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Taking on The Marathon!

Updated on March 17, 2014

Marathon Training

This is the first marathon I have taken on. I have done a half marathon (1 hour 50min), several 10ks (44mins PR), and tons of 5ks (19min 37sec. PR). I am by no means an expert on this topic, but I can tell you from my experience during training that a marathon might as well be a totally different sport from a half marathon, 10K, or 5K. I have been told time and time again during my training that if you can survive the training for a marathon, then you will be fine. Several factors can deter many people from completing a marathon. Injuries and lack of training are two of the most common reasons people are not successful at completing a marathon. Below is the training program that I completed and methods I used to prevent injuries.

Foam Roller

Injury Prevention

Injuries can completely destroy your chances of completing a marathon. The training is so intensive that any small change can totally through you out of whack. A few ways to decrease your chances of becoming injured is preventive maintenance. The knees, achilles tendons, and feet are usually the first thing to develop problems due to the pounding they encounter. As crazy as it sounds, ice is still one of the best things you can use to keep your problems to a minimum. You need to ice every time whether it is hurting or not. Fifteen minutes on and fifteen minutes off will do the trick. You should do it as much as you need it. I ice sometimes one or two times a day depending on how I am feeling. Ice can help you get through even some of the worst pains, but you need to be consistent with it.

Another injury prevention technique you can use is to incorporate foam rolling into your training. Foam rolling for lack of better words is like a, "poor man's massage." If you consistently use a foam roller you sore and aching muscles will recover much faster. The biggest use of a foam roller is that it can massage your IT band that runs on the outside of your legs. Your IT bands can cause all kinds of problems if not taken care of during the early stages. An IT band that is tight can cause horrible knee pain on the outside of your knee as well as several other things. If you would like to see some foam rolling exercises, pleaes watch the video below.

Foam Rolling Video

Marathon Training

Marathon training is not a difficult thing to follow it is just very time consuming and puts a lot of strain on your body. The training method that I have followed is the following:

Monday: Tempo run (run it at a pace that is higher than your marathon pace)(start at a distance of 4 or 5 miles)

Tuesday: rest, ice, foam roll

Wednesday: Speed Work (yes even for a marathon, you need speed work.)(start with 2 or 3 miles depending on your level of fitness)

Thursday: rest, ice, foam roll

Friday Negative Split workout (run a comfortable pace then drop time off each mile)(start at a distance of 4 or 5 miles)

Saturday: rest, ice, foam roll

Sunday: Long Run (run at or below marathon pace)(main goal of a long run is to put some miles on your legs so that is what you need to do)(start with 8 or so depending on your level of fitness)

Following Week:

Monday: rest, ice, foam roll

Tuesday: Interval training (same as above)

Wednesday: rest, ice, foam roll

Thursday: Negative splits (same as above)

Friday: rest, ice, foam roll

Saturday: Long Run

Sunday: rest, ice, foam roll

I complete this workout for two cycles then take a recovery week. During a recovery week, I drop everything down 60 percent. Then the following week I increase a least one of weekly runs by a mile and the long run by one or two miles depending on how I feel. The main detail to remember when training is to listen to your body. If your body is telling you it is tired, then it is time to take a recovery week.


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My Marathon!

I am writing this hub on March 17, 2014, and my marathon will take place on April 13, 2014. I have one more week of hard training before I taper and prepare for the race. I will let you know how the marathon goes and if the training plan I used was enough to get me through the race. If anyone has any race day advice for a marathon, I am all ears. Thanks for your support and wish me luck as I take on 26.2 miles.

Fellow Marathoners!

If you have completed a marathon, please post here about it. Tell me about your experience and how it felt when you completed it. Also the marathon I am doing is a Rock and Roll Marathon, if you have completed one of these, please let me know how awesome it is going to be.

© 2014 guy6336


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