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Team Kaliber Announces New COD Roster

Updated on May 12, 2016

Team Kaliber recently released their new Call of Duty roster today. The lineup consists of Dylan "Theory" McGee, Cameron "CaLiFa" Joyner, Evan "Holler" Howard, and "Xotic". The team hopes to delve into the Challenger Division and announced that they will be attending MLG Anaheim next month.

The team will be reliant on the vast experience and leadership of Theory to lead the rest of the young roster. Theory has played for many top tier teams throughout his career, including tK, FaZe, vVv Gaming, and Rise, making him a suitable captain for the rest of tK's inexperienced roster. It will be very interesting to see how Theory will step up and if he can provide stability and gel this new team together.

CaLiFa has recently emerged as a strong competitor in Black Ops 3, but has been unable to find a team for a long period of time. tK will be the fourth team he's been on since January. CaLiFa has proven to be a great player, making him arguably the most crucial factor in tK's success heading into Anaheim.

Looking at Holler's track record brings much optimism about tK's new lineup. Holler has extensive competitive experience and showcases some success in BO3, finishing 1st place at EGLX 2016 with MoTi, Goonjar, and Ivy. He's also demonstrated his ability to compete single-handedly, placing 2nd at the Cineplex WorldGaming 2016 Canadian Championship.

Xotic is best defined as the "wonder child" on tK's new roster. After doing some background research, it seems like this is his first big break into the competitive scene with a noteworthy team. It seems he was picked up after his notable performance at EGLX 2016 on Team Avantic. He is definitely the player to watch out for at Anaheim as he attempts to establish himself as a legitimate competitive player.

What do you think about tK's new COD lineup? Comment below!

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