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Updated on August 24, 2013

My Top Five Returning SEC Quarterbacks

Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M)
Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M)
Aaron Murray (Georgia)
Aaron Murray (Georgia)
AJ McCarron (Alabama)
AJ McCarron (Alabama)
Bo Wallace (Ole Miss)
Bo Wallace (Ole Miss)
James Franklin (Missouri)
James Franklin (Missouri)


The SEC has absolutely dominated the college football landscape winning seven titles in a row (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012) and if you throw in LSU title in 2003 and yes Auburn in 2004 since they strip USC of it you might as well give it to Auburn since they should have gotten a share that year anyway. So that is 9 titles since 2000 for one conference. What makes the SEC so dominate is that they win their marquee non conference games too as they finished last year with a (54-11) record in there non conference games. Even though the SEC had a down year with Auburn and Arkansas they still remained the best conference in college football. Along with your normal non conference games that some SEC teams play every year like Florida/FSU, UGA/Ga. Tech, Clem/S. Car., and UK/L’Ville. Then you have other non conference games that are not those rivalry games that some teams play every year. Alabama is 3-0 in opening season marquee non conference games. In 2008 they defeated Clemson in the Georgia Dome 34-10 and the following year the defeated Virginia Tech in 2009 in the Georgia Dome 34-24 on there way to the national title. Alabama defeated Michigan in 2012 seasnon opener in Cowboy Stadium 41-14 on there way to the 2012 national title. Tennessee beat NC State in a non conference matchup 35-21 last year. Even though Missouri finished last season with a 5-7 record, they did beat two non conference teams that made it to bowl games (Arizona State and Central Florida). Texas A& M dominated Oklahoma in the 2013 Cotton Bowl 41-13, Georgia got a win over Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl 45-31 while South Carolina beat Michigan in the Outback Bowl 33-28 and Alabama destroying Notre Dame in the bcs title game 42-14. This season is no different as the SEC comes into this year as the top conference. Here is a early look at the top 20 non conference games of the SEC season for the 2013 season.

  1. 11/30/13 – Florida State at Florida

  2. 8/31/13 – Georgia at Clemson

  3. 8/31/13 – Alabama vs Virginia Tech (Atlanta)

  4. 8/29/13 – LSU vs TCU (Cowboy Stadium)

  5. 11/30/13 – Clemson at South Carolina

  6. 11/30/13 – Georgia at Georgia Tech

  7. 9/7/13 – Florida at Miami(FL)

  8. 8/29/13 – North Carolina at South Carolina

  9. 9/14/13 – Ole Miss at Texas

  10. 8/29/13 – Oklahoma State vs Miss. State (Houston)

  11. 9/14/13 – Tennessee at Oregon

  12. 8/31/13 – Washington State at Auburn

  13. 9/21/13 – Arkansas at Rutgers

  14. 9/14/13 – Louisville at Kentucky

  15. 11/30/13 – Wake Forest at Vanderbilt

  16. 9/7/13 – Arkansas State at Auburn

  17. 8/29/13 – Kentucky vs Western Kentucky

  18. 9/21/13 – SMU at Texas A&M

  19. 8/31/13 – Louisiana at Arkansas

  20. 9/28/13 – Arkansas State at Missouri


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