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Taurus Tracker .357 Magnum Revolver Review

Updated on December 29, 2011

Written Review

The Taurus Tracker .357 revolver is an outstanding weapon I've had the privilege of owning. It has a 7 round cylinder, an 8 inch barrel, and can fire either .357 magnum or .38 special rounds. Upon purchasing the weapon I made zero modifications or cleaning efforts on the weapon, took it onto a range, and was able to put 7 rounds of .38 special through the same hole at about 15 yards out.

The handgrip is interchangeable with 3rd party, or other Taurus brand handgrips. The hammer is not shortened so you can grip it easily and pull it back yourself. The weapon is heavy enough that recoil is barely noticeable.

There are only two features of the weapon I'm not a particular fan of. The safety is the main one. It really is not a reasonable safety mechanism. The safety is a proprietary screw at the back of the hammer that you lift out with the wrench that comes with the gun, and it prevents the hammer from coming back. The problem is that it's not reasonable to engage the safety in the home, because in the event of a break-in where you need to use the weapon and your adrenaline is pumping, you aren't going to have the time or fine motor skills to disengage the safety. Besides that, it's really not even reasonable for transporting the weapon because you would have it unloaded anyway, so the reason as to why Taurus implements this safety feature is beyond me. The other feature I'm not 100% fond of is the fact that the cylinder does't come all the way out of the weapon, so it makes it a little more difficult to get into all of the crevices when you're cleaning the weapon.

Overall I think this is an outstanding weapon. My wife uses it for concealed carry, and keeps it in her purse. If you're a woman and have a large enough purse, it would certainly make an effective and intimidating self defense weapon, but if you don't carry a bag with you such as a purse, it's really not a reasonable weapon for concealed carry. I would recommend this weapon for people who go into the woods and want a powerful handgun to carry with them.


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    • jr_leatherneck profile image

      jr_leatherneck 3 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Love the comment about your wife using it for conceal carry! Carry On!