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Techniques of Field Hockey

Updated on March 20, 2013


Hockey is highly skill requiring game and needs highly skilled players. The main thing in hockey is the maneuvering of the ball. Another thing is to score a goal with speed and precision. A player has to keep the ball in his possession. It requires a lot of practice and drill. A player has also to keep the ability of hitting the ball hard but at the same time not deemed to be declared dangerous by the empire. So, a player in hockey has to deliver a ball with precision and desirable strength.

A lot of practice is the sole method to develop these techniques. Before engaging in a serious professional game, it is necessary to pass through a hard drill of different skills. Drill is a repeated exercisewhich is carried until one become perfect in a particular skill. In the game of hockey, drill includes hitting, dribbling, pursuing, and flickering the ball. Additionally, practice of shooting the goal and penalty shots are included in the drill. Here are a few major techniques to be practiced in the game of hockey.

1. Tackling:

In tackling, the player tries to tackle the ball by putting the stick in the way of the ball coming from another player. He puts the stick close to the ground where ball is moving. The stick works as a barrier for the ball. When the ball comes into the possession of a player he wants to keep it in his possession as long as he can. But when he cannot do this he has to either pass the ball to one of his teammate or take it away from the opponent players who try to get hold of the ball.

A player keeps tackling the ball until the ball remains in his possession and he does not touch the other player’s stick. But one thing is important here. The tackler cannot force the opponent player out of his way by using any body part such as legs and hands. If he does so a penalty is awarded to the defender player as punishment. But it is to be remembered that if a ball accidentally touches the feet of a player and there is no benefit gained, there is no question of penalty arises as sometimes it is natural to touch the ball with feet.

The main thing is that there should not be obstruction in the path of a tackler. There are some circumstances in which obstruction may occur. They include coming of the stick between the ball and the opponent’s stick, coming the defender between the ball and the opponent player and blocking the path of the ball.

2. Commands

Command is another technique which is used by the players in hockey. In commands players pass and maneuver between players on the opposite team simultaneously communicating with the rest of the team about what they are doing presently. The main strategy is that the opponent team should not understand what they are communicating. There are a number of universal phrases in commands:

· Through or strait: The term is used when player wants to pass the ball to another team mate.

· Drop:this phrase is used when a player wants to pass the ball backward.

· Up or through: when a player wishes to pass the ball on a specific angle.

· Flat or Square: this phrase is used when a player wants to pass the ball on 90 degree angle right or left.

3. Miscellaneous techniques:

Dribble: Dribble is a technique used by a player in hockey when he moves the ball along the floor. He runs with the ball pushing it and controlling its speed and takes in a specific direction with his hockey stick.

Hit:Tthis technique is used when a ball is hit with a considerable force but less than offend able force. By hitting the ball, the player wants to take it at a long distance. It is an important skill which needs a lot of exercise to master it.

Slap:By slap a player scores a goal. In this technique, a player holds his hand slightly apart on the stick and hit the ball with considerable force.

Push: Push is used when a player make use of his wrist to move the ball ahead. It is used typically to pass the ball to another team mate.

Flick: This technique is also known as the scoop. It is similar to the push as mentioned above. The only difference is that the stick is put at an angle so as to lift the ball off the ground.

Backhand hit: This technique resembles the techniques used in tennis. In it, a reverse hit is performed. But one thing should be clear that the rounded back of the stick should not be used. This is not permitted in the game.

Drive: This technique resembles a hit as mentioned above. In it, the stick is put at a certain distance.

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