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The Protectors of Major League Baseball

Updated on August 8, 2013
#MLB #jeolmoz2 #Protectors
#MLB #jeolmoz2 #Protectors
#MLB #jeolmoz2 #Protectors
#MLB #jeolmoz2 #Protectors
#MLB #jeolmoz2 #Protectors
#MLB #jeolmoz2 #Protectors

The Protectors of the Game

Baseball has always been a huge deal for my kin.

Since, their childhood days and all throughout their adult lives, my uncles have always love the game.

God, family, country and…baseball…that’s their code!

They will not admit it, but they were very disappointed when I chose to play a more urban friendly game like Basketball and that disappointment escalated even more when my son chose to follow my footsteps and went on to play for his High School Basketball Team, but...

you try to hit a freaking white ball with a piece wood while some maniac is hurling it at you at almost 100 mph and keeps changing speeds and directions on you.

Baseball is the only game I know that if you fail to get a freaking hit seven out of ten times…you’re still considered a great hitter and can earn millions.

The NBA is global nowadays and the NFL has been busting their hump for years to go global, but Baseball has been World Wide for decades!

The NHL?...lets’ just say with all of those labor disputes, it’s finally back on track to return now.

And Baseball has its’ Protectors too.

There is not another sport in America which will make its’ Commissioner and the game’s top stars parade and grovel in front of government like MLB.

The Protectors of the Game black balled Pete Rose for the rest of his natural life.

Pete Rose for years would never admit that he bet on baseball and after they finally made him admitted it, he still was persona non grata in every MLB circle and on the eyes of the public.

Last time anyone saw old Charlie Hustle, he was selling memorabilia on the Home Shopping Network to pay his bills.

The Protectors tagged Roger Maris’ legacy with an asterisk for eternity…the Protectors do not look kindly on anyone messing with The National Pastime.

Clemens, Bonds and Sosa thought that they were home free after absolutely nothing happened to them during all of those Steroid Scandal Hearings, but they pissed off the wrong dudes. Even Mike Piazza, whom so conveniently retired before the Steroid Scandals broke out, couldn't get in the Hall of Fame. Bonds and Sosa have a snows’ flake chance in hell to get in the Hall of Fame now , Clemens has an outside shot, but...

he will never ever get his reputation back, you just can not unring that bell.

I met Roger Clemens once…the guy is a walking Billboard for Arrogance and the Protectors do not like that one little bit. He has to fix that image of his somehow because he’s on the same slippery slope that Pete Rose was. The Fans and the Media might eventually give him a pass, but not the Protectors of the Game.

They will hold on to a grudge that will make the one the USADA had for Lance Armstrong look like child’s play.

I also met Hank Aaron once. I was scared to death to walk up to the man…I thought that he might be one of those bitter old timer types, I mean the man got tons of hate mail while he was in route to break (legitimately) Babe Ruth’s Home Run Record, so I figured he wouldn't be open to strangers walking up to him, but honestly?

How many times in my life am I going to get a chance to shake hands with a Hall of Farmer, right?, but he was cool. I think I scored some major brownie points when I called him by his nickname, The Hammer.

The point is Clemens needs lots work on that image of his, if he ever wants to get in the Hall of Fame.

Being the first Major Leaguer convicted on the Court of Public Opinion of using Steroids to get into Baseball’s Hall of Fame is going to be (*)#%!

Of the originally accused of using Performance Enhancing Drugs, only Mark McGwire remains in baseball, and as a Hitting Coach.

Tony LaRussa claimed years ago that he never saw any indications of steroid use on his ball club, but many MLB insiders say,

that’s simply impossible to imagine that a Simple Tool like McGwire fooled a World Series caliber manager like Tony LaRussa for so many years. Big Mac’s reward for not throwing LaRussa under the bus was the St Louis Cardinals Hitting Coach job, and that LaRussa is using his considerably influence now to keep McGwire in the game because he has the goods on him.

It’s laughable to even think that any MLB club would continue to trust and allow a guy that always swung for the fences and struck out more than 1,500 times in his career, with teaching the hitting fundamentals to their young prospects.

Written By: The Voice of One! #jeolmoz2
Julio E. Olmo, Sr. Follow @jeolmoz2


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Steroid use is in every sport. High school teams each year deal with it. It enhances performance at the cost of a persons health. Sadly. Hope we see some improved sports attitude.

    • jeolmoz2 profile image

      Julio E Olmo Sr 4 years ago from Florida, USA

      @Daisy Mariposa Yeap! I hope none of them bother to write an acceptance speech because I knew it would've been a waste of time!

    • Daisy Mariposa profile image

      Daisy Mariposa 4 years ago from Orange County (Southern California)


      You've written a very interesting, and now very timely, article. What do you think about the lack of Hall of Fame inductees this year because of steroid use?

    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 5 years ago from Dubai

      Interesting read, temptations in life will lead to downfall I guess.

    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 5 years ago from UK

      Great read .. saddened to see how the sportsmen pay little attention to what happens afterwards to their health...

    • Jools99 profile image

      Jools99 5 years ago from North-East UK

      I am a baseball fan (from across the pond) and I think once this info is out on the news etc then it is fair game. The main problem is the length of time between news breaking and then actually getting people in a courtroom to talk about the accusations so Clemens has had getting on for three years having to live through all of this with his family. Steroids is rife in sport and in a perfect world people would never take them and the 'level playing field' would be maintained but baseball players, athletes, footballers et al are too easily persuaded into doing these things in the name of 'enhancing' performance. Such a shame. You are right to point out that baseball's place in America's heritage is the main crux here - anyone who sullies the good name of America's sport lacks a real understanding and respect for what it means to the American people. And I agree with you about Tony LaRussa and Mark McGwire - Ssshhhh!

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      interesting read, i wouldnt actually have thought Steriod use would be as much use in MLB as most other sports