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Updated on April 2, 2012

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If your lucky or just plain persistent, this little "know how" book will pay for itself 100 time over and possibly on your very first treasure hunt.

“Treasure in Your Back Yard” seems to be one of my more popular hubs so I decided to post a “Part II” and tell of a pretty cool experience I had this summer although you should read “Part I” first.

I drove up from Florida in July to help one of my son's with a new business here in North Jersey and one day I was treasure hunting in his backyard looking for old rings and coins on the surface when I got a pretty strong hit on my metal detector. Well I dug, and I dug and I dug, and finally came up with a very old “Ford” car battery that had to be from one of the very early cars. Once out of the ground, I was still getting hits so I continued digging. Four feet down and ten feet wide later, I had accumulated a pile of stuff that apparently was from a 1930's backyard garbage dump. Almost everyone back then buried their junk as I'm guessing garbage pick up wasn't that reliable if at all in some area's.

As you can see, there were many bottles, dishes and other glass items that surprisingly survived the 80 years of freezing and thawing ground completely intact except for the dishes which probably broke when they got thrown into the hole. I could have continued digging further and further out from ground zero but we had a backyard birthday party scheduled and it was time to leave what was left for the next treasure hunter perhaps a hundred years from now, who knows. I researched the bottles on Ebay and many of them were selling up to 20 dollars each. Unfortunately there wasn't any of my new treasures worth a fortune but there could have been. That dig was only 80 years old. What if it was 180 years old or contained items that are very rare today? Things like that are out there, or should I say “down there” and you better believe it.

It's exciting and a lot of fun to dig a hole and find all kinds of things people lost or threw away back then. Yesterday's garbage can be today's treasure. Sometimes you'll come up with gold and silver, This time it was just bottles, broken dishes, and a ton of other stuff that told me a lot about the people that lived there 80 years ago. Great exercise too. If you ever come by an old piece of property people have lived on for a long time, build yourself a shaker box with no more than ¼ inch wire mesh as the sifter part and dig up the whole yard 6 square feet at a time. In the process you'll not only dig up all the coins, rings, and countless other items people lost or threw away maybe 200 years ago but after re-seeding when your done, you'll have a brand new, weedless lawn that's worth the effort all by itself.

Just remember, if there were people there, even Indian tribes from hundreds of years ago, you are going to find things you won't believe. So what are you waiting for? Those 1909 SVDB pennies, 1916D mercury dimes, old gold coin's, rings, gold chains, and a ton of ancient artifacts could put THOUSANDS of dollars in your pocket. So turn off your TV Chubby and go have some fun, catch some rays, get some exercise, and if your flat busted, read my other hub ( and find out where to dig up dinner money in an hour or so, any time, anywhere. Anyone can do it from little kids to old farts like me. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to help you out. Just buzz me at GOOD LUCK!


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    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 7 years ago from Florida

      Unique I'd have to agree. There's not too many nut cases around willing to dig a 4 by ten foot hole looking for what? But it's fun anyway. You should get a detector and cash in on some of that (as of today) 1400 dollars an ounce gold just waiting to be dug up.

    • galleryofgrace profile image

      galleryofgrace 7 years ago from Virginia

      This is one of the most unique and interesting articles I've seen in a while. The photos are great!