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Teach Kids Baseball: Watch the Olympics and World Baseball Classic

Updated on August 8, 2008

With the Olympics just around the corner, it presents a great opportunity to teach kids baseball. The international baseball community can be a excellent source to teach our kids how countries other than the U.S approach the game of baseball.

The game of baseball is catching on like wildfire throughout the world with the participants playing at a high level. In fact, at the 2006 World Baseball Classic the United States did not make it into the final four; and that was with our pros.

Kids play a lot of baseball down in Central and South America and now it is spreading across Europe at a fever pitch. Italy and Holland both have professional baseball leagues and the Confederation of European baseball (CEB) is a well organized kid baseball and amateur baseball league.

This year's Olympic program may be last chance to use the Baseball Olympic program to teach kids baseball because it will not be part of the Olympics programs after 2008. However, there is a lobbying effort already in place, not only by the U.S, but other countries to reinstate baseball. If baseball is reinstated it will not be until 2016.

After the 2008 Olympics parents and coaches will have another way to teach kids baseball by watching the Major League Baseball's World Baseball Classic in March 2009.

So if you can't get outside and practice baseball with the kids you can teach kids baseball by watching the game being played by the international community.

Learn more about how to teach kids baseball by watching the international community.


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