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Table Tennis Conversion Top – What You Need to Know to Buy the Best Cheap.

Updated on June 10, 2010

Many people have found that the Stiga Table Tennis Conversion Top is the best value in table tennis conversion tops offering a solid half-inch top for under $230.

Table Tennis Conversion Top is the perfect way to add to your parlor room repertoire.  They are by far the cheapest and easiest way to get a table tennis table and play ping pong if you already have a billiard table.  Most models are very simple to install over a billiard or pool table.  They consist of either a ½” or ¾” wooden table that has padded clamps that secure the ping pong conversion top to the pool table.  Some models are better than others, but most table tennis conversions can installed onto a pool table or taken off in under 5 minutes.  If you’re looking to buy the best table tennis conversion top, there are a couple of things you’ll want to know to get the right one for you.  Before you buy a table tennis conversion top you should ask yourself the following questions:

Should I go with thick (3/4 inch) or thin (1/2 inch) table tennis conversion top?

The answer to this question will all depend on how serious a player you are, or more accurately how it will be used. Serious ping pong players are very particular about their equipment from paddles to balls to table tennis tables. The 3/4in. table is a solid platform and will provide a more uniform bounce to the ball. If this is something for the kids to play on (or any other amateur ping pong player) they probably wouldn’t know the difference between bounces and therefore you should go with a 1/2in. thickness on the ping pong conversion top. That being said the most important thing is to keep table from warping as this will affect play and you want to keep the conversion top for a long time. Thicker wood is more resilient and takes more to warp. You should also consider environmental conditions: is it going to be used and stored in a damp basement, will it be stored outside or in garage where it can be exposed to extremes of hot and cold? If you feel this is a concern you should opt for the larger ¾ in. thickness for your conversion top and/or purchase a support beam. The support beam is just a thin board that runs the length of the pool table and supports the conversion top from sagging (just make sure it’s flush with the bumpers of the pool table otherwise it would cause the conversion top to become unstable). They’re very affordable or if you’re skilled with power tools they can be easily made.

How big is my pool table?

This is may seem like an obvious one but it’s an important distinction. Because most billiard tables are either 7 or 8 foot tables most conversion tables are built to accommodate both sizes. However it’s important to note the sizes when purchasing a table tennis conversion top because it will be a hassle to get the wrong size and have to send it back (with shipping no less). You will want the pool table conversion top to stick out past the billiard table so that you aren’t knocking into the table during the course of play. Most tables will be built with that and mind and come with padded or laminated ends to prevent any sort of injury during play.

How much should I spend on table tennis conversion top?

This all depends on your budget.  Cheap table tennis conversion tops are a very economical way to get the most out of your billiard table.  It’s much cheaper to purchase a table tennis conversion than to get a separate ping pong table (it’s also a more efficient use of space).  That being said if your truly serious about ping pong you’ll want to go with a higher end model as the play will be much more aggressive and competitive.  The more expensive conversion tops also have more features and will often come in all-inclusive packages that have the table top, net, paddles and balls all included.  On the other end of the spectrum if you just want a cheap ping pong table for kids, dropping $150 on a cheap table tennis conversion top will make the best of both worlds. 

I want to just say that this advice is based on my experience when I was looking to purchase a table tennis conversion top.  This is my opinion on what’s important and you’re free to take what applies to you.  Before buying a table tennis conversion top I did a lot of research online and found that while Amazon in general had some good deals, there were better offers at different online retailers.  Because the sales are changing constantly it would be a good idea to check out other advertised offers and compare against Amazon.  Don’t forget about the shipping costs as that can differ greatly across websites.


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      8 years ago

      Good advice. Just want to add that there are also conversion tops made for outdoor. They are 7/8" think and made of aluminum. The bounce is a little different, but the material is meant to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Make sure to consider shipping costs as these are heavy items.


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