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Tale of the Tape - NBA Eastern Conference Finals 2009

Updated on May 20, 2009


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2009 Playoff Comparison

Intimidate vs. Dominate

It is now near the end of the road for the NBA 2009 Season. Orlando Magic (RANK 3 in the East) was able to dethrone defending champion Boston Celtics (RANK 2 in the East). This was not a surprising to many because Kevin Garnet was out for the playoffs due to his injury on his right knee. Because of the exodus of the Celtics, a new big man will be the Center of Attraction for this Eastern Conference Finals. His name is Dwight David Howard (NBA nickname - "Superman"). I prefer to call him PowerCenter. Not because he plays both positions but he is really dominating in the paint. He is the focal point of Orlando's offense. Whether the play is designed for him or just getting an offensive rebound, he makes sure that he dunks the ball with authority; which in basketball terms is the highest percentage to score a basket. Not only he dominates in offense, but he is a force to recon with on defense. That is why he is named the Defensive Man of the Year for 2009. Some of his career highlights are winning the 2008 Dunk Contest with his famous Superman Dunk and becoming the youngest ever to lead in rebounds and blocks.

While Orlando was having a tough time moving pass the Second Round, it is the opposite for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland never gave their fans doubts on reaching the Conference Finals. Like Orlando, Cleveland has their own Franchise Player by the name of Lebron Raymone James also known as King James. He plays the FORWARD position. But he is the combination of all the positions. He can dribble the ball and be fast enough to play the POINT. He has the tremendous strength to power his way inside the paint. He definitely intimidates people when he is on the floor. This year, he even won the MVP title. Not only was this an achievement but he is also the youngest player ever to win this award (also the first player from the Cavaliers to bag this award). Not mention that he was the Rookie of the Year for 2004.

Both Lebron and Dwight are the pillars of NBA future. Lebron is the next generation of Michael Jordan / Magic Johnson and Dwight is the next generation of ShaquilleO’Neil / Charles Barkley. Both have evolved in redefining the positions they play. Lebron combines speed, strength and accuracy. Which he can play all the positions with out being at the short end of the stick. With his speed, he can play point (not to mention that for his size guards are no match for him). With his deadliness outside, he can play the wing. With is strength, he can eat you alive in the paint. While Dwight concentrates more his game in the Center Spot. He is the classic example of the saying, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall". But in this case, he does not fall. His physic is more than a team can handle. Literally, you have to put 5 guys on him to prevent a basket. His agility skills exceed the expectations of his size. He is like a Monster Truck with an F-1 engine.

Both teams have an ace on their sleeves. Lebron is the MVP. Dwight is the Best Defensive Man of the year. Both have their supporting cast they need. Lebron has Delonte West, Maurice Williams and Žydrūnas Ilgauskas. While Dwight has Rashard Lewis, Hedo Türkoğlu, and Rafer Alston. Both have good coaches to guide them. Cleveland has Mike Brown and Orlando has Stan Van Gundy.

Both have their specific strengths over the other. But it basically boils down on who is the most hungry team. Cleveland already reached the NBA Finals two years back. Orlando has not been in the Finals since the duo of Shaq and Penny. With Lebron and his killer instincts, Cleveland is there to intimidate Orlando. With Dwight and his power in the paint, Orlando is there to dominate over Cleveland. Which ever the case maybe, this will surely be a good series.

Cavs Vs. Magic

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How to Intimidate?

How to Dominate?

Intimidate vs Dominate

Lebron James

Nike Baller ID Bands - Lebron James - 3 Bands- White - LEBRON, Red - LJ 23; black - KING JAMES
Nike Baller ID Bands - Lebron James - 3 Bands- White - LEBRON, Red - LJ 23; black - KING JAMES

Nike Baller ID Bands - Lebron James - 3 Bands- White - LEBRON, Red - LJ 23; black - KING JAMES


What is your take Intimidate or Dominate?

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