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A Tack Trunk Will Keep All Your Equipment In One Place

Updated on January 19, 2010

If you are even remotely interested in horses, then you probably either own or are looking for a tack trunk. Tack trunks can be a great place to store all of your horse-related gear, like a saddle and reins. Of course, if you are going to put things like that into a tack trunk, then you had better make very sure that it is a good quality tack trunk. Out of curiosity, I looked up several different models of tack trunks on the internet, and I found one that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the tack trunks that are out there. This is the tack trunk that I will be talking about today:

Jolly Pet Tack Trunk w/ Tote Tray Black
Jolly Pet Tack Trunk w/ Tote Tray Black

Jolly Pet Tack Trunk w/ Tote Tray Black

Check out this tack trunk by Jolly Pet. It is very solid, and it comes with a tote tray. It will hold both English and Western saddles. It also comes with wood handles and tote trays. This model is somewhat expensive, but it makes up for the cost by being of a higher quality. It is lightweight, which of course is good for is you are wanting to haul around your gear out on the trail. It is also very durable.

This tack trunk gets the job done, and I highly recommend it.


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