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Teaching Kids Correct Batting Techniques

Updated on July 2, 2012
batting mechanics for kids
batting mechanics for kids

Are you teaching your kids correct hitting mechanics? The answer may surprise you.

Research has shown that ninety percent of youth baseball hitters have poor hitting mechanics. Probably the biggest reason for this is that youth baseball coaches and parents are passing down bad hitting mechanics they learned growing up.

The use of video recorders and cameras to analyze hitting mechanics have repeatedly shown that batting techniques once thought effective are actually counter-productive. In fact, hitting experts are using technological advances to develop outstanding super hitting systems.

Youth baseball coaches and parents can take advantage of these effective hitting systems through hitting instructional videos. There are hundreds around, and it is highly recommended to select a hitting instructional system developed by baseball experts with plenty of professional experience.

There are many different effective hitting mechanics philosophies, but they all emphasize the following "must-haves" for good hitting mechanics. Here are some HITTING TIPS FOR KIDS:

1. Quick Wrists Hitters must be able to "turn" on the fastball and adjust to the off-speed pitch and change-up. Good hitting instruction videos provide exercises specifically designed to strengthen the wrist.

2. Hip rotation and core strength Effective hitting mechanics is all about hip rotation and core strength. Hip rotation is key to good hitting mechanics - being able to hit for power, on a line drive, to all fields. Core strength is having power to drive the ball. It involves the building of the abdominal, chest and back muscles.

3. Position in the batter's box Many hitters don't take advantage of the batter's box to maximize their success at the plate. Hitters can step back in the box against power pitchers and move up in the box against "junk" pitchers. Position in the batter's box is key to good hitting mechanics.

4. Seeing the ball It is critical the hitter "see" the baseball clearly; from the pitcher's hand - all the way to where the eyes, bat and ball intersect - at the contact point.

5. Cardio Workouts Sprints and distance running are crucial to building stamina, power, strength and agility.

Baseball instructional videos are an effective tool for youth baseball coaches and parents.


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    • GaryKauffman profile image

      GaryKauffman 5 years ago from North Augusta, South Carolina

      As a junior high and high school coach I was always amazed at how little attention the players gave to the many excellent instructional videos available to them, many for free on YouTube. I watched many of them myself for any new tips or new ways of communicating proper techniques. I worked with one player who was on the bubble of making the high school varsity team, primarily because he wasn't much of a hitter. I encouraged him to watch videos over the weekend of some of the Major Leaguers who do things right. He came to practice on Monday after having spent hours watching and re-watching video of Derek Jeter and the difference in his hitting was noticeable right away. We continued working and tweaking things and he became a part-time starter by his senior year. It wasn't all because of watching those videos, of course, but it certainly put him on the right track.