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Top 4 Reasons Why Impact Wrestling Is Better Than WWE

Updated on May 4, 2018
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Erick is a highly functioning intelligent autistic man and an expert in writing just about anything he can muster.

WWE VS Impact Wrestling

WWE's Roster VS Impact Wrestling's Roster before 2017
WWE's Roster VS Impact Wrestling's Roster before 2017 | Source

WWE RAW Average TV Ratings Change

RAW 1996-2015 Average TV Ratings By Year
RAW 1996-2015 Average TV Ratings By Year

The Evolution of WWF/E since the Attitude Era and Ratings Plunge.

Back when the company was called the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), it experienced a golden era. It was in direct competition with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), another major wrestling show of the 1990s. Back then, WWF was getting beat in ratings. Then, in 1998-1999, WWF signed Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock and Chris Jericho, and the WWF soon rose to new heights. With the acquisition of talent from the Ohio Valley Wrestling promotion, WWF soon began attracting new audiences. As much as 12 million people watched WWE and the ratings in 1999 soared to an average of an 8.1.

Then, with WCW gone bad, WWF started to change its format. WCW was getting beat in ratings and the WWF stood tall. In 2001, Time Warner Cable and AOL merged and decided not to run with WCW anymore. Now, World Wrestling Entertsainment (WWE) was the only major player in the network. During 2002-2005, the ratings dropped to an average of 5.9.That was the Ruthless Aggression era, where anything was possible.

Then, when John Cena became WWE Champion for the first time, ratings were steady at 5.4. Then, trouble hit WWE's waters. WWE kept pushing John Cena as the top guy in 2006 and 2007, and that hurt their ratings. When Linda McMahon ran for Senate, the WWE was a scandal. WWE still continued to push John Cena down people's throats, and that hurt their ratings even more. In 2008, the ratings were at an even 3.66.

In 2009, it was at a 3.69, because of something WWE did right. In 2010-2013, WWE's ratings dropped from a 3.55 to a 3.45. Then, in 2013-2016, WWE was insulting fan's intelligence, shoving John Cena down people's throats, The Authority's promos opening up every show, major fan favorites not getting the push they needed; all that was costing WWE hundreds of thousands of viewers. In 2014, WWE had an average of 3.9 million people. In 2015, that number dropped to 3.5 million people. I'm sure that this year, WWE's viewership will drop again.

The reason why fans (Hardcore) are tuning out of WWE is because of overly scripted promos, cheesy lines, boring opening promos, almost no wrestling (the move from 2 to 3 hours have effectively reduced the amount of wrestling in proportion to the show by more than 40%, when it should've increased it by 30%) (TNA reduced the number of hours it aired to 2 hours in 2011 from 3 and look how much more wrestling in proportion to its shows there was) (I wasn't a fan of TNA back then, but you get the idea) and you get overprotected people with no talent who are booked strong and people with talent who are underutilized.

I expect that by the end of 2016 and the year-end ratings come out in January 2017, the rating report will plunge by 25-35% to a 2.4 or 2.35. WWE are now constantly getting under 3 million people watching the product and constantly getting below a 2.3 rating. The worst RAW in history occurred on the October 3rd edition of it's show when the ratings fell below a 1.8. Those average ratings should continue to plummet well into 2017.

The Evolution of Impact Wrestling Throughout the Years

TNA Impact! was created in 2007 when NWA abruptly parted ways with NWA. That same year, Kurt Angle became the inaugural TNA World Heavyweight Champion but had his championship stripped from him because of a double pinfall attempt. TNA was holding steady, but Dave Meltzer, a well-respected Wrestling critic, gave TNA The Worst Show of the year award, a title that TNA had held for 9 consecutive years. During that time, Legends from WWE and WCW began appearing in TNA, like Scott Steiner and Ricky Steamboat and the NWO. TNA, and Eric Bischoff, in 2010, replaced its signature six-sided ring to a traditional four-sided ring, and TNA was in competition with WWE at the time.

In 2011 Hulk Hogan appointed Dixie Carter as President of the company. In 2013, after Dixie Carter turned heel, she asked Hulk Hogan to join team Dixie, and he walked off. During 2014, Wrestle-1 and TNA were having a year-wide talent exchange, and it ended at Bound For Glory 2014, which was the worst Bound For Glory in TNA's History. Also, on that very same year, TNA returned to its signature six-sided ring.

TNA didn't have enough money to fund its Spike TV deal, so they changed networks and went to Destination America in January. TNA was on a roll until July, when GFW had a cross-promotional exchange with TNA. GFW wanted to take over TNA, so they had a Lethal Lockdown match to determine who took control over TNA, and TNA won, so the GFW storyline was over. When it was over, TNA appointed Billy Corgan as executive director to TNA Talent.

TNA, however, was running out of money, so TNA made the decision to move to Pop TV. TNA, as usual, was on a roll, but the last several months provided exquisite entertainment. Sure, it has its ups and downs, but TNA proved that it is a far better show than WWE even years before Hulk Hogan came to the company. When Billy Corgan became TNA President, it changed the very foundation of TNA.

In 2017, Jeff Jarrett came back to TNA and merged GFW with the parent company. Until July 2017, we referred to TNA as Impact, but on August 17, a new era began when Bruce Pritchard was fired by Jim Cornette. There were new title belts, and the name changed to GFW Impact. Previously, there were three pairs of the same belt, Two World, two tag team and two women's belts. In GFW Impact, you had the right heel on top of the company. You had the right heels on top of the Tag Team Division until Ohio Versus Everything came and dethroned LAX of the Tag team belts.

You had a heel Knockouts Champion, a heel Grand Champion and you had a heel X Division Champion. Trevor Lee, Eli Drake, Sienna, EC3, and oVe were champions going into Bound for Glory. As if that wasn't enough, you had Eddie Edwards; a Triple Crown Winner, holding the Tag titles with former best friend and better rival, Davey Richards, the X Division Championship, and the World Title, holding Pro Wrestling NOAH's Heavyweight Title, the GHC World Heavyweight Championship. This makes Eddie Edwards the only foreigner to hold Pro Wrestling NOAH's Heavyweight title.

Then, something happened. Jeff Jarrett severed ties with Impact Wrestling, and this forced Impact authority figures to remove any and all mentions of the word "GFW" in title names.

In Canada, they put on quite the show. In November, LAX won the titles back from oVe in an amazing match. Then, they had a rematch; this time, it was contested under a barbed wired ring, where anything goes. Unfortunately, back in July, GFW decided that all future episode, not including Pay-per-view events, are to go to TV-PG. That was a move which was eerily similar to what WWE did in August 2008. WWE suffered because of this move. Impact wrestling, though, was only enhanced. In the summer of 2017, the Global Wrestling Network was launched, and by the end of the year, was available everywhere.

By the beginning of the year, Impact Wrestling switched authorities again. The new regime came into full force as the Early January tapings started. Austin Aries, who appeared out of nowhere in street clothes, squashed Eli Drake in an impromptu World Heavyweight Championship match to become World Champion. As the tapings continued, Austin's true side revealed itself. He was a belt collector, holding 4 belts, including the World Championship. On the March 29, 2018 edition of impact that was taped on January 14, 2018, he defeated then-double champion Matt Sydal for the Impact Grand Championship to add that championship to his collection.

Then, things went from slightly unpredictable to amazingly unpredictable when Alberto El Patron no-showed a tag team match in New Orleans in an event that pitted Impact Wrestling stars against Lucha Underground stars. The supposed tag team match between Austin Aries and Pentagon Jr vs Alberto El Patron and Fenix was changed into a 3-way match. It was a pulse-pounding match with unexpected consequences. The climax of the match was when brothers Pentagon Jr. and Fenix did a simultaneous drop-kick to Austin Aries and Pentagon Jr defeated Fenix. That changed the main event of the pay-per-view, called Redemption.

Austin Aries proposed a rematch with Pentagon Jr. and Fenix, but this time, it would be for his world title.

At Redemption, the 4 main belts got a new look. To see the results, check out the updates section below.

1. Impact Wrestling is a Wrestling Show

TNA is foremost, a wrestling company, while WWE is a Sports Entertainment company. For those of you who don't know the difference between the two, look up any dictionary containing said terms. TNA provides a mostly wrestling-related product, with little to no interruption of wrestling at all. You get 60-85% wrestling in TNA.

WWE, however, only dedicates 5-10% of its time to this sort of stuff. The rest of it is either filler, cringeworthy segments, backstage interviews, or 20-second backstage fights. There is the occasional 3-minute brawl, but it happens so rarely that the last time it happened was the late 2000s, at least, if not earlier.

2. Impact Wrrestling Actually Pushes Guys We Want.

With the exception of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, and even the late great Eddie Guerrero, WWE has pushed John Cena to the moon for the last 12 years. In fact, almost 78% of the WWE Championships that have been changing hands have gone directly to John Cena, a guy that we do not want getting pushed, and we are going to see the very same thing with Roman Reigns in 2017 and the 2020s. In Fact, I see a few more John Cena World Championships between now and 2022, and I see a few Roman Reigns World Championships between now and 2025. TNA Pushes Guys We Wanted.

In 2012, TNA fans wanted Jeff Hardy to be World Champion, so TNA arranged for Jeff Hardy to be World Champion. in 2015, TNA fans wanted Drew Galloway to be World Heavyweight Champion, so in 2016, he became World Heavyweight Champion. Also, there's a rotation of guys at the top of the card for years in TNA. Austin Aries was TNA World Champion before Jeff Hardy, and then Bully Ray twice. Chris Sabin (though he wasn't the right type of champion), was right in the middle of those two reigns, then AJ Styles, then Magnus, then Eric Young, then Lashley four times, with Bobby Roode in the middle of Lashley's first and second reigns, and Kurt Angle EC3, Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway in the middle of Lashley's second and third reigns, and then Eddie Edwards, who shocked the TNA Universe when he pinned Lashley in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match by hitting the Boston Knee Party from out of nowhere.

In WWE, about 78% of the last 35 championship reigns have gone to John Cena. John Cena is a 16-time World Champion, not because of his talents, but because he was handed those opportunities on a silver platter, which breaks any known law of receiving opportunities, while Lashley had to work hard to earn his 4 World Heavyweight Championship reigns, and Eddie Edwards was chosen by Lashley because he was "an easy choice" which turned out to be false. Lashley wasn't booked to lose. In fact, he was booked to retain. The mere fact that Eddie Edwards was the guy to cleanly defeat him meant that they had more faith in Eddie than either Moose or EC3.

That being said, guys like Drew Galloway, Lashley and Eddie Edwards still have to earn their paychecks, but John Cena's living large in Tampa, FL. WWE pushes guys we don't want as champions, like for example, why is The Miz a multiple-time Intercontinental Champion? It's because of those shitty Marine movies he makes. The Marines 3, 4 and 5 have all but one disaster name on it, and that's Mike "The Miz." Mizzanin. It feels like the intercontinental championship has been hogged by him for more than 180 days, or 6 full months. He has since captured the IC title once again, and lost it to Seth Rollins.

We also have the New Day, which I don't like for any reason at all because they represent what's wrong with the tag team division. I can't believe that people would actually like the New Day like this, and they have been Tag Team Champions for more than a year, which breaks any known law of the tag team championships. RAINBOWS AND MY LITTLE PONY DOLLS ARE NOT WHAT MAKE THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS SPECIAL!!!!!! Since then, they have been moved to Smackdown and have captured the Smackdown Tag Team Championships 3 times before losing to the Usos, who lost it to the Bludgeon Brothers.

We also don't want any champions with a reputation for bringing the entire brand down. Look at Jinder Mahal, for instance. Once he became WWE champion, he immediately stripped the entire WWE championship of all credibility. In just 4 months, Mahal and the Singh brothers transformed from being the three stooges of WWE to being the Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria of WWE. If you don't know how I came up with those nicknames, read my article. Once Jinder Mahal lost the WWE championship, Smackdown has become the land of pure negativity. It took until the 2018 Superstar Shakeup to actually make Smackdown the land of near-perfect utopian promises. Jinder Mahal, along with one-half of the Singh brothers, still can't do much. They can't work the crowd over.

That being said, in 2017, Austin Aries was reduced to being a Cruiserweight due to him being under 205 pounds. He didn't win any championships while in WWE. In fact, the only championship available to him was the Cruiserweight title. Speaking of the cruiserweight title, Enzo Amore actually made the championship even worse. He got backstage heat. Then, he got fired.

Meanwhile, We had Kurt Angle winning the World Championship while in TNA. I know that in the past, R-Truth, known to TNA as Ron Killings, won the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship twice, becoming the official first African American World Heavyweight champion to hold said title.

Sonjay Dutt is another example. When Impact Wrestling was in Mumbai, India, he won the X Division Championship to a chorus of cheers. He overcame the odds, surviving a potentially permanent eye injury.

RAW getting a 1.87 Rating and Final Deletion Fallout

3. Impact Wrestling's Storylines are Creative, And They Have Continuity.

As evidenced in the Final Deletion Match, TNA has been having a kind of roll since 2015 with its storylines. From EC3's quest to becoming World Heavyweight Champion to Jeff and Matt Hardy's Rivalry, the storylines seem to fit like a jigsaw puzzle.

During the build to Wrestlemania, Shane McMahon returned and was asked to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania by Mr. McMahon. he accepted, but if Shane lost, he would never run Monday night RAW or Smackdown Again. But when he lost, he ran raw, and the storyline continuity stated that when he lost, he wasn't supposed to come back to RAW or Smackdown.

During the Hardy's Rivalry, Matt Hardy mentions his brother's middle name "Brother Nero" as a traitor, and on April 2016, Jeff and Matt had an awesome match that ended in a no contest. Then, the "Broken" Matt Character appeared and had a rivalry with Jeff. Matt Hardy reinvented himself in the process. Then, they had the final deletion Match, in which the loser must give up the Hardy name. Jeff Hardy lost, and he lost the hardy name with it. Now, Jeff Hardy finds himself with the Obsolete Mule Gimmick. That's what storyline continuity is about.

Also, since April 2016, Allie has been bullied and spat on by the lady squad and Maria Kanellis. Throughout 2017, the storyline continued. She shed her shyness and turned vicious towards the end of 2017. When Gail Kim won her last championship in her retirement match on the 10th anniversary of the inaugural Knockouts Gauntlet match back in 2007, she had one thing in mind; give Allie a pep talk. I'll give you the results later.

Matt Hardy

"Broken" Matt Hardy
"Broken" Matt Hardy

4. Impact Wrestling has Little to no Redundancy.

Let's face it. TNA is very small. At least it doesn't have repeating storylines, unlike WWE. Let's face it. WWE is a giant redundancy magnet. You have storylines written 20 years ago that are being played out well past its due date. On an episode of RAW, I watched a segment which, at first, didn't sound too terrible. But as I continued watching it, I realized that it was horrible, so I stopped watching it. I then researched the segment and discovered that it is almost identical to 1999. What's more, the recent segment was the worst one ever. A few days later, I watched the segment from 1999 and noted some key differences between the two. The first thing I noticed was that the segment was oozing with a feeling of entertainment. Then, I noticed that there was some attitude. The Rock was oozing with attitude and charisma. The final thing I noticed was that Mankind was just trying to get the Rock'n'Sock connection back together. That segment felt great. The 2017 rehash was not great. Also, you have the same wrestlers in the main event every week. That's not good for business.

Another thing that Impact doesn't have that WWE has is the feeling of insulting your intelligence. From 2002-Present, there has only been two champions that has insulted our intelligence, and they were Magnus and EC3. They was worse than Jinder Mahal in terms of getting the championship over. Luckily, Magnus's title reign didn't last 6 months. It lasted about 45% of that time. The championship was legitimized by Lashley, who made the championship special. When EC3 was champion, he brought down the legacy of the championship once more. That's it.


My conclusion is that TNA is better than WWE is so many ways. You have the creative part of the process. You also have guys who are legitimately supposed to be at the top on the top, not just one guy at the top for an extended period of time, and you've got guys who are doing creative things. Best of all, just like Aron Rex said, TNA is a wrestling company where opportunity is equal. You don't have your opinions thrown out the window and your intelligence insulted by them. So enjoy TNA and try some of that Impact Wrestling.

Update October 3, 2016

We got what we wanted again at Bound for Glory 2016 where Bruce Blitz gave out his prediction on who will win, and who he liked to win and ALL OF THAT HAPPENED!!!! Unlike Clash of Champions, where NONE of what he wanted happened, TNA gave fans what we wanted. So, that's the update.

Update October 11, 2016.

Meanwhile, in WWE, the WWE company got what they wanted. At Clash of Champions, they wanted Roman Reigns as the United States Champion, and that's what they got, much to the chagrin of Hardcore wrestling fans (Hardcore being WWF AND WCW fans before the 1990s). They also wanted the New Day to retain the WWE tag team championships (Let's call it the Rainbow My Little Pony Championships), and that's what they got, much to the chagrin of Hardcore Wrestling fans. They Also wanted Kevin Owens to win like a b---- mother------, and that's what the WWE fans got, yet again, much to the chagrin of Hardcore Wrestling Fans.

When Kevin Owens won the WWE Championship on an episode of RAW (granted, he was handed the WWE Championship by Triple H, who I used to abhor as part of The Authority) I was surprised by the results, because I believed that Roman Reigns would be the second WWE Universal Champion, but that was not the case, we got what we wanted. Bruce Blitz, a MEGA hardcore wrestling fan, who used to be in the ring, got what he wanted, but with a side note that Kevin Owens should've won this on his own, NOT with any help from ANYBODY, ESPECIALLY TRIPLE H!!!

WWE, and Vince McMahon, I ask you to learn from TNA and their success, despite them being a smaller company than yours. Just a simple tweak in your storyline continuity, how you run things, and how you book wrestlers, especially your talented wrestlers, and your show, whether it's Monday Night RAW or Smackdown Live, will improve in ratings and, hopefully, get your viewers to watch your shows again. As long as you keep your shows running like they are now, your shows, especially Monday Night RAW, will continue to bleed in viewership and your fanbase will plummet like a deep gash through a severed aorta. As I say "wrestling without work will wither like a worthless currency."

Vince McMahon, the way you have been running this show for the use of insulting Hardcore AND pro wrestling fans has gotten so tiresome that even USA network will have to cancel your show if you don't improve your ways. The thought that your show, Monday Night RAW, even exists in 2016, has been disquieting and reprehensible to the point where I can't watch parts of your show anymore.

I'll give you an example. When John Cena was United States champion, I wanted to see him lose that championship, but knowing his record in WWE, that was not going to happen. When Kevin Owens won against him in his first pay-per-view match, I was shocked, but he AND you had to change the game and have him beat Kevin Owens 2-1 in a pay-per-view. When Bray Wyatt Battled against him at Payback 2014, I was pretty sure that Bray Wyatt was going to win, but when John Cena won the match, Bruce Blitz, owner of his site, was more than disgusted. He mushroomed into a rant that set the Blitz Team on Fire, and again when John Cena won his fifteenth WWE Championship.

Gritz, a member of the Blitz Team, even screamed in anger and cursed the living daylights out of his mind when he heard that John Cena won his championship. Vince, just retire John Cena before he gets his sixteenth WWE championship, because when he gets his sixteenth WWE Championship, then I will never watch WWE AGAIN!!! So, f---- you Vince for continually screwing us over.

Second Update

I will write an Eddie Edwards Article soon. Just wait until I finish writing an Eddie Edwards Article, and I'll give you a link.

Update, October 12, 2016

The Long Awaited Eddie Edwards Article is here. You can read the article here.

No Mercy Update October 13, 2016 (I know, it's late)

Fans got what they wanted, for the most part. AJ Styles retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose and John Cena by doing an illegal move against him and then pinning Cena to retain. Also, Dolph Ziggler put his career on the line when he faced The Miz during a Title VS Career Match. The Spirit Squad got involved, but that was not enough to distract Dolph Ziggler and he got his title back!! Also, Heath Slater and Rhyno defeated The Usos to retain their WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships, and I got to tell you, they are billions of times more entertaining than "the 'Rainbow My Little Pony Horn Blasting D----Headed Mas---------' New Day"

What Bruce Blitz didn't want was for Nikki Bella to win against Carmella, and that's what he got. Now, I am a member of his site, provided I pay for my service ($5.99 for 1 month, $9.99 for 2 months $24.99 for 6 months and $34.99 for a year's worth of membership), and I got to tell you, Bruce Blitz is a passionate fan of pro wrestling, MMA, UFC, Football (American), Basketball, can name them all. He also plays video games and records them on his site. My last day is October 18, so for a while, I won't be a member.

Elimination Chamber Update.

Well, we got what we wanted. WWE did something right this time. After that exhilarating and scintillating Royal Rumble match with John Cena and AJ Styles (some might call it horrid. I'm not a Cena fan anymore), where Cena won his 16th World Championship, the Elimination Chamber proved to be a godspeed for Bray Wyatt, as he won his first WWE Championship after more than three years of being in the company. As he eloquently put it the Tuesday after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view "Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the era of Wyatt." It really is the Era of Wyatt in WWE. He pinned John Cena twice in less than 48 hours. I'll provide an image when available.

John Cena Champion 2017

THE CHAMP IS HHHEEERRREEEE!!! John Cena ties Ric Flair's 16 reigns at the Royal Rumble when he defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship.
THE CHAMP IS HHHEEERRREEEE!!! John Cena ties Ric Flair's 16 reigns at the Royal Rumble when he defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship.

John Cena holding the WWE Championship

The image above shows John Cena's hand being raised after a perfect match between him and AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View for the WWE Championship.

Bray Wyatt Holding the WWE Championship.

Bray Wyatt cutting a promo on Smackdown about Sister Abigail helping to bring him to the promised land, which is the WWE Championship. Vince McMahon must not be behind this.
Bray Wyatt cutting a promo on Smackdown about Sister Abigail helping to bring him to the promised land, which is the WWE Championship. Vince McMahon must not be behind this.

Bray Wyatt Holding the WWE Championship.

In the wonderful image above, we have the 49th ever WWE Champion, Bray Wyatt, back when Smackdown actually meant something to the audience.

Ten Reasons Why WWE Ratings are at an all time low.

Father's Day Update Part 1: WWE Edition.

I'm back, and this is your Father's Day Update. Since that god awful Wrestlemania 33 main event, where Roman Reigns "retired" The Undertaker by defeating him, WWE has done some good, until the Superstar Shake-up. Since then, a jobber by the name of Jinder Mahal, whose match win record is less than 19.7%, is WWE Champion, RAW ratings, Smackdown ratings, and Viewership Numbers are anemic (Average of 2.745 million viewers over a 2-month period), with the WWE Universal Championship absent from television until recently.

Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Universal Champion, but he's a part-timer, just like John Cena. As of this writing, Samoa Joe is set to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship at the weirdly-named pay-per-view "Great Balls of Fire." Also, since Wrestlemania 33, Shinsuke Nakamura appeared on Smackdown and captivated fans across the US. Right now, he is one of six participants in the men's Money in the Bank ladder match at Money in the Bank. Also, I'm starting to like the Miz a lot more now.

He's a 7-time Intercontinental Champion. I like The Miz a lot more now because of what he did in the weeks preceding Wrestlemania, where he "exposed" John Cena and Nikki Bella for the frauds that they are. He told the truth in those promos. He's now on RAW. I'll give you a prediction based on what I've seen and researched. RAW viewership will fall below 2.5 million viewers before June ends, and to below 2.25 million viewers before Football Season begins. I predict a huge dropoff below the 2 million range before the end of 2017. I'll provide updates whenever I can.

Father's Day Update Part 2: Impact Wrestling edition.

Since this is the Impact Wrestling portion of the update, I'll get straight to the point. Since November 2016, TNA has done excellent. They've done Tag Team Apocalypto on December 15 for the Hardys (who are currently in WWE since they were unhappy with how TNA handled their contracts), They've introduced Race for the Case, Lashley defeated Eddie Edwards to win back the World Heavyweight Championship, and Anthem Sports revived TNA.

Then, on March 9, the new owners and wrestlers came and rebranded the company as Impact Wrestling. Then, on March 23, Karen Jarrett came to the company and thanked everyone. Over the ensuing weeks, GFW and Impact began to intermix until the two finally did merge. Now, Sienna is the only woman to hold both the Knockouts and the Global Force Wrestling Championships separately. The Latin American eXchange are dual tag team champions. Alberto El Patron has the GFW World Heavyweight Championship and is set to face Lashley for a title unification match at Slammiversary XV.

Rosemary and Sienna are going one-on-one for a title unification match at that event as well. On April 20, 2017, Low Ki and Sonjay Dutt returned to the ring and competed for Trevor Lee's X Division Championship. While competing, Low Ki unknowingly injured Dutt's right eye, rendering it completely swollen shut. On June 16, 2017, at 7:40 AM Mumbai time in Mumbai, India, Sonjay Dutt, a man whom many called the greatest X Division Wrestler to never win the X Division Championship, finally won the X Division Championship after 15 years of failing to capture the championship. I'll give you updates whenever I can.

September Update, WWE Edition.

I'd never thought I'd say this, but thank god I'm updating this article. WWE has gone to the wasteland since the last update, especially WWE Smackdown. One look at Smackdown now, and all I see is ****!!!! This makes even Hurricane Harvey look like a blessing. Since Road Dogg took over creative, it's been one bad decision after another.

Take a look at the last 2 months since Road Dogg came showing up as head creative. Less than 60% of the seats were filled. I know this because I have a youtube video down below. Don't thank me, thank the monkeys over at Youtube and Twitter for sending that info.

WWE RAW continues its ups and downs. Unfortunately, this is the last update I'm going to give to all of you who are looking for WWE Updates, because I'm not watching WWE ever again.

Why is Smackdown live garbage?

September Update, GFW Impact Edition.

Now on to the good stuff. No, we are not talking about the scandal that happened in Charlottesville. We are talking about the previous champion, Alberto El Patron, supposedly being a bad champion, yet they kept him on TV because they feared that it would give GFW Impact a bad name.

Alberto El Patron, according to, abused his girlfriend, Saraya-Jade Bevis, AKA WWE's Paige, due to a domestic violence dispute. Apparently, he was in the middle of an argument with her and even hit her. Paige threatened to break up with her boyfriend (who is in fact, Alberto El Patron, AKA Alberto Del Rio in WWE).

Her brother was worried about her mental condition. That led in Alberto being suspended indefinitely by GFW and, on august 12, being stripped of the Unified World Heavyweight Championships. Things became even more interesting after that.

On August 17, just as stated above, Bruce Pritchard got fired by Jim Cornnette, and made a 20-man gauntlet match for the championship. Also, Taryn Terrell returned and cost a (close to) retiring Gail Kim the championship shot against Sienna. Also, Trevor Lee did not get X-Division gold, as Petey Williams, the Canadian Destroyer, saved Sonjay Dutt's title reign.

In the Matt Sydal vs Bobby Lashley Match, I was very unsure who to pick, but when Matt Sydal won, I was shocked and excited for him because that meant that he could have a future World heavyweight Title Shot.

On August 24, ther gauntlet match began, and lasted well over 40 minutes, which was unusual for a main event spot. Eddie Edwards Came first and Eli Drake came second. I was surprised to see Kingston in this match. I was even more surprised to see Johnny Impact (also called Johnny Mundo in Triple-A, where he held three titles at once, including holding the Triple-A Super Mega World Heavyweight Championship, a title that he still holds.

Low Ki entered at Number 20. I thought that he had the best chance, but Lashley eliminated him. At least he has crossed over into the heavyweight division, with help from LAX (The Latin American eXchange).

When it came down to Eddie Edwards, Eli Drake, and Johnny Impact, I saw something that I didn't expect. Eli Drake pushed Johnny Impact over the top rope, then, using ring awareness, went in underneath the top rope, came out the other side (top rope means you're eliminated), and eliminated Johnny Impact.That meant that irony started to take over. What was ironic about this match is that the two competitors who entered first were the only two left standing.

Eli Drake tried to take Eddie Edwards down, but Eddie Edwards countered into a pin attempt. Eli Drake continued the onslaught, but Eddie counted his attempt into an excellent wrestling move. Then, Eli Drake rolled Eddie in a dirty pin attempt. Eddie and Eli went to the top rope. Eli got pushed down, and Eddie was about to do a dropkick, but Eli picked Eddie Mid-air and delivered his finisher and won the match and the title.

I was so happy that Eli Drake won the match because it meant the world to me, not just to an Eli Drake fan, but also for my hunger for Eli Drake to be world champion. Ever since 2016, I wanted Eli Drake to be world champion, and now that he is, his celebration can begin. Anything is possible in GFW impact.

October 2017 Update: Impact Wrestling Edition

Where do I even start? With Impact Wrestling hemorrhaging funds everywhere, it could take some time. The Bound For Glory Card is almost set. Eli Drake continues to impress everyone. He continues to defend the championship across the globe; Mexico and Japan, he has defended the title everywhere. Johnny Impact has a chance at becoming GFW Global Champion at Victory Road, but failed after old-school interference and dirty tricks from Eli Drake and Chris Adonis

oVe (Ohio Versus Everything) defeated the Latin American Exchange in a tag team match to become GFW Tag team champions. Meanwhile, Moose is in a heated rivalry with Lashley. He even went into his MMA gymnasium, and got kicked out by American Top Team. Then, he called his personal backup to destroy American Top Team's personal belongings.

A four-way Knockouts (women's) title match match was set at Bound for Glory between the woman who always wears her pinky finger up, Sienna, the Valley-Girl-best-friend-of-a-Hall-of-Famer-turned-bitter-enemy, Taryn Terrell, the aforementioned Hall-of-Famer, Gail Kim, and an unlikely girl who wears very colorful dresses, Allie, after Karen Jarrett (who I can't stand) saw the women argue, which set up the match. Bound for glory will be one of Gail Kim's final matches in the company and her final Pay-Per-View event inside the hexagonal ring.

Eddie Edwards won an international world title from Pro Wrestling Noah (PWN) in September. He won the GHC World Heavyweight Championship from a Japanese Wrestler, and defended it against Marafuji in a very good match.

In October, LAX invoked their rematch clause. It was a special type of match called a 51-50 street fight, which oVe, having no clue what a 51-50 street fight is, accepted, not realizing that oVe are battling all of LAX, not just Ortiz and Santana.

Meanwhile, Johnny Impact has another chance at Eli Drake. After fighting Garza Jr. for the right to face Eli Drake at Bound For Glory and succeeding in defeating him, he has his eyes et at Bound for Glory, where hell "take Eli Drake to Slamtown."

October 2017 Update: WWE Edition

Not much has changed, with the exception of a few title changes and The Shield Reuniting. I'll let you guys on a little secret. WWE used to have more than 10 million viewers in 2002. In 2008, that number was at 6.4 million. In 2011, that number was at 6.7 million. During 2013, that number was somewhere between 5 and 5.8 million viewers.

From Late 2013 through now, that number has dropped from an average of 4.9 million people to 2.9 million people, and most of that reason was because of Roman Reigns and John Cena. I knew that when Roman Reigns and John Cena met, the WWE universe was going to end. Unfortunately, it did not. With Roman Reigns in the top of the main event scene at WrestleMania 34, and soon thereafter, WWE viewership is expected to drop significantly post-WrestleMania season 2018.

That's my report.

End of October Update: Impact Wrestling Edition

It looks like we're one woman short because Taryn Terrell suffered an injury (only to be revealed to us as a parting of ways between them) and the GFW Women's title match will be a three-way dance (a three-way match) between Sienna, Gail Kim, and Allie.

There other story we have is the mega rivalry between Bobby Lashley and Moose. As previously mentioned, Moose brought backup. That backup was none other than UFC's Stephen Bonnar. They destroyed Dan Lambert's gym with lead pipes, running off with multiple titles, some of which were Bellator and MMA titles.

On the Thursday, October 26 edition of impact, Moose issued a challenge. They proposed that Bobby Lashley and King Mo face him and Stephen Bonnar inside Six Sides of Steel.

Other than that, that week's episode of impact was very refreshing, as they filmed from five different locations; Tokyo, Japan, where Pro Wrestling Noah was filmed and where Eddie Edwards successfully defended the GHC Heavyweight Championship against Marafuji, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where an X Division match was happening involving Petey Williams and where oVe successfully defended the GFW Tag Team Titles, two separate places in Mexico; one location involving the X Division Champion, Trevor Lee, successfully defending his championship and another location involving Fantasma Jr. and Texano Jr. taking on Ethan Carter III (EC3) taking on "The Cowboy" James Storm in an unsuccessful effort, and the impact Zone in Orlando, where Garza Jr. and Johnny Impact defeated Eli Drake and Chris Adonis and Lashley was disqualified after Dan Lambert realized that Moose was getting close to victory, hence the aforementioned Six Sides of Steel.

Then there's the extreme side. Grado was being used by Joseph Park, so he stood up to him, but in the process, he unknowingly signed his death certificate. He has to face Abyss, not Joseph Park, inside a Monster's Ball match. Then, while he was in his car, he tuned in to Abyss's music, and Father James Mitchell appeared inside his car, telling him that he will go to hell.

Watch Bound for Glory on November 5, 2017. This Bound for Glory will be a very exciting one. And I hope you watch Impact Wrestling every Thursday at 8:00 PM Eastern Time only on POP TV.

End of October 2017 Update: WWE Edition

I promised not to do this, but here we go. The road to Survivor Series is on. The main event will undoubtedly be WWE's version of Hurricane Harvey and WWE Champion (prestige value of -80 nonillion percent) (Jinder Mahal) with WWE's version of Hurricanes Maria and Irma (the Singh Brothers), against the Omega Monster Beast Incarnate, and WWE Universal Champion (prestige value of 75 percent)(Brock Lesnar). I bet $100 that Jinder Mahal will beat Brock Lesnar, further causing Smackdown ratings to drop and the WWE Championship's prestige value to nosedive.

It's been on a steady free-fall since May, but began to exponentially fall since about Mid-July. The slope of the fall is now 89.99 degrees, and will continue to increase in negative slope until it is 90 degrees. Then, the prestige value of the WWE Championship will approach negative infinity if he makes it out of Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion.

December 2017 update: WWE Edition

I am now watching WWE Smackdown again because last month, in Manchester England, a shocking title change came to fruition, and no, I'm not talking about the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Title Belts. I'm talking about the WWE Championship, which has been at -(10^10^10^10^10^10^120)% prestige value for so long by the Hurricane Harvey of WWE, Jinder Mahal, changing hands in the form of the Phenomenal A.J. Styles. Just as the Hurricane Harvey of WWE, Jinder Mahal, was about to win, The Phenomenal One put his foot on the bottom rope, and if it wasn't for the referee's ring awareness, then Jinder would've retained. Next, The Phenomenal One did a Phenomenal Forearm on Jinder and pinned him to become a two-time WWE Champion. At Survivor Series, Brock Lesnar not only made himself look good, but he also made A.J. Styles look good as well. Currently, A.J Styles is set to face Jinder Mahal at Clash of Champions for the WWE Championship, and I swear if Hurricanes Maria and Irma interfere and cause Hurricane Harvey to become a two-time WWE Champion, then I'm not watching WWE for life.

February 2018 Update: WWE Edition

WWE has fallen into despair again. We have the worst united states champion in Bobby Roode, we have Dolph Ziggler losing matches in a million-dollar contract, We have a d*ck-sucking feud between the D*CK day and The Usos Reignited in one siting, No Rusev Day, and a WWE Champion that is treated like a joke. We go over to Monday night Raw, and things are actually starting to look stupid. We have "Roman Cena" (John Cena and Roman Reigns) in a 7-man Elimination chamber match, a women''s champion who is nowhere near as good as she is, and a horrific superstorm of f*ckery is unfolding. Roman Reigns is going to Wrestlemania 34 to face Brock Lesnar in the main event, while John Cena was added to the Fastlane main event. If he were to win, he would be WWE champion again. Let me tell you, WWE is dumb. They don't listen to their fans. Road Dogg Jesse James is a B*TCH to every smackdown superstar. Since he got here, he has made Smackdown WORSE!!!! THIS IS THE LAST WWE UPDATE I'M GOING TO GIVE YOU EVER!!!

March 2018 Update: Impact Wrestling Edition.

I hope you have your popcorn ready, because here we go, On the February 1, 2018 edition of Impact, Austin Aries came from out of nowhere and defeated Eli Drake in 60 seconds to become a two-time Heavyweight Champion. Taiji Ishimori defeated Trevor Lee to become X-Division Champion, becoming the first Pro Wrestling NOAH star to become Champion Late January.

Meanwhile, Matt Sydal became Impact Grand Champion by defeating then-champion Ethan Carter The Third on January 25. As the month of January progressed, Lashley severed ties with American Top Team when he lost to Moose. Then, he passed the torch to him, signaling that he's the new face of the company. The knockouts matches were not too good. Since Gail Kim retired, a new Knockouts Champion was crowned on December of last year, and her name is Laurel Van Ness.

We have an upcoming free pay-per-view on March 8th called Crossroads. The main event is Austin Aries vs Johnny Impact for the Heavyweight Championship. The tag team championship match is Trevor Lee and Caleb Konnely vs the Latin American eXchange. Laurel Van Ness will face Allie for the Knockouts Championship, and there will be a match featuring X-division Champion, Taiji Ishimori and The Impact Grand Champion, Matt Sydal, and both titles are on the line, meaning we will have a double champion when all is said and done.

Late-April 2018 update: Impact Wrestling Edition

We don't have a whole lot of time to talk about, so here goes. In the Main event of Redemption, Austin Aries, then holding 6 championship belts, was defeated by Pentagon Jr, a Lucha Underground regular, when he did a double-package piledriver to Fenix and Austin Aries, then broke Austin Aries's arm, and did a piledriver to Austin for the win and the Impact World Championship.

Meanwhile, LAX was defeated by Scott Steiner, of all people, and Eli Drake, to win Eli's first tag team championship and Scott Steiner's second overall on Impact wrestling (There have been more reigns with Steiner with his brother in WCW and WWF, but those were separate).

Meanwhile, a storyline, which bled over from Eddie Edwards receiving a severe eye and nose injury from Sami Callahan, and Moose losing his world title briefcase to Eli Drake after Moose was considered Eddie's friend by Eli Drake, setting up a hit-and-run by oVe and Sami Callahan and Tommy Dreamer Appearing, setting up a House of Hardcore Rules Match.

When Sami Callahan low-blowed Tommy Dreamer and won the match, a crazed Eddie Edwards started to beat up Sami Callahan, first with a barbed-wire stick, and then with a Singapore Cane. Eddie Edwards was so hell-bent on revenge and potentially "killing" Sami Callahan that he pushed the referee, Tommy Dreamer, and almost hit his wife in the eye (which Alisha sold the Kendo Stick shot like a champion).

Eddie Edwards, realizing what he had done by (kayfabe) knocking out his wife, apologized to Tommy Dreamer.

Remember Shy Allie? She won the Knockouts Championship at Crossroads by defeating Laurel Van Ness. She retained it in surprising fashion by reversing Su Yung's Killshot into a roll-up for the three count,

Meanwhile, Petey Williams, who received an X Division Briefcase that he won during Feast or Fired.

The contents of the briefcases are unknown until somebody open them. Every year, with some minor adjustments, there is a Feast or Fired Match.

10 competitors enter the ring, but only 4 of them grab the cases. Beware, because one of those cases is a pink slip, meaning that, whether in real-life, or storyline, you must leave the company. But, not all people who end up getting the pink slip stay fired. Just look at Grado. In 2016, he got the pink slip, but upon further evaluation, Eli Drake switched cases with him without him looking. EC3 got fired in 2018. Only once did you have a Case vs Case Match, and that was Eli Drake VS Moose.

Back to Redemption. You had a regular 6-man lucha rules match. 5 wrestlers being from the X Division, and one from the Heavyweight division. That man is called Brian Cage, and ever since his debut, he's be destroying opponents. He beat Lashley twice in two consecutive weeks (that was when Lashley was still employed with Impact. Now, He's in WWE's Monday Night RAW).

Petey Williams cashed in his X Division Briefcase against Matt Sydal, but couldn't get the job done.

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