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Bar Shuffleboard Scoring and Rules

Updated on August 8, 2011

Regular Rules:

Regular Rules:
• Before the game play starts, someone initially must select who will get to throw last, called The Hammer.
• To decide who will get The Hammer, each participant throws 1 puck. The puck which is furthest obtains The Hammer.
• Each player has 4 pucks to shoot during an end. Generally, 2 person or four player games are played. Throughout a two player game, both people throw from the same end of the board, in alternating order. The participant with the Hammer will throw second, so they've the final throw of the round. When the round is complete, the 2 participants rotate to the opposite side of the table for the subsequent round. The goal of the game should be to record as many points, during every single round, as manageable.
• This can be accomplished through either tapping one's own pucks into beneficial positions or hitting your adversary's pucks off the playing surface.
• The participant that reaches 15 points 1st, is the winner.
• In a four competitor competition, teammates are located at reverse ends of the playing court and participants do not move to the opposite side.
• The group that reaches 21 points 1st, is the winner.



• Only one participant (team) may score during a round. The player (team) with the farthest puck will be issued points. Points are given in accordance with the numbered areas on the playing court.
• The scoring team acquires points for each and every puck that is further versus the furthest opposing team's puck.
• If a puck doesn't go further than the foul line during round play, it must be removed immediately.
• If a puck is sitting over the end of the table, it's known as A Hanger, and is good for 5 points.
• The loser of any round always acquires The Hammer during the subsequent round, regardless of the overall score (i.e. The victor of the round shoots first during the upcoming round)
• Games need to be won by two or more points. For a two player game, in the event the score is 15-14, additional rounds proceed until eventually a team is leading by two or more and is declared the champion.
• If you can't establish which team's puck is farther, than no points are granted. In very close circumstances, it's common to employ an external judge to help make the decision.
• It is appropriate to walk down the playing field and examine puck locations while in a round.
• It is acceptable to apply shuffleboard powder / wax / sand… only between rounds.

Various Games:
• Very comparable game to Curling, except any location on the playing surface may be selected, beyond the foul line.
• Pick a place on the playing surface that's quickly recognizable and isn't going to shift when hit (painted numbers)
• Players alternate throwing, and the participant that has the nearest puck to the spot is awarded points. If the closer participant has several pucks nearer, then they score a point for each.
• The other major difference to curling is the fact that the first team to attain nine points wins. In curling a preset amount of frames are played.

Tap & Draw
• In this game, you never prefer to knock another puck from the board. The goal is still to have the furthest puck down the playing surface to attain points. If you hit one of your own pucks off, it's lost.
• If you hit an competitor's puck from the table, your puck is eliminated and your competitor's puck is put back on the playing court in its initial location. If this case arises and you also knock one of your other pucks into the furthest location, this puck is required to be put back to the initial situation
• The advantage is to throw first in this game. If a participant wins a round, then the opponent will get 1st throw in the up coming round.

Horse collar
• Opponents will be at opposite ends of the playing field. In the course of a round, one competitor throws all eight pucks and obtains points for all pucks in scoring positions.
• The challenger then shoots all eight pucks and gets points for all in scoring position.
• This is continued until one person achieves 51 points.
• An equivalent number of rounds have to be played by each individual opponent. So, if the first player to throw attains 51, the competition gets his / her round to try to exceed 51.
• In four person games, teammates are on the same end of the playing court and switch off throwing pucks.

• All the rules are consistent with standard shuffleboard, except a fixed quantity of rounds are played instead of playing to a point amount.
• The player/team with the highest total after nine "innings" wins. game is tied, extra rounds are played until finally a player / wins by 1 point or more.


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    • SpiffyD profile image


      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      This is a very useful and fairly comprehensive hub. Spaces between the bullet points might improve the formatting. Great effort though.


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