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Best Table Tennis/Ping Pong Nets

Updated on May 1, 2011

Table Tennis Nets

Table Tennis is a fantastic game and at the top levels it is definitely a sport. However apart from a table tennis table a table tennis net is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have for table tennis so you need to choose a good net!

Table tennis is brilliant and you will want a good net to enjoy your ping pong properly!

What to Look For in a Table Tennis Net?

What are the points that make a good or bad net?

Easy to use - You want a table tennis net that will be easy to take on and off quickly.  This is one of the most important features of a table tennis net!

Sturdy - You don't want a table tennis net that falls over the second you play a smash directly at it - so you want to make sure your net is sturdy.  

Taut - You want the ping pong net to be quite taut so it is up properly and will be the correct height and length.  You don't want a net that is loose and falling over - what would happen if the table tennis ball hit the net!

Table Tennis Net
Table Tennis Net

Fun Table Tennis Video - Are you as good as these guys!

Best Table Tennis Nets

There are many fantastic table tennis nets out there but I thought I would suggest the top 3 table tennis nets here!

Best Table Tennis Net Set

Butterfly Europa Professional Table Tennis Net Set - Fits Tables Up To 1.5 in Thick - 72 in Long Net
Butterfly Europa Professional Table Tennis Net Set - Fits Tables Up To 1.5 in Thick - 72 in Long Net

Simply the best - better than all the rest!

It's simply the best, the best table tennis net!


Best Quality Net Set

Butterfly T32 Europa Table Tennis Net Set

This is the best table tennis net on this list but is also the most expensive! This is only really recommended if you have loads of money or love table tennis and want the best possible net there is. The felt tipped clamps in this net set are designed so as not to scratch your precious table tennis table's surface and finish. You can also get the perfect tension and height with this butterfly europa net set.

The Best Table Tennis Net!

Great Table Tennis Net

Kettler Vario Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Nylon Net
Kettler Vario Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Nylon Net

Fantastic table tennis net which is good for all levels of play!


Great Net

Kettler 7096-100 VARIO Table Tennis Net

This table tennis net is one of the best for any level. Unlike cheaper table tennis nets it does not sag and will last through time. What is the point of buying an inferior net and replacing it again in a years time to save $5! Kettler is also one of the top table tennis manufacturers and a brand you can trust - if you have a Kettler table tennis table then this is the best net!

Best Table Tennis Net for Recreational Use

Best Net for Recreational Use

 Stiga T0750 Performance Table Tennis Net & Posts

This is the best table tennis net for recreational use and fits any table tennis table perfectly. It is easy to set up and goes to the right tension instantly helping you save time which you can use to play and practise.

Table Tennis Nets Summary

Hopefully you have found this article useful and purchase a brand new table tennis net that is of a fantastic quality and maybe even start playing table tennis if you don't already it is an excellent sport and a great way to keep fit!

If you liked this article please check out my other articles on table tennis and also share it with your friends and family, rate it up and say it was useful!  

Thanks I hope you found this useful and please feel free to leave a relevant comment about table tennis nets - please note comments have to be approved before they appear.  I approve nearly everything as long as it is not rude or blatant spam!

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