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T.O.: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Updated on March 5, 2009

Never one to shy away from controversy, enigmatic wide receiver Terrell Owens may be close to wearing out his welcome in yet another city. There are many media reports indicating that the Cowboys front office is debating amongst themselves whether to cut ties with Owens, or let him continue to play with "America's Team".

Owens has been one of the premiere NFL wide receivers over the past decade, consistently finishing amongst league leaders in receiving yardage and touchdown receptions. However, all that production comes with a price tag. Owens has repeatedly displayed selfish behaviour, caused riffs in the locker room, whined and fought with other players and coaches on the sidelines and in the case of the Cowboys, hasn't led them to any playoff glory. Several reports from Big D indicate the team is considering cutting him this off-season and moving forward without him, on the theory that a unified team without him is better than a splintered team with him.

Dallas isn't the first NFL city to experience the negative side effects of T.O. on the roster. He has previously burned bridges in San Francisco with the 49ers, and in Philadelphia with the Eagles. Owens was famously run out of town there after being suspended without pay for the last few games of his final Philly season, and has repeatedly knocked Eagles QB Donovan McNabb in the media ever since.

T.O.'s biggest fan appears to be Cowboys team owner and General Manager Jerry Jones, which makes it seem likely that Owens won't be going anywhere else in 2009. Jerry pays the bills so Jerry decides who plays in Big D.

UPDATE - MARCH 5: Jerry Jones has finally admitted defeat and cut Owens from the Dallas Cowboys. He now becomes a free agent, available for the next sucker team, and the Cowboys likely become a better team through subtraction. What do you think? Did Dallas make the right decision on dumping T.O., or will they regret it?

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