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Survival, Carbon Water filter

Updated on May 25, 2011
Carbon Water Filter
Carbon Water Filter | Source
Carbon Water Filter Part 1
Carbon Water Filter Part 1 | Source

Home Made Water Filter

I want to show you a home made water filter. To the right you will see some PVC it looks like just ordinary PVC but it's not.

I've listed what each section is, from left to right. I had to do it in several pictures so it would be close enough you can tell what it is.

CWFP1 = 3\4" threaded female X 1\2 female CPVC; 1\2" male threaded X 3\4" female; 4" nipple: 3\4" coupling.

Note: In the end between the 4" nipple and 3\4" fitting I have a linen clothe for a strainer.

The 4" nipple is filled with carbon just like you use in a fish aquarium, then a linen clothe above in in the coupling. This is the "Carbon Chamber"

Carbon Water Filter Part 2
Carbon Water Filter Part 2 | Source
Carbon Water Filter Part 3
Carbon Water Filter Part 3 | Source

 This linen clothe will keep the carbon from mixing.

In the next picture you will see the first coupling with the second linen clothe and the 4" nipple that contains the sand. I use swimming pool filter sand. This is the "Sand Chamber"

Next will be the "Water Chamber" with a 3\4" weld X male threaded fitting and a threaded cap.

I use a cap to keep critters and trash out.the last picture shows a leather lace strap so it can be tied to a pack or worn over your shoulder.

Notice: I was working a construction job were the water they were giving us had a smell and a taste. We were told id was OK it is good water but people were complaining and didn't want to drink it.

I got the big ideal to bring my filter and try it on the "BAD" water. It worked! I ran it through twice, then drank it. I couldn't smell or taste it any more.


Water Filter with Leather Strap
Water Filter with Leather Strap | Source


 Warning: Before you go and build one and try to filter "Any Thing"

Have it tested! What I've shown you above is something I tried I'm not a doctor and can't tell you this would be safe for you!

The point is that if it is life threating you will know how to make a Carbon Water Filter.

If you want to TEST it and your water is good you may want to make one out of 4" or 6" pipe to filter more water at one time.

The filter you have been shown is one you can carry around with you.


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