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Table Tennis Videos

Updated on July 11, 2011

Table Tennis Videos

There are some awesome and pretty amazing table tennis videos out there where players seem to rally at incredible speeds, with incredible spins and incredible skill and it is very impressive. I personally love these videos and I think they show how fantastic table tennis is as a sport and also how it is a sport - not a game!

In this hub I am going to try and provide you with some of the best table tennis videos around for your enjoyment!

I hope you like these table tennis videos as much as I do and if you like them lots please either tweet them or like them - thank you!

Amazing Table Tennis Rally Video

Table Tennis
Table Tennis

Spectacular Ping Pong Rally

I love the table tennis video above and think it is one of the best table tennis videos. I think the rally is one of the most spectacular I have ever seen! Yes the blue guy could probably play a drop shot and tap it just over the table tennis net - but why, it would not look cool, is very hard to do when there is so much spin and speed on the ball and they are just mucking around as they are both Swedish table tennis players and are good friends and yes this is real!

Weird Table Tennis Match

Ping Pong!


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