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Survivor Camping For Doomsday Prepping - Survival Inventory And Use(S) For Each

Updated on May 31, 2014

Inventory Of Recommended Camping Survival Items

The TV series "DOOMSDAY PREPPERS" has given many a new perspective of what to do in the event of a breakdown in our society.

Camping may be totally alien to many BUT the skills necessary to survive will be critical. Urban "city folks" will have the toughest time, suburban folks a lesser tough time, and rural America folks will be usually best prepared.

The KEY will be to be prepared IN ADVANCE and having the resources to get as far away from a city urban environment as quickly as possible with a "secret " rural destination to escape to and set up camp. This is another reason your gas tank should be kept be kept no less than half full at all times if suspected social chaos is expected soon since gasoline may not be available.

Your "secret destination" should be well scouted by preliminary camping excursions to get to know the natural resources available to you such as substantial hardwoods for firewood, game, edible plants, and fungi. Naturally you do not want to camp on private property without permission but you can bet that many will try to do so to. You also want your destination to be "secret" so that you don't have "strangers" tracking and following you there. You and your family and close inner circle of friends should know that destination however. Make sure to have paper maps available too as GPS and other electronics may not work if the electric and communications grids collapses.

BUG OUT BAGS. What Are They?

These are being popularized on TV survivor shows too.

Many on line web sites a well as stores catering to supplying camping needs already have "BUG OUT BAGS" for purchase. Each family member should have their own stocked bag which is just like a large compartmentalized knapsack and will be filled with all critical items necessary to sustain you FOR AT LEAST 72 HOURS and preferably MORE! These are intended to be grabbed in a hurry without having to try to spend time getting survival essentials assembled and packed.

You can also buy these Bug Out Bags fully stocked and equipped however they are quite pricey. However, if money is no object to you then purchase them. Everything on this list can be purchased quite reasonably if you accumulate and shop wisely over time these supplies and others in order to survive.

A travel trailer fully stocked is an IDEAL setup for when the SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan)!!

The TV series "Doomsday Preppers" are those folks that have the really big bucks to spend on establishing bunker like underground homes intended to withstand the collapse and chaos for YEARS without any or very little outside sources to meet their needs! Some have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars preparing for whatever event they think will collapse society and law and order.

This article is intended to address most of the same basic issues but on a much lesser budget and scale

City folks electing to buy a travel trailer would have to keep it close by outside of the city limits yet be a short ride away to hitch up to their properly equipped tow vehicle and then "BUG OUT".

Suburban dwellers if they own their own home, will probably be able to keep their trailer right on their own property and be able to split at a moments notice. Also note, that travel trailer is a great vacation way to travel and have all the comforts and conveniences of home right along with you.

Rural dwellers will have it best of all except they will have to contend with everyone else heading for the sticks. Those may not be very pretty encounters either.

There are plenty of public campgrounds and National Parks and National Forests to head to but you must scout out all these possible "secret destinations well ahead of time. The distance should be far enough away that there will be a minimum of an influx of people trying to do the same thing you are. I recommend at least 100 miles from any city should be able to provide a secret rural destination to set up your safe haven.

While some of the items on this list may have a humorous bent they are intended to be helpful in the most serious way. Survival camping for those that believe doomsday times are nigh would need every one of these items. Some are less critical than others and some are luxuries to counterbalance the stress and tedium of camping for survival.

Everyone in the family should be taught and learn how to camp if not just for fun but for the serious intent of surviving any social chaos.


Please note that you will not be able to fit all this stuff into a car or even a SUV although my own SUV is pretty well stocked and packed. However there is no room for any other passengers so this is for a one person survival. The next best would be for a family unit survival is to buy a small cargo trailer, preferably enclosed to protect your gear. leaving the tow vehicle room for passengers.

Here WE GO!!

  1. Bow saw s and folding saw. Nothing like these compact tool for quickly cutting firewood.

  2. Smart phone. I use at present an iPhone4.You need to stay in touch with the outside world even if it is a bit pricey. If all communications collapses then forget this item until that capacity gets restored.

  3. Tent. Go for a cheapie unless in severe weather areas then go for the best you can afford to meet that weather challenge.

  4. Survival knife or knives.

  5. Space blanket(s). They are VERY cheap and may save your life in cold weather situations ! Recently checked and they are $1.74 each from Walmart.

  6. Propane heater(s) that attach to the tops of 20 pound propane tanks.Wal Mart has them. Not expensive either. Produces huge BTUs of heat output to keep you toasty.

  7. Propane tanks. 20 pounders (2) and 3 tanks are even better yet if you have the room.

  8. Sleeping bag certified to zero degrees preferably. In warmer climes you don’t have to go to this protect level and usually will be a much cheaper bag too. Wal Mart though has some good buys on these cold weather bags.

  9. Air mattress to fit tent. Don’t get one too big or it won’t fit in the tent.

  10. Tarp. Nylon.

  11. Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman Tool. These things can’t be beat! You will use them every day!!

  12. Lanterns (propane fired preferable and hook able to your 20 pound propane tanks or other fuel fired). If they use mantles make sure you have extra mantles. I am focusing heat on using these bulk propane tanks. They are about $48 bucks new and about $18. bucks to refill on my last purchase and fill ups.

  13. Candles. A backup for lighting when all your other stuff doesn’t work.

  14. Stick matches. Always a great backup for fire starting.

  15. Bic lighters. Go Bic, they are quality and reliable rather than rely on those crummy cheapo knockoffs in dollar stores. When you need a fire light it needs to work reliably.

  16. Barbeque butane lighters. Usually can get a two pack of these cheap in a Dollar store. They work very well.

  17. Propane distribution pole to supply stove, lighting and heater simultaneously. Don’t forget the connecter hose/adapter that you will need to hook up your propane stove, light and heater all at the same time running off your 20 pounder propane tanks...

  18. Cook stove. Coleman propane fired preferable. Make sure you get the CORRECT adapter hose to connect to your 20 pound propane tanks or you are outta luck! Don’t buy a stove that only uses those small and expensive special fuel bottles.

  19. Thermal underwear, especially if cold conditions expected.

  20. Fleece hoodies.

  21. Blankets.

  22. Cheap fishing tackle gear set.

  23. Portable radio 2 band AM/FM plus Weather channel and hand cranked to power set and/or solar powered. SeaCrane has a good one that fills this bill.

  24. CB radio. Many folks in the rural areas still use them due to poor cell phone service. Not very good for any long range communications but just may get you out of a very tight spot if you need to yell for help.

  25. Gasoline container 2.5 gal. capacity. 5 gal capacity. Buy several. In chaos there will be no gas to be found!

  26. Charcoal. Your backup when you don’t want to forage and scrounge for firewood to cook.

  27. Charcoal lighter. Don’t depend on that old Boy Scout bragging stuff of rubbing two Girl Scouts together to make a wood campfire. Before using this charcoal lighter up, conserve it and start your fire the way the Boy Scouts teach by building from tinder, to kindling to the larger wood pieces. You want to conserve all your precious resources as much as possible by sparingly using them. That includes gasoline, propane, battery capacities etc., Remember no electricity may be available for a LONG TIME!

  28. Charcoal stove. (Compact foldable). If your camp site has a fire grill or stone fire circle use them instead and save the wear and tear and mess of setting up your charcoal grill.

  29. Compass. If you have a smart phone you probably already have one built in. You really should have an "old fashioned " magnetic handheld compass one in case your electronics are dead in the water and out of charge.

  30. Flashlights, several LED flashlights with spare batteries.

  31. Bottled water for drinking and cooking. Get the cheap stuff in the stores. You can get them in 5 gallon carboys like you see on top of office water coolers.

  32. Frying pan(s) and small pots with non stick coatings.

  33. Oil lamp and lamp oil. A great backup when your electric stuff craps out on you.

  34. Hiking boots (insulated).

  35. Extra clothing including socks.

  36. Alcohol (91%) sterilization grade or, rubbing grade 50% alcohol 50% water. Needed for health and personal hygiene as well as being a handy fire starting liquid too.

  37. Hydrogen peroxide. I call this stuff “a Doctor in a bottle”. An absolute necessity for any first aid and camper. Cheap too!

  38. Aspirin.

  39. Ibuprofen.

  40. Soap.

  41. Body wash. Dollar Store brand is great and much cheaper than the fancier branded ones like Old Spice, etc.

  42. Medicated foot powder.

  43. Chlorine bleach. Unscented/no additives. For use as water purifier. Use ONLY 8 - 10 drops per gallon of CLEAR water known to be free of chemicals and pasture runoffs. Use the eye dropper mentioned in this list to PRECISELY measure out the 8 - 10 drops of unscented regular chlorine bleach. Double check the bleach bottle label for the bleach strength and their recommendations per gallon of water purification. This will NOT purify against every kind of microbe but it does a very good job and is recommended by many government emergency authorities when no potable water is available. Note; it's always good to boil water if you can is you are able. If not this WORKS!

  44. Hair shampoo.

  45. Prescription drugs.

  46. Eye dropper. For use in measuring chlorine bleach when purifying water. 8-10 drops ONLY per gallon needed. A gallon of Chlorine bleach goes a VERY LONG WAY and will sanitize hundreds of gallons of water..

  47. Water purification kit. (If you don’t want to use the chlorine bleach method.)

  48. Toilet paper. Need I say why?

  49. Paper towels. Get lotsa these towels. Save the used towels, Kleenex type tissues, and paper napkins in a plastic bag to use to camp fire starting tinder. Works great and saves on using charcoal lighter fluid to get the fire off to a good start. Remember to follow the Boy Scout handbook on constructing a proper camp fire and it will be rather easy unless you are in a torrential downpour. Have all your various wood sizes needed by the fireside before even trying lighting anything up.

  50. Turkish towels.

  51. Washcloths.

  52. Insect repellent (DEET).

  53. Small squeeze bottle for containing own home made mix of hand sanitizer. A combo of a few drops of body wash in alcohol. Cheap to make. Don't buy the expensive commercial stuff. 20% body wash or liquid soap and 80% 91% grade alcohol mix will do the trick in killing those germs. You really don't want to get sick if you are in survival camping mode!

  54. Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s).These are pretty expensive. Can’t find any MRE’s for much under $7 per meal when bought by the 12 pack case. If you can find them under $5 per serving or lower better yet especially if can afford them, buy some up. Check military surplus outlets. Even if the MRES are near expiration dates they will still be good although a bit less tasty. Make sure you get the ones with the flameless heaters coming with each meal serving.

  55. Powdered whole milk and drink mixes.

  56. Chocolate syrup.

  57. Flavorings and extracts, such as vanilla, lemon, orange, etc. to make your own beverage. Flavor Drops like YUM DROPS, Desai, and Capella will turn plain water into flavored waters to relieve the stresses of survival camping existence.

  58. Protein powders.

  59. Gloves.Both leather work gloves and insulated for anticipated cold weather.

  60. Hats/Caps. Pullover head coverings.

  61. Car rooftop enclosed POD carrier. Needed if your vehicle interior is jam packed and you need to protect this stuff from the elements as you drive.

  62. Bungee cords. Needed to hold stuff down on your roof rack rails.

  63. Car roof rack. Needed if your car or other vehicle hasn’t enough interior room for all this crap. You will need it to mount the aforementioned rooftop POD carrier.

  64. Large porcelinized stew pot/kettle. You want to get in the habit of having a stew/soup kettle going at all times for a hearty meal especially in cold weather. Naturally you are going to need meats and veggies to put in the kettle which you will have either bought or more than like hunted and foraged for at the site of your secret BUG OUT camp site.

  65. Vinegar(s).Great for making marinades and brines with spices and seasonings and as a tonic mixed in some water or with honey. Can also be used as a cleaner to take the breath or smoke grunge off the interior of your vehicle windows.

  66. Spices and other condiments like packages of mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise salt and pepper . This can make Spartan camp cooking quite tasty and awe inspiring with a little thought and effort.

  67. Coffee percolator camper style pot. A classic percolator coffee pot that everyone used to have in their kitchens.

  68. Ground coffee. Don't forget to save the grounds.

  69. Sugar.

  70. Creamer.

  71. Ice chest.

  72. Canned goods.Plenty of these will be needed if you can't forage.

  73. Schumacher 6-1 vehicle booster battery and combo with dual 12v DC and AC power supply ports plus an air compressor/inflator and a USB charging port.

  74. Extension AC electrical cord. Needed to recharge all your electronic crap when you can finally locate and plug into a AC power source. Remember to CONSERVE your electrical sources.

  75. First aid kit and bandages. Industrial/EMT equipped is best!

  76. Antibiotic ointment salve. Usually has a topical painkiller in the ointment. Buy the cheap unbranded stuff to save a lot. Works just as well.

  77. Eco biodegradable friendly laundry detergent. For when you just gotta do your laundry in the stream, pond or lake.

  78. EnerCell power cell AC to DC power. Find it at Wally World (Wal-Mart).

  79. Inverter for 12v DC to AC/AC to DC power coming off your vehicle.

  80. Computer with a Verizon or AT&T Wireless modem. To access the internet when in range of cell or wi fi.

  81. Books.Survival books; Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Cooking, and other survival topics. available on the internet or find real cheap at yard, garage sales and flea markets. A Boy Scout Manual is a classic to have.

  82. Folding camp chairs.

  83. Cooking oils (Canola, Olive Oil, Peanut Oil any other unsaturated oils.).

  84. Chocolate bars. (Dark chocolate).

  85. Plastic bucket(s).

  86. Nylon rope.

  87. Vodka. You can make a cocktail out of ANYTHING with this stuff.

  88. Aluminum foil. Essential for camp cooking. Can also be fashioned into a hat to wear to ward off alien extraterrestrial signals to your brain while you are stressing out how to survive the chaos.

  89. Plastic liter size soda bottles or gallon jugs to store drinking/cooking water retrieved from known potable water sources or, for containing your purified/sanitized/filtered water retrieved from streams, lakes and ponds.

  90. Wilson Sleek cell phone booster/amplifier to snag cell signals when otherwise there is no signal service showing on your smart phone. You will get signal in places you never could otherwise. Not 100% though as there are still plenty of no signal areas especially in mountainous territory.

  91. Rain poncho(s).

  92. Electric DC powered air compressor. (Not needed if you have the Schumacher 6-1 power battery booster as previously noted.

  93. Firearms and ammo.

  94. Hunting and fishing licenses and camping permits if your activities require these. Know the game regulations and seasons too. This guide is NOT about living off the land by hunting and foraging. If I did that, I would certainly die and unless you are that highly knowledgeable and skilled at it then forget hunting and foraging.

    Everything here is to use the greatest of modern conveniences available and hopefully affordable to you in order to survive being homeless. I am not trying to teach or encourage anyone in these circumstances to try and become another Bear Grylls the popular outdoor wilderness survivalist personality featured on TV in his series Man vs. Wild. I do emphasize that you try and live off the land as much as you possibly can. For me personally, I want to avoid eating grubs and worms for as long as possible.

  95. Can opener(s). Get a few of the Military R-38 openers. They are great.

  96. High protein canned tuna, salmon, crabmeat, sardines, etc. for fast snacking.

  97. Debit/Credit card. If social chaos has shut down communications, electricity etc., there will be no access to purchasing anything via Debit or Credit Cards. Keep a cash stash on hand for bug out purposes. Barter items will be the way yu might have to go if the chaos lasts for weeks, months, or god forbid, years.

  98. Camp Porta-potty and disposal bags.

  99. Dried fruits and canned fruits too. Try to keep your diet tasty, varied, and interesting with these treats.

  100. Sneakers.

  101. Powdered soup mixes. Just add boiling water and voila! You got SOUP!! Yay!

  102. “Hard” veggies for the stew and soup pots such as carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbages, squashes, turnips, scallions, broccoli, cauliflower, rutabagas, etc. However, any fresh “soft” veggie will do for these stew pots if you don’t store them too long. If chaos hit though, store shelves will empty in a few hours.

  103. Bacon. The universal frying and flavor critical item for just about any cooking and eating need.

  104. Cheap cuts of meats for the stewpot plus chicken, pork, and turkey too all go well into making great soups, stews, and chowders. Good only as long as stores still have stocks for sale.

  105. Mess kit for fast and portable on the go cooking. About $11 bucks at Wal-Mart.

    There you have it folks! Happy camping and surviving!!

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