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Table Tennis Equipment

Updated on March 13, 2011

Table Tennis Equipment

Table Tennis, also called ping pong, is a fantastic game and sport but to get the most out of it you will need table tennis equipment like paddles, balls, tables, nets, shoes and more! As you become more serious about table tennis/ping pong the better the equipment you will need and also more of it. Table Tennis equipment varies from table tennis nets, balls, shoes, tables, paddles/bats and even includes ping pong robots!

This hub will provide you with a central point to find out all about table tennis equipment and everything you could possibly need to know - whether a beginner or a pro! There will be useful links to read even more about a subject and by the end of checking this hub and the links you should become a table tennis/ping pong expert!

Buy Table Tennis Equipment

Table Tennis Paddles/Bats

As your skills progress and time moves on you will find you will most likely want to ditch the free ping pong paddle that came with your table tennis table and get yourself a better table tennis paddle, which will help improve your game hugely.

There are many different types of bats and if you are quite advanced you will want to think about your playing style.  It is also often hard to choose what paddle is best for you and if you are quite new to table tennis, you will want a ready made paddle, the link below will show you the very best ready made paddles available at the very best prices!

Top Table Tennis Paddles - find the perfect paddle for you.

Table Tennis/Ping Pong Balls

Table tennis balls are also important pieces of equipment and you will also always need a good spare supply to be prepared for when a ball gets smashed, trod on accidentally or just has been used too much.

There is a variation of quality depending on the balls you purchase and while this does not matter when you are just playing purely for fun, if you even just start playing for your local team you may want to consider investing in some higher quality ping pong balls.  You can find out the quality of the balls by the star system with 3 stars being the best and used in serious competitions. For even more information and also a selection of some of the best table tennis balls to buy:

Table Tennis Balls

Table Tennis Tables and Conversion Tops

Obviously, if you are going to play table tennis/ping pong at home you are going to need to a table tennis table so you can practice your skills and have fun playing your friends and family too! I would recommend an outdoor table tennis table if you can afford one and it means they are tougher and you can also play in the beautiful sunlight!

Butterfly Table Tennis Tables

However you may be wanting something a little cheaper and a table tennis table that will take up less room in your house- if that is the case get a conversion top ping pong table!

Other advantages of conversion tops are they are multi purpose, quick, fun and easy.

Table Tennis Conversion Top

Table Tennis Shoes

Table Tennis Shoes are another thing you may want to consider purchasing and are really handy if you are progressing with your table tennis skills, with extra grip and being extremely lightweight allowing you to make those quick, fast movements and improve your table tennis games and win more often. If you think about it, every other sport has there own special shoes - so why play table tennis seriously without the proper equipment - giving yourself a disadvantage!

You would not play soccer without soccer boots and shin guards, would you?

Table Tennis Shoes

Below are some excellent table tennis shoes:

Table Tennis Nets

Table Tennis nets are another useful piece of equipment to have for when you start playing table tennis and getting a high quality table tennis net is important.  You will find that the net you got with your table is okay, but not really good enough once you reach a certain level.

This hub will help you choose a table tennis net.

Table Tennis net

Table Tennis Videos

Still here? Well, you must be since you are reading this!

Well, I also have some funny and awesome table tennis videos just for you as a bit of a break from all that table tennis and ping pong equipment and let you just see why table tennis is such an awesome sport and game to play.

My favourite Table Tennis Videos - I hope you enjoy them!

Here is my favourite where you see a truly amazing table tennis rally going on between two Swedish table tennis players.

Butterfly Amicus 3000 Plus Table Tennis Robot
Butterfly Amicus 3000 Plus Table Tennis Robot

Fantastic robot with many amazing options to change for your shots including spin, speed, direction, placement and more! Also has a net for catching the balls, comes with 144 3 star Butterfly balls and a 2 year warranty.


Table Tennis Robots

This is for those very serious players or those who just love cool gadgets and machines. Yes, you can buy table tennis robots and they are super cool and all the professionals use them!  

They have some amazing settings and you can set yourself routines where you get say 10 shots in the bottom right corner with loads of backspin, 5 shots really fast straight down the middle, 2 drop shots, 10 shots in the top left corner at a slow speed but with loads of side spin!  

As you can see the possibilities are endless and you can keep practising a shot till you perfect it everytime and the beauty of it is that you don't need a partner.

These robots also have some built in routines and many of them have ball catchers to catch all your ping pong balls!

Find out more about table tennis robots

SmartPong S100 Table Tennis Robot
SmartPong S100 Table Tennis Robot

Clever table tennis robot with many options and 4 different modes and comes with a 1 year warranty.


Ping Pong Equipment

I hope you have found all the table tennis equipment you were looking for in this hub and if you want to learn more about table tennis check out the links provided as they are all excellent sources of table tennis information.

If you liked this hub please share it with your friends, family, tweet it, like it and if you have any questions or comments leave them in the comments box below and I will try and get back to you quickly. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have fun with your brand new table tennis equipment.

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