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Super Bowl Post Game Report

Updated on February 6, 2012

Giants Win Again!

Eli Manning beats Tom Brady for the second time on the biggest stage.
Eli Manning beats Tom Brady for the second time on the biggest stage.

Super Bowl XLVI will go down as one of the greatest Super Bowl's in NFL history. The Giants and Patriots met for the second time in four years and this game was every bit as good as the previous. And Indianapolis did a fantastic job of hosting the game and the festivities all week.

Eli Manning led his Giants on another fourth quarter drive at the end of the game to beat the Patriots 21-17. Everyone laughed at me in early December when I said the Giants were still one of the best teams in the NFC, but most people left them for dead after four straight losses. It doesn't matter what happens in November, it's all about the wins in December, January, and that one game in February. Before the season began, Eli said that he felt he was an elite quarterback and belongs in the same breath as Tom Brady, but nobody bought it. No one but him, his teammates, and his coaches. Everyone in the Giants organization believed in Eli, and he proved last night that he is an elite QB by beating Brady twice now in Super Bowls.

Eli basks in another Super victory and MVP performance
Eli basks in another Super victory and MVP performance

Why Do People Still Doubt Eli?

After Eli EARNED his second MVP, there are still doubters that want to discredit what he's done. Many people think that Justin Tuck should have been the MVP with his two sacks. These were big plays, but they were isolated events in the game. His sack that forced Brady to throw the ball away and get a safety was more of a coverage sack and should be credited to the secondary. His second sack forced the Pats to use their final timeout, but it was all for not because Brady converted on a 4th and 16 on the very next play. If Tuck deserves the MVP, we could make the same case for Jason Pierre-Paul, who had two batted balls that stopped two Patriot drives, as well as a touchdown saving tackle in the first half.

It takes a team effort to win a Super Bowl with all 53 men doing their part, and Eli did more than enough to earn this MVP. 30 of 40 for 296 yards and a TD with no turnovers, but the biggest stat that's not listed is the 88 yard game winning drive he orchestrated in the fourth quarter. I said all year that if I could choose one QB to lead a team in the fourth quarter for a game winning drive it would be Eli Manning, and I stand by that comment after watching him last night. Eli is absolutely an "Elite" quarterback and now a first ballot hall of fame candidate when his time comes.

Brady falls to the Giants for the second time in four years in the Super Bowl.
Brady falls to the Giants for the second time in four years in the Super Bowl.

Who is Tom Brady Really?

The only thing that frustrates me about this Super Bowl is Wes Welker taking all the heat for an in-completion in the fourth quarter that basically stalled a drive and forced the Patriots to punt it back to the Giants. Yes, he did get two hands on the ball, but he had to twist backwards in mid-air to do that because the ball was thrown well behind him. I've said all along that Brady is an overrated quarterback and a product of the system he's in. He proved that last night. Brady completed two passes over 8 yards, one to Ochocinco and the other on a brilliant scramble and toss to Branch on 4th and 16. That was really the only play by Brady that impressed me all night. That offense revolves around a great line keeping him protected in the pocket and Brady throwing 5 to 8 yard slants and hitches. It's a dink and dunk offense that Brady thrives in because he is a smart guy and can read the defense and get the ball out of his hands quickly. But the bottom line is, he can't throw the ball down the field with accuracy like Rodgers, Brees, and Eli Manning can.

Yes, Hernandez did drop a ball over the middle, but I hate the fact that the media is putting this loss on the receiving crew of the Patriots. Brady deserves just as much blame as the receivers. We saw deep balls fly over receivers heads and one intercepted by Chase Blackburn. Don't get me wrong, Brady is a good quarterback. He's smart, he moves around in the pocket well, and he's very competitive. But he's not Joe Montana; he's not Terry Bradshaw; and he's not a complete quarterback. He cannot throw deep consistently with accuracy, he's shown to be skiddish when facing a tough front four that can get pressure, and he's just not clutch like Montana. Brady will be a hall of fame quarterback because of Bill Belichick and the system he's in. He's had the luxury of having the same coach and playing in the same system his entire career. You have to wonder if Brady was picked first overall and went to a bad team, would we even know who this guy is today?

Would Brady Be An Elite Quarterback if He Was Drafted by a Bad Team?

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