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To Catch Baseballs: Get A Grip

Updated on July 23, 2011

How do you teach your kids to the correct way to catch a baseball? Do you think watching the pros on television is the way to do it? Don't be so sure. Too many major leaguers catch a baseball with one hand. This is ok for the pros but not for teaching your kids how to catch a baseball.

As a baseball parent or youth baseball coach you need to teach the fundamentals of catching a baseball:

  1. When the ball is coming at you above the waist, rotate your glove hand so your fingers are pointing to the sky.
  2. When the ball is coming at you below the waist, rotate your glove hand so your fingers are pointing to the ground.
  3. When the baseball is within reach do not "stab" at it with your glove hand. Instead let the ball come into your glove.
  4. Then squeeze the glove when the ball hits it
  5. Quickly cover the glove with your throwing hand.

One important note:

When the ball is coming at you between the waist and chest make sure the fingers in the glove are pointing to the sky and you cover the ball with your throwing hand.

DO NOT try to catch it with the glove fingers pointing down without covering the glove hand. I've seen so many instances where the ball jumps out of the glove and smashes into the face.

The only way to get better at catching a baseball is to have a lot of baseball practice and to practice on your own. A great way to make it fun is to learn some catching drills and some techniques for practicing solo. There are plenty of sites out for tips and drills to teach kids how to play baseball.


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