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How to be successful with fish baits

Updated on December 8, 2009

How to use baits

 Baiting the hook is very important.

The most succesful trout bait is the earthworm.It has a well deserved reputation because it catches fish.You can buy worms at almost any sportin goods store,and at spots along the highway at vending machines,usually close to bodys of water.If you keep them cool and sprinkle water on them they will last a couple months.I use compost mixed with dirt for mine.You can also dig them in your own back yard.If the ground is moist there are usually worms present.If you take worms into cold weather,do not leave them outside or they will freeze and die.Also do not leave worm cans in the sun or they will turn to mush.

When you place a worm on a single hook,put the hook through the worm once,or twice.Do not thread the worm onto the hook.In order to intice a fish the worm has to wiggle around.In brushy streams it is advisable to cover the end of hook with part of worm to prevent snags.

When a fish bites,let it have a few seconds so as too swallow the bait,then strike gently to hook the fish.If you strike too soon the worm will most likely be yanked off the hook by the force,and the fish will get a free meal.

Bottled salmon eggs are another good bait to use on fish.They keep well in the refrigerator if you keep the lid tight.

Eggs have an advantage for the beginner,as they are so conspicuous,that it is easy to watch the course of one through the water.This helps you keep track of your bait and to learn what the bait will do in a current or eddy.The best hook for a salmon egg is a short shanked which nearly fills the egg.To small a hook is apt to be yanked out of the fishes mouth and leave the egg there to be eaten.Number 12 and 14 hooks are the best for the average egg used on trout.

Insects are another great bait.

My favorite insect is a grasshopper,usually found near streams or lakes in the summer time.Trout love grasshoppers.I thread the hopper onto the hook and let it drift down stream.I usually catch a fish at the end of a riffle or behind a rock or log.I have caught trout in the riffles with a grasshopper when others have fished the same area with other baits,and when their bait approached the fish it just moved to the side and ignored their bait.I have dropped a grasshopper into the same hole and let it approach the fish and pass the fish,then retrieve the bait back in front of the trout and kabang,he can't resist striking.

You can also use caddis fly,larvae,grubs,stone flys.Most are quite small but the trout could care less.Use a small hook and do not hide it in the bait.

Fishing with  grubs and larvae require a great deal of skill and experience.But these are natural baits and catch fish when nothing else works.

The best place to look for nymphs is under rocks in shallow water which is moving fast.

You can also use dry flys to catch fish.This method is used by experienced fly fishermen,but with some practice you will become skilled at it.

I like to tie my own flys as when you catch a fish,it gives one a sense of accomplisment.

I hope this lesson has helped you in your next fishing adventure..        

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    • flread45 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Montana

      Thanks for the comment my friend.

    • ldezearn profile image


      9 years ago

      A very good hub. I'm impressed. I should be so fortunate to have such a page. It's one on the few articles that the writer is a real fisherman and has actual fishing experiences using what he's writing a hub about.


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