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Take A Saltwater Fishing Vacation

Updated on October 10, 2017

Popular Saltwater Fishing Destinations

Are you an angler that would love to take a sport fishing vacation out on the open water with a rod and reel? If so maybe it's time for you to consider making the move from freshwater fishing and enter the vast world of saltwater fishing and what better way to get started than by making it a vacation.

When it comes down to saltwater fishing destinations you have many choices to select from. Anglers located in the USA who like warmer weather usually pick Florida, Louisiana and Texas as a destination. There are many other locations that you may want to consider based on your personal preferences. Anglers that prefer cooler weather may want to consider the Pacific northwest, the New England Coast or even Alaska.

Many of these vacation areas have great tourist attractions for the family if they don't wish to participate in your fishing adventure. Although you may want to encourage them to join you and discover the thrill and the adventure of this type of fishing.

Get Ready for Some Serious Fishing!
Get Ready for Some Serious Fishing!

Planning A Saltwater Fishing Vacation

When planning your vacation there are a number of things to consider from what kind of fish you want to catch to what kind of activities will available after you have finished fishing for the day. If you are like me I'm usually tired at the end of a long day, a hot shower and a cold drink in a relaxing setting usually does the trick.

Keep in mind that with any large body of water there are weather conditions to consider so before booking your saltwater fishing vacation take a look at what the upcoming weather conditions during the time that you expect to take your vacation. Florida, Texas and Louisiana are not always the best choices especially during the hurricane seasons.

To get the most out of your saltwater fishing experience it is probably in your best interest to use a saltwater fishing charter service with experienced crews. These can range from being fairly inexpensive to very expensive depending on the type of fishing you want to do and the boat being used

These charter services will provide you with the best places to fish, provide you with the gear you need and they will know what to do in the event of an emergency or unexpected rough weather conditions.

Remember that a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work!

Shark fishing anyone?
Shark fishing anyone? | Source

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