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Striped Bass Lures

Updated on July 4, 2011

Popular Lures for Catching Striped Bass

Effective lures for catching striped bass vary greatly depending on the location, season and size of fish that are present.

In the Northeast, anglers might fish in the surf at night with swimming plugs while in the Chesapeake Bay, anglers use totally different lures and techniques.

In most locations, a key factor when choosing lures is understanding the feeding habits of striped bass that are in the area.

Are they feeding on clams, crabs, eels, small forage fish or large baits such as adult menhaden?

Lures should resemble natural baits in both appearance and movement. Many of the top striped bass lures accomplish this key goal.

Best Storm Lures for Catching Striped Bass

The Storm Lures "Wildeye Shad" is a top striped bass lure throughout North America. Their popularity is due in part to their versatility and effectiveness in a wide range of habitats.

Storm lures can be trolled, casted or jigged. They come in a wide range of patterns and sizes.

Top Chesapeake Bay Rockfish Lures

In the Chesapeake Bay, top lure lure choices vary by region, season and fishing technique. In the early Spring, anglers fish the Susquehanna Flats with topwater plugs or saltwater flies.

In deeper areas of the Chesapeake, anglers use totally different tackle, trolling umbrella rigs, parachute jigs, bucktails, large shad bodies, spoons, swimming plugs and other rigs.

Other anglers may choose to jig, presenting small metal jigs or tandem rigs that incorporate a heavy jig and a smaller offering to fool feeding rockfish.

In shallows and along tidal rips, fly fishermen catch striped bass with a variety of patterns. Most are simple saltwater patterns such as the clouser.

Top flies for catching striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay are usually patterned to mimic local forage fish such as bay anchovies, small menhaden, juvenile spot or other species.


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