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Updated on June 8, 2011

The gymnasium is a place equipped with devices that help to maintain physical fitness.People do visit the gymnasium daily,weekly,or fortnightly,depending on their time schedule and their knowledge about fitness.Those who cannot afford the changes at the private gymnasiums often engage in some forms of bodily exercises,either indoor or outdoor.On the other hand,some people visit the gym or engage in bodily exercise purposely to reduce their body weight,and some are making effort to maintain their body posture.

But,despite the aforementioned advantages of the gymnasium,one major component of man,which has a longer life span,is not put into consideration in our strive to keep fit.This component is the spirit of man.Our spirit man needs constant exercise to make it fit for spiritual challenges.The spiritual exercises will help in reducing and checking excess weight of anxiety,cares of the world,and the likes,which often weight down the hearts of man.

The daily time of studying the world of God and Prayer constitute the major spiritual device in the 'spiritual gym'.The periodic time of fasting,either weekly of fortnightly,also plays significant role in strengthening the spiritual fitness.

Therefore,conscious and deliberate effort must be taken to engage your spirit in these exercises,in order to build up the stamina needed to endure the period of waiting for the appearing of our king-Jesus Christ.If you are willing to pay the charges at the physical fitness centres and also purchase physical fitness equipment,do not hesitate in acquiring spiritual materials that will enhance your spiritual fitness.

As we engages him our daily activities,i pray that God All-Mighty should give to us the necessary wisdom and grace to put into consideration the abilities to keep fit both physically and spiritually.


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    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      Well said!