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Updated on March 27, 2012

Background Knowledge? Read from these Brilliant authors

I do highly recommend that you read the preceding piece of article which I wrote as an introductory message ‘Starting a football career’. If you have read it, great! If you haven’t, try to do so; it will help a great deal. The fundamental fact which I will like you to hold firmly is that “Rome was not built in a day”. In the football field, you keep developing until you acquire your greatest potentials. Professional football players in fact, still try to improve their game and the potentials through hard work and consistent training. I am sure you are aware of the big names on the field; Arsenal, Manchester united, Chelsea, liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Millan, etc. What you have to gain from this is that no matter your current level as a footballer (even as a beginner), you will acquire your utmost potentials one day through consistency and hard work. If you are a truly passionate about this career, you must have signed up with a training club. Even as an amateur, you need to develop your game every now and then. The best time for you to train is now! My coach used to say, “If you avoid the ball for two days, the ball will run-away from you for two weeks”. This implies that whatever time you keep away from the ball; it counts on your form (how well you play). What I am driving at in summary is that you should start from somewhere, so sign up with a club no matter how low-levelled it might be. In your vicinity, search for greater clubs and try to attend their trials. All clubs have scouts, so if you play well and attend their trials, they might as well sign you.

Salmon kalou, a Chelsea FC attacker told the world his grass-grace story. He came from a poverty-driven family where he had to sleep together with all his siblings in one room. He could not afford soccer boots and the first soccer boots of his career was a birthday gift (the first birthday gift he ever received). He played amidst his friends and street pals knowing that one day, he would play for the world. He was discouraged in every aspect because of the circumstances around him. He never gave up; he pursued his career by striving to join a grass-root football club in Ivory Coast where he had being attending as a ‘ball boy’. Today, he plays in the best leagues in the world, for one of the best football clubs in history, and every now and then, he shows the world his passion, talent, what he is made of, and has to offer. You have everything to learn from this paragon’s story. Every bit of your talent, passion, determination and hard work drives you a long way down. Most of the professional footballers have very rough backgrounds as well and it’s not new under the heavens if you encounter some itches on your way to success. I am sure you have access to basic training kits and facilities and thus have an advantage over this situation. If you are in this shoes, you have seem from this story that you can achieve it if you dream it believe it. Do not be discouraged, push on and you will get there.

There is no hard and fast rule anywhere that dictates the wing you must play. You know yourself the most and so you know what wing you love and will perform best. So in your training practices, choose a wing that you will like to specialize in. Training coaches can also help in determining the wing you perform best in and they can advise you to specialize in a wing after studying your style of play. In whatever wing you play, you must train hard to develop your potentials and be at the top of our game. You can also discuss your dreams with the coach and he might be able to link you better opportunities that will drive you steps ahead to your goal.

Another important thing is that you have to be a friend of the best teacher; Experience. Experience is acquired through a series of successive and continual study and play of the game. Watch football matches! Whatever the league or competition, watch! Study players who specialize in your wing (especially world class), see how they go about their game. You have a lot to learn from them; their style of play. This goes a long way in building your attributes up.

At this juncture, I will like to point out a distinction between my African and European friends. Due to illiteracy and poverty in Africa, youth football might not be too attractive, but that’s where your passion and determination comes in. Try to use the media to get information on trials, recruiting clubs and coaching opportunities. Better still if you have a dream of playing in Europe which I am sure you do, then that’s another story. I will help out a little. Here are some tips;

The Internet

· It is the best avenue. Search for trial information, coaching, training opportunities and recruiting clubs. These websites can help;,, or better still, use Google or other search engines to have a wider range of opportunities. But I must warn you; BEWARE of scammers on those websites especially A lot of people claim to be scouts and coaches and will tell you to pay certain amounts and whatsoever to bring you over. Beware! Do your research work about that particular person before you involve in any payments or submissions.

· In addition to the verification process, you can visit to check up the database of registered, coaches, scouts, players, affiliates, officials and what have you. When someone claims to be a coach or scout for example, ask for his FIFA Identification Aid (usually an Identification number) to verify his authenticity. You can even use the contact Information of coaches and scouts discuss with them about your aspirations and see how they can help out.

· The problem of funding too is a great one. You can use both the media and the internet to search for sport sponsoring organizations who can help out. There are a lot of sport philanthropist out there, who are willing to help you out with sponsorship. You only need the right connections and to click the right buttons, you will get them.

· For my European friends, you can also employ any of the aforementioned tips but the added advantage is that you have access to more funding, accessibility of contacts to renowned football clubs, including encouraging and motivating resources around you (such as Manchester united, Chelsea, liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Millan, Inter Millan etc). Most football clubs organize holiday coaching trial matches, and their scouts are all around you to discover your talents. Arsenal FC for example, runs a program ‘play the arsenal way’ and you could sign up. Other football clubs are also available for such programs. On a final note, keep the dream alive, work hard towards it, never give up, never be discouraged and you will get there. In a couple of years you will find all those stuffs in the first paragraph as normal stuffs and it’s then you would also agree with me that football is an amazing career that demands a great deal of Hard work and determination. SUCCESS!!!


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      6 years ago

      I need help from you,i wont fall you.mail

    • ajibobs07 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Highly recommended; visit that website to get opportunity of trials in london, England. If you perform up to expectation, you are on the right path. Wish you the best my brother and you can ask for my suggestion anytime, wish you the best!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i need your assistant in nursing my ambition to a greater height .I am a footballer from West African Nigeria which ambition is to become a prolific striker in the global world of football.I need your assistant towards the new upcoming season 2011/2012 season,i need your positive response because time is fast sprint and it waits for nobody.Hope to read back from you very soon.YOU can as well contact me via my email so i can forward you my CV for you to access.Thanks.


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