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Surviving A Rainy Day At Disneyland

Updated on January 26, 2017
Surviving A Rainy Day At Disneyland
Surviving A Rainy Day At Disneyland | Source

Rain, Rain, Go Away?

Towards the end of Fall and all the way through early Spring, Southern California is prone to get rainy days. Sometimes it rains for a few hours and other times it rains for a week straight. Just because it rains it doesn't mean that Disneyland closes its gates for the day. You probably think "who would be crazy enough to go to Disneyland in the rain?" or "I would never go when it rains!" but don't dismiss the idea just yet! There are many perks of going in the rain and you may be pleasantly surprised by them. I personally love rainy days and would never turn down a trip to Disneyland because of it (unless I was sick or something). Here I will show you how to stay dry and have as much fun on a day when the weather is nice.

Have you ever been at Disneyland when it rained?

  • 71% Yes!
  • 29% No Way!
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Things You Will Need To Stay Dry.

There are many essential things you might possibly need to stay dry in the rain! When I go in the rain I wear rain boots (because it floods), an all weather jacket, a beanie and a scarf. I also always bring an umbrella! I like to have everything with me before I go to the park but lots of people buy their rain gear in the park. Here are some items that are great to have in the rain:

  • Umbrella
  • Rain boots
  • Gloves, scarf, beanie
  • Poncho with a hood or rain jacket
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Waterproof bag or a Ziplock bag for your phone and camera
  • Plastic cover for a stroller
  • Non absorbent/spill proof pad to sit on
  • No hands bag

Sometimes it is not very cold or wet when it rains which means you don't need heavy rain gear. I always recommend rain boots even if it isn't raining that hard because the park floods and walking through it without proper foot attire will make you miserable. Trust me; I went once and wore just plain boots and my socks got wet due to the water seeping through my shoes. Luckily I brought an extra pair of socks and it made a world of difference when I changed into them. If it is really cold and coming down steady I would recommend layers and a rain jacket or poncho and some gloves. I also think it is always a good idea to bring an umbrella and I feel that the bigger the better so you don't get splashed by other umbrella runoff. If you bring too much stuff and/or the rain dies down and you don't want to carry anything around with you, renting a locker is a great idea! If you go with this option I recommend taking a picture of your locker number so you can remember it at the end of the day.

Here I am with my umbrella ready to enjoy my day.
Here I am with my umbrella ready to enjoy my day. | Source

Since I went in the Spring, I opted for a warm fleece jacket with a hood, a bright umbrella, fun Disney inspired scarf, boots, and a backpack to put all my belongings in.I absolutely love my scarf. It was light so it wasn't heavy (but still kept me warm) and it is very hard to be Disnified in the rain. This was a great way to add some fun to my outfit! My backpack was a huge lifesaver too. It kept me hands free to hold my umbrella and a drink or most of the time my phone in the other hand. It also was great because when it stopped raining I put my umbrella in a ziplock bag and threw it in there. My tip would be to make sure that your umbrella is big enough to cover the bag you choose to bring. Nothing got wet and I was a happy camper all day long!

Time To Embrace The Rain!

Its raining and yes you are probably wet so why not embrace it and climb on a water ride or two! I am fairly sure the lines will be non existent and since you already are wearing waterproof attire, why not? Rainy days are also great for taking photos. Because of the clouds in the sky and the "grayness" they create make optimal lighting conditions. Since the Sun is diffused there won't be any shadows and colors will really stand out! So take some time and take some awesome pictures. Just make sure that your camera is protected from the water via water case, umbrella, or whatever method you choose.

Here are some beautiful flowers in front of It's A Small World.
Here are some beautiful flowers in front of It's A Small World. | Source

Certain Rides Are Closed

Rainy days can be great because it is not crowded which means little to no lines for rides! It is a great way to get all the rides done in one trip to Disneyland! There is a downside besides the possibility of being wet and cold: some rides are closed when it rains. Most rides remain open but the ones that are outside are closed for safety reasons. Here is a list of the rides that are closed in Disneyland:

  • Pirate's Lair
  • Mad Tea Party (tea cups)
  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Gadgets Go Coaster
  • The Matterhorn
  • Tarzan's Treehouse

Now they only close rides if it is raining pretty good and steady. If it is a very light rain (drizzle) it is most likely that these rides will remain open.

Parades, Fireworks, and other outside shows will be canceled when it rains as well. Also don't be surprised if you don't see any characters walking about. They stay out of the rain as well.

Even though the Tea Cups were closed it still got lit up at night.
Even though the Tea Cups were closed it still got lit up at night. | Source

Take A Break

There are many great places and rides inside the park to escape to when/if you get tired of the rain. Here are a few of them:

  • Innoventions
  • Disneyland Rail Road
  • Shows (Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Tiki Room, Plays, ect.)

Innoventions is great because it is completely indoors and there is always lots to see and do inside. If you aren't a big fan of this building (like some people are) the Disneyland Rail Road is a great option too! The train cars are all covered and besides getting to watch other people out in the rain and get a tour of the park, you can also tour the Grand Canyon. Shows such as Moments with Mr. Lincoln and the plays put on in the Fantasy Faire are great too and are always very entertaining. The only thing you have to be mindful of is that if the Fantasy Faire floods it will most likely be closed. When I went it reopened later that day when the rain stopped and they had a chance to dry the floor. This also meant that there was only one performance that day so it was hard to get a seat.

Choose Your Rides Wisely.

I tried to get on all the rides with inside lines while it was raining the heaviest. These rides included Astro Blasters, Indiana Jones, and Roger Rabbit. I know that a lot of these rides have some of the line outside but the majority of the line is inside. It was a welcome break from the rain! We also tried to do rides with the shortest lines possible while it was raining mildly. This led us to Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Haunted Mansion is the best ride to go on when it is dreary outside.
The Haunted Mansion is the best ride to go on when it is dreary outside. | Source

Utilize Those Fastpasses.

Rainy days are the best days to get as many Fastpasses as possible. I am not saying this because the lines will be long. The lines in fact will be on the shorter side. I am telling you this tip so you don't have to wait at all in the rain. Life is so much easier at Disneyland in the rain when you can just walk onto the ride. Another great thing is that most of the Fastpass queues are sheltered from the rain. My favorite is the Haunted Mansion's because it is completely outside but it is covered like a green house. You get such great lighting in it, I just had to get a picture!

Here I am in the Fastpass queue for the Haunted Mansion.
Here I am in the Fastpass queue for the Haunted Mansion. | Source

Time To Dry Off

No one really wants to get in the car wet and cold. I recommend drying off before heading home. There are a few great options on how and where to do this. My personal favorite is grabbing a Starbucks and taking a seat while drinking a hot beverage. You will be surprised at how quickly you will dry off. Another great option is to go to the Grand Californian Hotel. Inside the lobby there is a huge fireplace accompanied by wooden rocking chairs. If you don't like either of these two and want to get some souvenirs, I would say save your shopping for the end of the day. Not only will you not have to carry what you buy in the rain all day but you can dry off while you shop. I think that the shops on Main Street are great for this because most of them are connected so you won't have to go outside very much.

It's OK If You Aren't Prepared.

Even though I was well prepared, my friend was not. She thought she had brought a waterproof jacket and would be fine in sneakers and a few layers of shirts. She was wrong. Her jacket got soaked all the way through dow to her first layer and her feet were cold and wet. She ended up buying a sweatshirt to change into and an umbrella. The good news is that Disneyland is prepared for people being unprepared in bad weather. They had lots of warm clothes and rain gear in every store for purchase. They were even giving out clear bags to put wet clothes in. The downside was that my friend had to now carry her heavy wet clothes with her all day and was stuck with wet shoes.

It might be hard to tell but I am dry and she is not.
It might be hard to tell but I am dry and she is not. | Source

All-in-all we had an awesome day together in the rain. We really lucked out with the weather because it stopped raining around 5ish and it only poured really hard for about an hour or so. It wasn't drastically cold and the sun never came out but it did brighten up a little before sunset.

Would you enjoy a rainy day at Disneyland?

  • 100% Yes! These tips are great.
  • 0% No thanks! I like to stay dry.
6 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

© 2015 Lyndsay Gamber


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    • Lyndsay Gamber profile imageAUTHOR

      Lyndsay Gamber 

      6 years ago from California

      Hi Kristinekaren!

      Thank you for voting up. =)

      Hello tirelesstraveler!

      It is still there and more popular than you would expect! True flipflops are a staple but I never feel like flipflops are good foot attire for Disneyland haha. I agree with you, the least crowded the better. I really hate summer because of the crowds!

      Hi Jocelyn Rain!

      How exciting! Make sure you ask a cast member for a first visit button (they are free) =) I hope you have a wonderful time and that the weather is nice for you.

    • Jocelyn Rain profile image

      Jocelyn Rain 

      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I hope to make my first trip to disney land soon. I hope its sunny but if not i will utilize these tips. :)

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      6 years ago from California

      Moments with Mr. Lincoln? Wow, it's good to hear it's still there. Since flip flops are the main foot apparel for So Cal. they work as well as rain boots.

      I personally prefer wet uncrowded days to hot crowded days. My kids have season passes so it doesn't make much difference to them.

      This weekend marks the beginning of the 60th anniversary celebration.

      This is indeed a timely hub.

    • kristinekaren profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi!I've never been in Disneyland but hoping soon.This is a very informative hub.Thanks for sharing.Voted up!


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