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Survival swimming made easy

Updated on April 20, 2016

Survival swimming - Easy way to learn / prepare

Imagine you are thrown off board into the open sea or ocean from a crashed aircraft or a boat, etc. Will you be able to stay alive and not drown? How would you save yourself in this kind of situation?

Here's my easiest tip for you to prepare and train yourself for such a scenario in the shortest time and easiest way possible.

If you don't know how to swim yet, this article will show you how to prepare yourself from scratch. Read on:

1. You'll need to learn how to swim - The breaststroke, floating and how to tread water. Why these 3? Because these are the easiest movements to learn and grasp with regards to survival swimming. Take a personalized swimming class and learn specifically these 3 skills. An average person will take about 2-3 months to properly and sufficiently learn them in the deep end of the pool. Another 1-2 months to get used to applying them in the open sea.

2. Learn how to float with whatever resources you can find - This can be anything from a wooden plank, to a life buoy, to even your own clothes by blowing air into them to use as a floating device. This will save you loads of effort from moving around trying to keep your head above water.

3. By learning how to use the following skills as mentioned above, you can increase your chances of survival significantly, by having the chance to assess your situation while in the open sea, before moving on to rescue or exiting the situation by swimming to the nearest shore, boat, etc.

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