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Team Sports and Their Benefits

Updated on May 16, 2016

The Different Team Sports

Your sitting in the bleachers and the score is 30-31. Your team has the ball. You stand up and cheer as loud as you can. There are 10 seconds on the clock and you start counting down. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2. Your team shoots. It seems for a moment as if time is frozen. Your heart pounds so loudly. If the ball goes in your team wins and advances to state. If they lose their season is over. We have all probably been in the bleachers at a basketball game. This is just one of the many team sports. Others are cricket, football, volleyball, lacrosse, rugby, hockey, and baseball. These are just some of the team sports. Lots of people find these fun to watch. But you may not have known that there are many benefits to playing a team sport.

So What Are the Benefits?

As with any sport or kind of physical activity it helps you stay fit. In sports you do lots of running and it keeps you slim. So if you are looking to lose wait sports can definitely help with that. Since this benefit applies to all sports and not just ones where you are on a team you may wonder what benefits team sports have over other sports. In team sports you learn to communicate with people who you may not always like. You develop the skills to work with different types of people to accomplish a common goal. Another benefit of team sports is that you have your individual job. Take volleyball for example. In this sport everyone has their own job. You know that if you practice your individual job your team can succeed. Also, if one part of a sport isn't your strength you can just pick a position that utilizes your skills. The final benefit I would like to mention is it teaches good sportsmanship. It teaches you to be humble when you win and not boast. When you win you try not to make the other team feel bad and you still tell them that it was a good game and they did well. This skill also applies if your team loses. That way you do not get super upset and mad. Yes a loss is disappointing, but you need to handle it in a mature way and know that you did your best.

So What's Next?

You read this and may be wondering what next. You know the benefits of team sports now so all you need to do is pick one that interests you. Once you do you will be able to have fun and enjoy all the benefits I mentioned above. Team sports are great for many things and overall they are a fun way to be involved. So pick a sport and start playing!

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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 21 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Nice hub. You make a great point on how kids learn to deal with disappointment either through loss or their own poor performance. And how to overcome injuries, which I think is an undervalued benefit of sport. I know some moms don't want to hear that, but injuries are part of life.

      I've talked to a lot of anti-sports folks over the years, those that either hate them or never got to play (they frequently said "sports suck"). I tried to explain sports' benefits to them, and how when they have kids, it will be important for their emotional growth to get involved. They pretty much thought I was like one of those stereotypical "sports nuts." It's a shame. I don't what the sport is, just get involved.

      Sharing everywhere.