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Tampa Bay Rays’ All-Time ERA Leaders

Updated on June 3, 2010

Scott Kazmir

The Tampa Bay Rays have only been around since 1998, and were mostly abysmal for the first decade before reaching the World Series in 2008. As I write this in 2010, they are one of baseball’s powerhouses, mostly due to their outstanding pitching staff. Here is a short list (a very short list since our source only listed the top two) of the Rays’ all-time leaders to date in earned run average (ERA):

Scott Kazmir (3.92)—Scott Kazmir was a Mets’ prospect that was traded to Tampa in 2004 for Victor Zambrano. Yeah, I don’t remember that guy, either, and I’m a Mets’ fan. Anyway, Kazmir pitched in Tampa from 2004 to 2009, and he ranks first in the Rays’ brief history with a 3.92 ERA. Kazmir had a career best 3.24 mark in 2006, but his best season so far was 2007. That year, he had a 3.48 ERA, but with career highs in wins (13-9) and strikeouts (239, which led the American League). Kazmir was traded to the Angels in 2009, and is pitching for them as I write this.

James Shields (3.98)—James Shields has been with the Rays since 2006 and he ranks second in franchise history with a 3.98 earned run average. Shields had his best season in 2008, when he had career best numbers in wins (14-8) and ERA (3.56), with 160 strikeouts.


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