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Surfing with style

Updated on February 18, 2013

Jet surf

You don't have to wait any more for the waves to become large enough. Challenge yourself, challeng your balance, fitness and condition. Be competitive with your friends. Try it on lake or on the sea. It is safe and extremely fun. So why not, use SURF JET.

Company Jet Surf offers board on jet propulsion. In the project they invested long seven years of intense research.

They are introducing board proudly now. You can choose among three different models. For "ride" at the moment you don't need any special permission. Boards contain automatic start of an engine and system for continuity.

You must deduct between of 15,600 dollars for board (12,131 euros) and 19,500 dollars (15,164 euros). They deliver them anywhere, with all necessary parts. Price is otherwise high, but this is something in comparison to exotic experience of board surfing in places, where waves are usually too low.


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