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CMLL Super Viernes Review: Los Ingobernables EXPLODE!!!

Updated on February 19, 2016

Sweet cream on an ice cream sandwich, what in the blue hell did I just see?! Tonight’s CMLL Super Viernes, coming off two really good episodes the last two weeks and featuring a card that looked great on paper, didn’t live up to the hype; it lapped it, lapped it again and then went after the world record of “most awesome thing ever” like Speed chasing Rex’s record in the first ten minutes of Speed Racer. Alright, maybe it wasn’t that good but even still, CMLL knocked Super Viernes out of the park tonight. We had unforgettable matches, betrayals, feuds advanced and a couple of dudes who might need to lie in an ice bath for a few days just to heal after what they did tonight. What are we wasting time with the build up for; let’s talk about this bad boy! ON WITH THE SHOW!

Arkangel de la Muerte and Metalico defeated Oro Jr. and Star Jr. two falls to one

The good news; this match was a hundred times better than I expected it to be, largely carried by Metalico and his very entertaining ways. The bad news; this match was a hundred times longer than I expected it to be, and in fact might’ve been the longest match on the whole card. When you have three potential epic encounters happening later in the show, that’s a curious decision to say the least. Ultimately it didn’t have any effect on the overall quality, but even still; can you imagine if the fourth match or the main event had the extra ten minutes this match got? Arena Mexico might’ve melted from the amount of fire those matches would’ve produced!

Dalys, Reina Isis and Tiffany defeated Marcella, Princess Sugehit and Skadi two falls to one

Pretty much exactly what I expected going in. When Sugehit was in the ring, the action was solid; when she wasn’t, the action was even more hit or miss than a film directed by Tarsem Singh. I wouldn’t call it terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but this bout wasn’t good either and most certainly was the worst bout of the evening. The lesson as always; we need more Zeuxis. Thank goodness she’s healthy and will be having what should be an excellent title match this upcoming Tuesday.

Angel de Oro, Esfinge and Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Dragon Rojo Jr., Olimpico and Virus two falls to one

Let’s be real; when we look back on this show later this year, no one will remember this bout in comparison to the matches that followed it. Even still, this was where the quality of the show really started to elevate. It wasn’t a perfect match, but aside from Olimpico (who pretty much came across like John Travolta would if he made a Saturday Night Fever sequel this year) it was overall fun. Dragon Rojo and Virus both produced solid rudo work (I know, Virus being good? Shocking!), Esfinge and de Oro had a few moments to do their stuff and MY GOODNESS GUERRERO MAYA JR! It’s going to end up getting lost in the long run (especially compared to other performances that followed) but Maya damn near killed himself to will this match up several notches, diving everywhere and anywhere (including into the stands at one point). By far, he gave the most underrated performance of the evening and hopefully he gets a look at moving on up sooner or later. The people want more Guerrero Maya Jr.; THE PEOPLE NEED ORE GUERRERO MAYA JR.!

Dragon Lee, Stuka Jr. and Volador Jr. defeated Gran Guerrero, Kamaitachi and Negro Casas two falls to one

OH DAMN! Ladies and gentlemen I have seen Mad Max: Fury Road, I witnessed The Dark Knight opening night in theaters; hell I’ve even seen a grown man satisfy a camel (I don’t care if that has nothing to do with the other two, just go with it!). But my goodness, I’ve never seen a wrestling match put its foot on the gas and go nonstop like this one did. There was chaos, there were impeccable feats of athleticism, there was storyline advancement, there were multiple moments that made my jaw drop; for goodness sakes, near 56 year old Negro Casas did a RUNNING HURRICANRANA at one point and it was only the fourth or fifth coolest thing on the card. Oh, and they did all of this in less than ten minutes. Like I said earlier, if they had gotten the time the opener had, Arena Mexico might’ve combusted from the awesomeness. Never the less, eight minutes was more than enough to make this the match of the night and potentially the match of the year (to this point), all while keeping the Casas-Volador and Dragon Lee-Kamaitachi feuds as hot as ever. What a match!

CMLL World Welterweight Championship Match

Mascara Dorada (c) defeated Mephisto two falls to one

Those eleven souls that read my preview for tonight’s show will know I picked this match to be the match of the night. By the time the six man leading into this bout had ended, I was regretting that pick. Surely there was no way Dorada and Mephisto, as good as they were, could equal that six man tag or even come close to it.

Boy was I off! While it didn’t quite reach the heights of the match before it, Mascara Dorada and Mephisto sure as hell did their damndest. This match had everything; the first two falls featured slower, mat based wrestling before the third went totally ballistic and showcased Dorada going completely balls to the wall in his attack. And while Mephisto certainly did show up and give a good performance in his own right, Dorada has to be commended for his effort. This was by far the best solo performance of the evening, with Dorada diving from anywhere and everywhere at an even greater frequency that Guerrero Maya did earlier. For the love of all things the man almost got himself killed jumping off the stage (thanks to Mephisto not quite catching him all the way). It’s a damn shame the Arena Mexico crowd was cool towards Dorada, because his performance here deserved two standing ovations. Alas, he’ll just have to settle for a critically acclaimed contest, a successful title defense and fans throwing coins in the ring, the ultimate sign of “you just totally nailed it” in lucha libre. By the way, the fans did that for the six man match prior as well. Can anyone recall the last time fans threw money in the ring for back to back matches at a CMLL show? What the hell is going on here and who has possessed the body of Paco Alonso? IS IT YOU EL JEFE?!

Atlantis, Maximo Sexy and Valiente defeated Los Ingobernables two falls to none

Isn’t amazing that even after those two epic encounters, this show still had a main event featuring five exceptional talents, the CMLL World Heavyweight Champion, CMLL’s biggest star and their biggest stable? Thumbs up to the CMLL bookers; they nailed this night. As expected, this match didn’t get the time to live up to the previous two bouts (and unfortunately Atlantis and Valiente were treated as afterthoughts), but it didn’t need to. This match here was all about the story, which morphed from just being Rush vs. Maximo into LOS INGOBERNABLES EXPLODE! Evidently Marco Corleone wasn’t as on board with Rush going after Maximo, and his reluctance to beat up the Heavyweight Champ ultimately led to Rush and La Mascara kicking him to the curb nWo style, all while getting themselves DQ’d in the process. Now instead of just Maximo vs. Rush, we have a potential Maximo/Marco tag team going against Rush and La Mascara in a match that’s just as big, if not bigger, than the original idea. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s indeed the direction CMLL goes, and more importantly, if a stipulation will be added. Maximo did challenge Rush and Mascara at the end to a mask/hair vs. hair/hair tag team match, which is money if I ever saw it. Goodness gracious me, could we really be looking at a Homenaje a Dos Leyendas that features Maximo/Marco vs. Los Ingobernables, Volador vs. Negro (hair vs. hair) AND Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi?! Those attending that show may want to bring all the quarters, coins whatever they can find; you’ll be throwing that shit into the ring all night long.

And I’m spent. If you missed the show tonight, be sure to check it out on YouTube first chance you get peeps! I’ll be back tomorrow with…something. Hopefully the Failbag, if people actually send questions! Till next time, HAIL HYDRA!

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