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The Importance of Surfboard Racks on your Car

Updated on March 23, 2011

Surf Board Racks

Surfboard racks are important to surfers of course. We need some way to drag our surfboards around without damaging them. There are several different types of surfboard racks for your car, truck, bike and wall. The varieties of racks seem endless. I have purchased hard and soft racks for many of my cars. I prefer Block for the soft-rack. It fits in my bag and when I travel to Costa Rica, It straps on most of the cabs and rent a cars. If you surf everyday you may want to consider a hard rack that you wont have to remove every time you go surfing. There are also racks that you can lock your surfboard to your car. Ones that encase your whole board and secure it. I don't recommend leaving your board in your car locked or unlocked in a surf rack device. Try to know what board you are going to use before going to the beach. While this isn't always possible its the best way to keep one of your good boards from being jacked. Keep it at home on your board hooker. If you are using a hard surfboard rack or a soft one make sure its secure. If you have a long way to drive to the beach check it several times on the way. Try not to tighten it so tight you damage your surfboard. Snug is just fine. If you have a bike you can also find several different types of racks for bikes.

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