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Teepee Tents For Camping

Updated on July 14, 2011

Camping is one of the most beloved outdoor activities in the world; it's something special to be able to leave the city, the electricity and abundance of technology, and become rooted in the simplest of nature. It's very appealing, and it's no wonder that millions of people every year make the trek into the wilderness (no matter where they live) and go camping.

There many different ways one can go camping. It be done by backpacking, a much more physically daunting and mentally challenging endeavor, or it can be done in the most common of fashions - plot a tent in a already designated camping area in one of the worlds nature parks; if you want to get into the little details of different ways to camp then you can include traveling with an RV across the country as a type of camping. In the end camping remains true to the one simple fact: that you're away from normal life.

And that's where teepee tents and teepee camping comes in. A teepee has long been ingrained history, from the early native american having entire villages of them, to more recently being part of many historical museums. Teepee tents camping are one of the, in my opinion, the coolest ways to camp. Teepee tents (also known as tipi tents) are like a normal tent but with a large pointed roof (sometimes 3 or 4 feet) and large door. They are usually spacious, fitting entire families if desired.

Many people ask, 'where can I find teepee tents for sale?' or 'Are there are any teepee style tents for camping?' and even 'Where can I rent teepee tents for camping?'. The good thing is that there is an easy answer to all of these questions. Cheap teepee tents, teepee tents for sale, teepee camping tents for rent... all of these are readily available.


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Teepee Style Tents

There are many different styles of teepee tents for you to choose from.  Not all teepee tents for sale are designed for outdoor use - some are best used as play toys for children inside - and therefore many kids teepee tents shouldn't be used for camping.  For example one of the best selling teepee tents is the teepee playhouse.  It's the ultimate teepee tent, spacious, with a few windows, making it an excellent gift for any child. 

Some more classic styles of teepee's are canvas teepee's.  A Canvas teepee has the classic look and feel of what native Americans used in their villages; in fact I would go as far as to say that the canvas teepee is also the most study and the best camping teepee tent. 

If you don't like the old and would, rather, prefer the new then a fiberglass teepee shelter is for you.   Fiberglass teepees are built as a shelter that can be used as either a shower, restroom, or a bed.  The floor detaches where you can build a pit, or you can keep it attached for resting purposes.  This is, without a doubt, a futuristic teepee - it lacks much of the look and feel of original teepee tents.  However it is sturdy, looks kind of cool, and is a very cheap tent. 

Kids Teepee Tents

One of the bestselling kinds of teepee every year are kids teepee's.  Kids teepee tents are the cheapest kind of teepee to buy, as well as the most convenient and easy to use.  They are not designed for outdoor use, at least nothing serious, although they could be brought along to be played with outdoor on sunny days. 

My favorite kids teepee camping tent is the teepee playhouse.  it has bright nylon walls that feature an easy access point, and a round tunnel hole with a roll away flap.   The teepee is waterproof and therefore can be used outdoors like, say, in ones backyard.   The best part?  It cleans very easily. 

Another option for the kids is the giant tee pee tent.  This tipi tent is 8 feet high and large enough to fit the entire family.  It has polyester walls that feature Indian designs, as well as polyester floor that is very easy to clean.  It's incredible easy to set up and take down (also comes with it's own carry bag) and has a roll away flap. 

Teepee Camping Tents

Other than looking cool while out camping, teepee camping tents for rent, or for sale, have other redeeming qualities. Many teepee tents are made out of canvas or polyester, making them an excellent shelter from rain, hail, and anything else nature throws at you.

The best teepee tents for camping, in my opinion, are the dexton great plains teepee. It's made of water repellent and fire resistant material, has a durable cotton canvas, and very easy to set up and take down. This kind of teepee camping tent on sale is best used as a supplement tent while camping. It can fit two or three people, or it can be used as storage ( i don't recommended combining the two).

Like mentioned earlier one of the best choices for having a teepee tent while camping is the fiberglass teepee shower tent. Heavy duty, roomy, one person set up, can be used for a variety of purposes... need I say more?



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