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Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ All-Time Receiving TD Leaders

Updated on February 17, 2011

Jimmie Giles

Joey Galloway

The Tampa Bay Bucs have been an NFL franchise since 1976, when they entered as an expansion team along with the Seattle Seahawks, and while the team has been mostly bad for long stretches, they also have had had competitive stretches, and are currently a fringe playoff team as I write this in 2011 with Raheem Morris, one of the bright young coaches in the league. The Bucs, when they are good, have tended to be a defense/run-first franchise, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had some good quarterback and receiver play as well. Here is a short list of the Bucs’ all-time leaders in receiving touchdowns to date:

Jimmie Giles (34)—Tight end Jimmie Giles played for the Bucs most of his career, from 1978 to 1986, and he ranks first in the team’s history with 34 touchdown receptions. Giles made the Pro Bowl four times as a Buc, and his best season was arguably one of those—in 1985. That year, Giles caught 43 passes for 673 yards and a career high 8 touchdowns.

Kevin House (31)—Kevin House played for the Bucs most of his career, from 1980 to 1986, and he ranks second in franchise history with 31 touchdown catches. House had a career best 76 receptions in 1984, but his best overall season was probably 1981. That year, House caught 56 passes for career highs in receiving yards (1176) and TD catches (9).

Joey Galloway (28)—Joey Galloway played for Tampa from 2004 to 2008, and had a bit of a resurgence with them. Galloway ranks third in Bucs’ history with 28 receiving touchdowns, and while he had a career high 12 TD receptions in 1997 with Seattle, Galloway’s best overall season may have been 2005 with Tampa Bay (note: Galloway is still active as I write this in 2011 at the age of 39). That year, Galloway had career highs in catches (83) and receiving yards (1287) with 10 touchdown catches.

Mark Carrier (27)—Mark Carrier played for the Bucs from 1987 to 1992, and he ranks fourth in the team’s history with 27 TD catches. Carrier had his best season in 1989 while with Tampa, his lone Pro Bowl year. That season, Carrier had career best numbers in catches (86), receiving yards (1422), and touchdown receptions (9).

Dave Moore (24)—Tight end Dave Moore played for Tampa from 1992 to 2001, and again from 2004 through 2006. He ranks fifth in franchise history with 24 touchdown receptions, and Moore’s best season was arguably 1999. That year, Moore had 23 catches for 276 yards, and a career high 5 TD receptions.

Note: Keep an eye on Mike Williams, who was a rookie in 2010 and had 11 touchdown catches. Barring injury, he should climb to the top of this list quickly over the next few seasons.


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    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 6 years ago

      great article, I agrre mike williams could break this mark in the next 3-4 years if not sooner! I'm soory but I say freemen is ahead of sanchez and a step away from top 6! Every game his leadership gets better!!!