before choosing any particular fitness regime as a sports person to develop explosive power and muscular strength, it is important to know exactly what to expect and how each strength training programme will benefit you.


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