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Tecnica Ski Boots - Buy Tecnica Ski Boots, Apres Ski Boots and Boot Bags

Updated on June 20, 2011

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports, as well as one of the fastest growing sports. It seems as if new ski hills are being opened annually; older ski hills are constantly being improved with new ski lifts, runs, and lodges. The fact is is that the sport of skiing is growing - and will continue to grow for long time.

And as the sport grows, so does the equipment. Alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, slalom skiing, cross country skiing... the different disciplines of skiing are of a large variety; this gives the sport of skiing a uniqueness not seen in many sports. It allows almost anybody, of any age, to participate in some form of the sport.

This also means that there is a lot of different ski equipment that pairs up with each discipline.

Luckily Tecnica ski company knows this and has made many different styles of ski boots to compensate. Tecnica vento ski boots, tecnica apres ski boot; almost all tecnica ski boots 2010 are of the highest quality.


Why do you buy ski boots online?

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Ski boots are a great investment.
Ski boots are a great investment. | Source

Tecnica Ski Boot Parts

One of the best aspects of Tecnica ski boots is that many of the parts are interchangeable and replaceable. The company is also adamant on selling you each and every part of your ski boot; in fact, if you really wanted to, you could make your own Tecnica ski boot by just buying ski boot parts.

You can also contact Tecnica for specific boot parts just for any Tecnica ski boot. This alone makes them one of the best high performance ski boots around - they will last you a long time.

Tecnica Ski Boot Parts:

  • Liner
  • Dual Pivot Kit
  • Toe Piece
  • Heel Piece
  • Upper Buckle
  • Toe Buckle
  • Power Strap

Tecnica Ski Boot Reviews

The good thing - and perhaps the bad thing - about Tecnica ski boots is that there is a large variety to choose from. This, as times, can be overwhelming. What do you choose? What's the best ski boot for me? What kind of ski boot do I need? What ski boots are for high peformance skiing? The list of questions can go on and on...

Tecnica ski boots usually fall into three distinct categories: high performance racing ski boots, alpine ski boots and freestyle ski boots.

High Performance Racing Ski Boots:

  • Technica Diablo Race Pro
  • Technica Dragon HiPer Fit
  • Tecnica Phoenix

Freestyle Ski Boots:

  • Technica Phoenix UltraFit
  • Tecnica Mega 14 2010
  • Tecnica Mega 8 UltraFit
  • Technica Agent Ski Boots

Alpine Ski Boots:

  • Tecnica Attiva Womens Ski Boots
  • Tecnica Attiva M14
  • Technica Jr.Race 2010 Ski Boots
  • Technica Agent 65 Ski Boots
  • Tecniac Agent AT Ski Boots


Tecnica Apres Ski Boots

There is also a unique culture that is tied to skiing and snowboarding and, like the sport itself, it is also growing and changing rapidly. Much of the culture is revolves around winter fashion - ski and snowboard jackets, gloves, hats, helmets. Many people are more concerned on how they look out on the slopes, compared to the quality of skis or ski boots they have.

One of the more popular trends in recent years are apres ski boots. These, in plainer terms, are boots to wear just before skiing. They are trendy - most of them are made out of expensive fur - but arn't completley uselss. Many apres ski boots are good for keeping your feet warm and dry, something that is essential for when you put on your actual ski boot.

Tecnica has figured out how popular these kind of boots are and recently there has been released a line of tecnica apres ski boots. If you are into that sort of thing then I recommend Tecnica apres ski boots; they are like their ski boots and are made of high quality and are very durable.


Tecnica Boot Bag

Now that you have your Tecnica Ski boots - and maybe even some tecnica apres ski boots - it's time that you get a boot bag.

All Tecnica boot bags include the following features:

  • 10 Pockets
  • Made of 600D Polyester (waterproof)
  • Carry boots up to size 12
  • Can hold a laptop computer
  • Boot straps to hold boots outside
  • Padded Back
  • Padded Straps
  • Strong Zippers


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