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How to Stud Your Snowmobile Track With a Pattern

Updated on January 23, 2012
Ski Doo Snowmobile
Ski Doo Snowmobile | Source
Woody's Backing Plate
Woody's Backing Plate | Source
Woody's Stud
Woody's Stud | Source

You just bought your snomobile and you're ready to ride! However, there are no studs on your track! Here's a step by step guide on how to stud your track on your own and save some money.

What you'll need
Backing Plates
Stud Layout Paper (Comes With Studs)
A Bit to Fit Around the Stud
A Buddy to Help You

Buy studs and backing plates for your snowmobile. Go to Woody's Website and they have a wide selection of snowmobile studs. Or check out the links below to give you more options on buying your studs. You can buy gold or silver studs, and either square or round backing plates. I have silver studs with round silver backing plates. They worked great for me. Make sure your studs come with a layout. You will need to decide how many studs you want to do. I think 96 is enough, but some people like to do more!

Snowmobile Track
Snowmobile Track | Source

The first thing you need to do is either prop the sled over onto its side, or rig the sled so that the back and front ends are hanging off the floor to move the track freely. This saves you a lot of time because you don't need to remove the track. We used 2 pulley systems and hoisted the sled up off the floor.

Snowmobile Stud Pattern
Snowmobile Stud Pattern | Source

Once the sled is how you want it, get your layout pattern. This is tidious, but you'll need to pick out the pattern you want to use, and mark it around the whole sled with a piece of chalk, or something that will show up on the track. You can also just go right ahead and, using a smaller bit that what the stud actually is, go ahead and drill out the holes from the pattern without marking them. You will have to drill them out with this smaller bit anyhow before putting the actual stud in.

Make sure those pre-drilled holes I just mentioned in step 3 are in the track before you stud it.

After marking the pattern it's time to put your studs in. **Remember, the pointed part of the stud goes on the outside of the track, which means it must be pushed through from behind the track to the outside. Also remember that the backing plate actually goes on the outside of the track. This means you will see it. Refer to the picture to get an idea of what the track should look like.***

To insert each stud, put the tip of the stud in the pre-drilled hole behind the track, put your drill behind it, and have your buddy hold the backing plate where it needs to be as you drill the stud in the track.

The stud will go through the middle hole of the backing plate, and you will have just put your first stud in.

Continue this pattern until the sled has been completely studded!

Enjoy riding on your newly studded track! It definitely makes a difference!

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