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Table Tennis Tables – What you need to know to get the best deal

Updated on March 6, 2010

We’ve all played table tennis at one point or another and have realized how fun it can be.  Whether it was at a friend’s house or a rec center, you probably had a lot of fun working up a sweat batting the ball around.  So now you think it’s time to get yourself a table tennis table and want to go about finding the best deal.  There’s a few things that you’ll need to know first

The Case for Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis is a great sport that just about anyone at any age can play, if you’re old enough to reach over the table and can swing a paddle you’re good to go.  Table tennis is great for kids: it’s an interactive entertainment medium that develops hand eye coordination (as good or better than video games).  It develops your quick thinking and reflexes and forces you to move around a lot.  Not only that but it’s a sport that can be played both indoor and outdoor and it can be played year round.  It give you a chance to connect with your children, or just kill time with your friends.  Table tennis also helps to develop a healthy spirit of competition and it’s much healthier than sitting around playing video games.  Best of table tennis is a cheap sport.  The balls are cheap as ever, you can get a decent paddle for under $20 and the most expensive thing to buy is the table tennis table and that’s a onetime investment

Table Tennis Tables and picking one out

So that brings me to picking out a table tennis table.  It’s important to play on a real ping pong table from the very start and you want to make sure you get the best deal.  Probably the most important consideration when choosing a table tennis table is the end use of the table.  What I mean by that is when your purchasing a table you want to get the most for your money but if you spend a lot on a high-quality table and it doesn’t get used you’re not really getting a bargain.  So, for instance, if you’re looking to purchase a cheap table tennis table for your kids you’ll probably want to stick with the bargain tables because they will provide a suitable playing surface and take a beating when the kids get wound up and crash and bang into the table.  However, if you’ve had experience with table tennis tables or perhaps you had one of the bargain tables and know you want to upgrade, purchasing a quality table will suit you much better and you’ll get your money’s worth and more over many years.  The next consideration is whether you’ll want to set up a permanent table or need something that will fold up so that it can be put away when it’s not in use.  If you have a dedicated area that you want to install a permanent ping pong table into then you can find a simple table tennis table that will be cheaper (because it has less hardware) and probably more level and stable.  However, if you need the flexibility, a majority of the ping pong tables have the capability to fold up and are on wheels which makes storing and moving the table easy.  The difference in play will hardly be noticeable except by serious players so cost is probably going to be the biggest factor. 

So once you have your table tennis table picked out there’s one more consideration you need to make before purchasing the table.  Shipping costs can be the difference between getting a great deal on a cheap table tennis table or not.  Because these tables are large freight shipping is generally going to be pretty expensive.  Out of all of the places I’ve looked online, Amazon tends to have the lowest shipping cost at around $50 for a table.  If you do choose to go with Amazon, one trick that I’ve heard of but never have tried on something this big is to sign up for the Amazon Prime trial membership.  When you sign up you get free shipping and you should be able to cancel it and get free shipping.  Like I said, I’ve never tried this myself so I’m not sure it would work but you could check on it to see if it qualifies.

You should certainly search around online to check out the other advertised offers by different online retailers.  Because sales are changing all the time you’ll never know where you’ll find a bargain.  However, if you do go with Amazon for a cheap table tennis table my recommendation would be the Stiga Metro Table Tennis Table.

Stiga Metro Table Tennis Table

This table is very cheap, retailing under $320.  The table features a 5/8 inch table top which is thick and will resist warping.  It also has sturdy table legs and support apron that makes it durable and able to handle a beating during competitive play.  The sides fold up and have heavy duty casters that make moving and storing the ping pong table easy.  The Metro ping pong table is well reviewed and has very high customer satisfaction and it takes only minutes to set up.  For under $400 all said in done (includes shipping, table, net, paddles, balls) you can have a complete table tennis setup and be playing in less than a week.

Other Table Tennis Resources

Table Tennis Conversion Tops - These tops are great for converting an existing pool table or billiards table into a table tennis table in under five minutes. Check it out.

Table Tennis for Kids - this blog is a resource for parents and kids who are interested in getting into table tennis as well as spending quality time competing over a friendly game of ping pong.


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