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Best Table Tennis/Ping Pong Balls

Updated on March 12, 2011

Table Tennis Balls/Ping Pong Balls and Star Rating

To play table tennis or ping pong you need a table tennis ball. Unfortunately table tennis balls often get lost or broken and so you will need a good supply of them whether for mucking about with mates or for serious table tennis competitions in which you will want better star rated ping pong balls.

Surprisingly the quality of table tennis balls does vary quite a bit and there is a major difference between the top and bottom table tennis balls shown by the star system.

In this article I will explain the table tennis ball rating system and also show you some of the best ping pong balls around!

Table Tennis
Table Tennis

Table Tennis Balls Rating System

Table Tennis Balls Rating System

Table Tennis Balls are rated from 0-3 stars 

However a 0 or a 1 star does not mean a ball is bad it just means it is meant to be used for practising and is perfect for anyone who is not taking part in serious competitions. These balls are also cheaper than the grade 3 or 2 rated ones.  

3 stars - These table tennis balls are used for serious competitions and tournaments.  These balls are almost always the right roundness and balance but they are also more expensive and don't last any longer!

Butterfly ITTF Approved 3-Star 40mm Table Tennis Balls (6-Pack)
Butterfly ITTF Approved 3-Star 40mm Table Tennis Balls (6-Pack)

The very best quality table tennis balls which are both USATT and ITTF which is the top ranking for a table tennis ball!


Best Table Tennis Balls

While I am sure there are a few very expensive better balls out there these are fantastic and you won't need any better. This 6 pack of Butterfly balls are of the very highest quality and are a perfect roundness and have a perfect bounce and are superior to other 3 star balls. 

These balls are  USATT and ITTF approved.

Official ball of the 2009 World Championships and the ITTF Global Junior Program through 2012. An ITTF approved 3-Star ball is the highest rating a ball can receive. Such balls are used at the Olympic Games, World Championships and other international events.

Best Table Tennis Ball

JOOLA Rossi 3-Star Table Tennis Balls – 6 pack - Orange
JOOLA Rossi 3-Star Table Tennis Balls – 6 pack - Orange

Excellent table tennis ball which is rated very highly, is a reasonably price and is good enough for competitions. You can't go wrong with these Joola table tennis balls.


Best Affordable Ping Pong Balls

The best ping pong balls that are readily available and reasonably affordable are these JOOLA ROSSI 3 star table tennis balls. These table tennis balls are rated very highly by many people and are of a great quality.

They are also 3 star so you know they will be good and they are also the correct size. For some reason I also like the look of the balls and prefer the orange ones to the white table tennis balls.

GOGO 3-Star 40mm Seamless Table Tennis Balls, Premium Ping Pong Balls (144-pack)-White
GOGO 3-Star 40mm Seamless Table Tennis Balls, Premium Ping Pong Balls (144-pack)-White

These are the best affordable bulk set for competitive table tennis clubs or if you want a lot of spare balls!


Best Bulk Set of 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

If you are looking for a cheap bulk set of table tennis balls then look no further.

These GOGO 3 star balls come in a pack of 144 which is surely enough and the balls are of a very high quality and are competition standard.

This set is perfect for table tennis clubs which want to use some of the very best balls without spending an absolute fortune.


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