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Tailgating at Quest Field Seattle Seahawks Fan Guide

Updated on September 15, 2008

Quest Field Seattle, WA

Quest Field (formerly known as Seahawks Statdium) is located at 800 Occidental Ave S Seattle, WA 98134. Quest Field is home to the Seattle Seahawks and holds 67,000 fans for NFL games. If you are planning on attending a game be sure to check out the Seahawks seating chart before you purchase tickets. If you are looking to purchase tickets to Seahawks games keep in mind that the Stadium has been sold out since it opened in 2002. The best place to find tickets for Seahawks games are through private parties on Craigslist or through an escrow company such as Razorgator.

Quest Field Photo During Seahawks Game

Best Places to Tailgate for Seahawks Games

Historically Seattle has not been a great city to tailgate for NFL games, but that has changed over the last few years. For true tailgating at Seahawks games, there are a few choices.

The North Lot

The north lot is technically part of Quest Field and the Seahawks' endorsed area to tailgate before Seahawks games. The north lot is located directly north of the Seahawks' Stadium. If you don't already have tickets to park in the North Lot, you aren't going to get them so you will need to walk and know somebody to get into this tailgating area.

Hawk Heaven (Under the Viaduct)

The parking lot located west of Quest Field and just east of the Viaduct has become the Hotspot for Seahawk Fan Tailgaters known as Hawk Heavan. Here are a few pointers to tailgating under the Viaduct.

1. Get there early! This place fills up fast. If you are bringing a RV, you better plan on arriving before 8:00am. The cost to park an RV is typically around $100 and trucks cost $40.

2. Bring disposable cups! Alcohol is not exactly allowed, but it is not completely discouraged either. As long as you are discrete and not obviously intoxicated it is okay.

3. Bring satellite TV. How are going to be able to watch the east coast games without a TV. Okay, it you don't own a satellite and flat screen TV find somebody that does!

4. Don't root for the "other" team. Hawk Heaven can get a little hostile, so don't show up wearing the opposing team gear. If you do decide to be "that guy" you better prepare yourself for a rough day.

The Best Seahawks Pregame Bars

There are several bars located near Quest Field where you can get ready for Seahawks Games.

Pyramid Ale House

The Pyramid Ale House typically has a large beer garden set up outside and offers a ton of indoor seating where you can watch the early NFL games. The Pyramid Ale House is a great choice because it is a large bar and you will likely be able to get in. Plus their beer is great!


Sluggers is located next to the North Lot and is adjacent to Seahawks Stadium. Sluggers is a great place to hang out before the game, but you need to get their early because the seats fill up. Sluggers is great because they have a lot of big flat screen TV's and have nearly every NFL game playing live at the same time.

The Hawks Nest

The Hawks Nest is the place for Hardcore Seahawks fans. This bar is located on 1st Street, but is very close to the Seahawks' Stadium. Like Sluggers, this place fills up fast, so plan on waiting in line for this place to open.

FX McRory's

FX McRory's is a steak house and oyster bar, but all serves breakfast and is a great place for the mature tailgaters. This is definitely where the high end tailgaters go before the Seahawks game. This is not a good place to go if you want to get rowdy.

Best All Ages Place to Tailgate for Seahawks Games

The best place for the whole family to go before Seahawks games is Touchdown City. Touchdown City is located in the Quest Field Event Center. Touchdown City is free for anyone to attend and game tickets are not required for entry.

Inside Touchdown City you will find tons of fanfare. There are tons of games for the kids and food and beer for the adults. The Seagals often make appearances and KIRO pregame Radio show takes place live on a giant stage. Above the stage is a massive 40' x 48' screen, which has the feature NFL game playing live as well as 4 other games playing simultaneously. This is a great atmosphere for all fans.

Best Tailgate Spot in Seattle

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