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Updated on June 17, 2013

HEY Miami choosers TAKE that!!

That was brutal. Anyone who watched the football game on Nov 18th has to be disappointed. My Chicago Bears blew out the Miami Dolphins 16-0 in Miami's hometurf Sun Life Stadium. We had been led to believe that the 5-4 Dolphins using a 3rd string quarterback named Tyler Thigpen with a record of 1 win and 10 losses and would put up a good fight against the inconsistent 6-3 Bears led by occcasional brain cramped and incercepted Bears QB Jay Cutler.

In 75 degree heat Miami's worst kept secret receiver Brandon Marshall was gonna run total roughshod catching passes at will against a so called porous Bears Defense. Cameron Wake and Jake Long even though semi hurt and the Miami Defense with more spares on the field than I get when bowling were still supposed to win this game according to the bigmouth announcers at random.

Well obviously the Bears never got the message. Jay Cutler, Matt Forte and co. layed a serious beating on Miami from the beginning of this game to the end. Along the way they caused a few more injuries to the Dolphins hurting their bodies as well as their pride. In 40 years the Miami Dolphins had not been shut out at home, pretty impressive until tonight.

As the game progressed the Bears literally dominated on defense sacking poor Thigpen 6 different times, (3 alone by Bears Julius Peppers) and in Miami's first 7 possessions they got 3 first downs and by then it was 9-0 Bears. Bears kicker Robbie Gold was busy putting the ball between the uprights each time he was asked.

Thank goodness half time came and then we had to listen to announcers boast of Miami's ability to come back in tough games. Again the Bears never got that memo either. And as I write this obviously Miami missed it too!

IN the second half no matter what Miami tried to do they were not successful on this night, no matter who wore the Miami jersey and on the other side of the ledger the Bears with the ball in their possession for almost three quarters of the game ran, passed nearly at will but seemed to miss scoring any more points until star halfback Matt Forte of the Bears sealed this victory scoring the only touchdown of the game on a short run.

Miami did have ONE bright light in this game though as Cameron Wake outside linebacker did his best to keep the Dolphins close and sacked Cutler at least twice and created havoc for Miami but there is only so much one of eleven players can do and no doubt he tired out too. With the Fish having more players out injured than were available it became obvious that Chicago was gonna get their 7th win putting them in 1st place in their division.

This rant is not directed at Miami fans who like all other football team fans root big time for the teams of each individual's choice. But is is for the morons/experts who know about as much about football as I do about ballet dancing. Oh Yeah Brandon Marshall's biggest trick of the night besides getting a bobo, was made after he completed a real good catch that should of helped the Dolphins a little, gets up and throws the ball at a Chicago player resulting in a 15 yard penalty for his Dolphins instead of a big gain.

It was that kind of night for the Miami Dolphins. They should have stayed home. Come to think of it maybe they did. 5-5 they really hurt themselves in all ways tonight. SHUT UP announcers! nuff said.


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