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Tamia Hill Pictures - NBA's Grant Hill's Sexy Wife

Updated on August 12, 2009

I dont know where I've been for the last 10 years but Grant Hill is a very lucky man being married to Tamia Marylin Washington, Now Tamia Hill of course

So this hub is sort a tribute to grant hill's beautiful lady.  She is also on myspace so check her out there too:) Tamia's Myspace Page

A little about Tamia

 Tamia Hill born Tamia Marylin Washington was born on May 9th 1975. And she first made a splash at the tender age of 19 for working on a Quincy Jones single "You put a Move on my Heart " in 1995 album Q's Jook Joint

She then went on to become a very popular R&B singer with her most popular hits being "Stanger in MY House" in 2000 and Fabolous in 2003 which featured her debut song "So Into You" from 1998.

Grant and Tamia make a great pair and first met through singer Anita Baker while Grand was playing for detroit. The two hit it off and married on July 24th , 1999 and have a daughter named Myla Grace Hill.

Tamia hill announced that she sufferes from multiple sclerosis but at the moment it seems to be in control and in remission which is good news.

Now for those tamia hill pics :)

Tamia Hill Pictures

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Grant and Tamia Hill, VitaminWaterMagazine CoverAlbum CoverThe Hill Family
Grant and Tamia Hill, VitaminWater
Grant and Tamia Hill, VitaminWater
Magazine Cover
Magazine Cover
Album Cover
Album Cover
The Hill Family
The Hill Family

Tamia Hill Musci Video


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    • profile image

      gail b 6 years ago

      I love TAMIA's music. It is very sensual. It is smooth, heartfelt and most of all it shows what sexy is. Waiting for another hit Tamia. come slow and sexy.

    • profile image

      Quajay  5 years ago

      i love missing you you have a ''BEAUTIFUL'' voice. it's makes me cry you and the song

    • profile image

      michelle 5 years ago

      i just luv u tamia mwah

      plz do one more album plzzzz

    • profile image

      FAIZA DAVIDS 4 years ago

      faiza davids never been so inlove due to the heartfelt and sexy words and voice of tamia.I FEEL CONNECTED TO HER.L O V E U T A M I A.

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