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Thirteen Wrestlers Who Should Join Lucha Underground

Updated on June 16, 2015

As wrestling fans, we're never entirely satisfied. We can't help it, it's just in our DNA. For every great angle or wrestler, there's always something that could be done better or a wrestler missing from the action. That's why we are here today. As much as I and the rest of the Lucha Kliq adore Lucha Underground, certainly there's talent that we would love to see there. Thus, this is my list of thirteen wrestlers who I would love, and I mean, LOVE to see in the LU sooner or later. Thirteen an odd number you say? You'll see why in a second. As per usual, this is my list based off my opinions, so don't be too sad if your favorite wrestler wasn't included. It happens. As a bonus for not getting upset, I'll even include a preview of tomorrow night's Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo match! Hey, what can I say; I like you all too much. Alright, enough wasting time. ON WITH THE SHOW!

11. Ethan Carter III

Truth be told, the best wrestler in TNA wasn't going to be featured here. In fact, I had forgotten the dude even existed until Matt Mortensen reminded me a few minutes ago (you know TNA's doing poorly when they're making you forget their top stars). Still, the great ECIII would be great for the LU. He's loaded with charisma, and his interactions with our lord and savior El Jefe would be priceless I'm sure. He may not have the style, and yet he does. I don't know how that made sense either, just roll with it.

10. Los Psychos Circus

And here's why the list is twelve! The fact of the matter is that Psycho Clown (who is the most chill clown...ever) should be brought up to the LU sooner than later, and if you're going to bring him up, Monster and Murder have to come up as well. It makes too much sense! Plus, tell me you don't want to see Los Psychos Circus face Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc. Those matches would range from super fun to epic every single time. It's more a sure thing than Roman Reigns making the dumb face next week when Bray visits his daughter's school, an angle that will totally not backfire on WWE at all.

My daughter's being stalked? Eh
My daughter's being stalked? Eh

9. Paul London

I miss Paul London. Remember when he was the first ROH guy to be signed by WWE, did pretty good for a few years and then saw his star fade when he laughed at Vince prior to the limo explosion? Good times. In any event, the Intrepid Traveler is only 35 years old, still wrestles on the indies and has the perfect style both in and out of the ring to fit into the LU's mold. Seriously, if the LU can have a dragon, what would be wrong with them having a Danger Bee/Hybrid Dolphin?

8. Carlito

THE HAIR! Much like the Hybrid Dolphin, I've always been a big fan of Carlito, and I'm still not exactly sure why it didn't work out for him in WWE. He was a really good worker, had charisma coming out of that wonderful fro of his, had wrestling in his blood; this was as surefire a hit as WWE could get. Instead, he's been wrestling everywhere from Mexico to Puerto Rico these days, his last mainstream wrestling appearance coming when he inducted his father into the WWE Hall of Fame two years ago. Perhaps it's my bias talking, but the Hair could do wonders in the LU. He's familiar with the talent, he can work and he's a familiar face that El Rey can use to help promote. Plus, think of the hair vs. hair matches! Could you imagine the suspense of a Carlito vs. Jack Evans match where the loser was shaved down to Triple H levels? It have more suspense than Mazza watching someone rip down his Roman Reigns poster!

7. Neville

Picture this; Neville doing a Red Arrow off Cueto's roof to some poor bastard below. Tell me you don't want to see that. Granted, there would need to be a table of some sorts there to cushion the fall, but still, EPIC! That, and Neville trying to top every other leap Angelico has ever done is reason enough to bring him in. I don't think any more really needs to be said.

6. Christina Von Eerie

Our first female star, and to me a no brainer. Christina Von Eerie is absolutely awesome. She has one of the coolest looks in wrestling, can go in the ring and has wrestled everywhere from Mexico to Japan to Shimmer to even TNA (who of course, screwed up because hey, TNA). She also has experience with several LU stars from her stint in AAA not too long ago, and is someone who definitely should be wrestling on TV as opposed to small promotions throughout the states. In the words of "Fan Favorite" Joe Brown, make it happen. We could all use some more attractive punk rock women in our life!

I love you!
I love you!

5. AJ Lee

Not only a no brainer, but something that I think is definitely feasible at some point down the road. Look, I don't know what AJ's wrestling plans are after her WWE deal comes up; for all I know, she's legitimately done and will move onto designing Chuck Taylors, writing comics and keeping her abs in tip top shape (no one is complaining from where I sit). But if she does have the itch to wrestle again, this is the place. AJ's style in WWE was built around aspects of lucha libre, and regardless of whether you felt her in ring work was overrated or underrated, there's no question she's a hell of a character. I have no doubt she'd kill it in the LU's backstage segments, nor do I doubt she could be a huge draw for the company. Add all of that to the fact that bringing her in opens the door for a certain someone else (who could it be?), and this just makes too much sense. It all depends on what AJ wants to do.

4. Taya Valkyrie

Three straight women wrestlers?! How can it be possible?! Simply put, as awesome as Sexy Star and Ivelisse are (jury is still out on Black Lotus), it would be pretty sweet to see more female wrestlers on the LU roster (especially with the three there now all being technicos). Some rudos would be good, and Taya is as good as they come at being a bad girl. Frankly, I'm surprised she hasn't arrived yet, as she's familiar with almost all of the LU roster and in fact teams with Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr on occasion in Mexico. I assume we'll see her sooner than later, and it honestly wouldn't shock me if she's Pentagon Jr's master. Imagine that?

3. Dr. Wagner Jr

If Blue Demon Jr can be the LU, why not Dr. Wagner Jr? I know the argument will be that Wags is up there in years (he's about 50) and you shouldn't be wasting a roster spot on an older guy, blah blah blah. Here's the thing though; Wagner is still excellent in the ring. In fact, dare I say he's better than some guys twenty years younger than him. Go and watch some of his matches on Youtube; the legend still moves around well and is still as popular as ever. I think he would fit perfectly into this whole angle with Chavo and Blue Demon right now, perhaps even as a partner for Demon if he decides to take on Chavo and the Crew. Hell, maybe he's even El Dragon Azteca. Whatever the case, Wagner would be great for the LU roster, and it would be great for the world to get to see one of the most underrated lucha libre stars ever.

2. CM Punk

Because why not? Look, I know it's unlikely, seeing as Punk is all "I'm done with wrestling FOREVER!" right now. But that doesn't change the fact that I want to see him in the ring again, and he's the exact kind of lightning rod the LU needs to take another step. He knows many of the guys on the roster from either his WWE or indy days. I seriously doubt he's lost any of his ability since he left WWE; in fact, I reckon the rest has probably made him better, seeing as he was wrestling like one of the Walking Dead zombies during his last run. This is a no brainer (yes, using the phrase again). If you're a wrestling company, you want to have the Best in the World, a guy who can singlehandedly walk into the Temple tomorrow and get the wrestling world talking. As long as the LU is around and Punk is alive, I'm going to hope for this. And you should too. Who wouldn't want to see Punk against guys like Puma, Angelico, Havoc, El Patron, Mundo and the rest of the characters in the Temple?

1. Bray Wyatt

Not only do I think this should happen, I think it's going to happen. Let's be real here; Bray Wyatt's run in WWE hasn't been lackluster, it's been Poseidon esq. Ever since his feud with John Cena ended last year, Bray has been as interesting as a show on the USA Network (except you Mr. Robot. You look good). His feuds/matches with Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose all fell into an unholy cross of disappointment and repetitiveness. His feud with Ryback made little sense at the time and even less sense a month or so later. And now, the Eater of Worlds is about embark on a feud with Roman Reigns where he stalks Roman's child, a storyline that last worked well in 1995. Add to the fact that Bray's promos all sound the same at this point and I'm starting to believe the WWE will never figure this out. And we all know what happens when they don't figure things out.

We now wait for the "OMG, NO ONE WAS BURIED!" cries
We now wait for the "OMG, NO ONE WAS BURIED!" cries

What pains me even more about this; Bray would be thriving in Lucha Underground right now. Say what you will about the two promotions, but the one thing the LU does that the WWE has trouble doing is following through on ideas. Feuds are remembered, grudges are held, things aren't just dropped or pushed aside (well, unless you're Argenis). Bray would be absolutely perfect there, and in a multitude of roles. If the LU wanted to make him Matanza, he would nail it. If they wanted to keep him himself, he would nail it. If they gave him a new gimmick, hell I'd think he would nail that as well. The amount of freedom the LU would provide for Bray would be liberating, and it's why, even above guys like Punk, Owens and Lesnar, he's number one here. Those guys certainly could thrive in LU and make it bigger. But Bray could find a whole other level in there, whereas you could argue those other three have peaked. And by the way, don't be surprised if we see this happen. I don't have any hard proof, but I have a feeling we could see Bray in the LU sooner than later.

Alright guys, time for a quick preview of tomorrow's match!

60 Minute Iron Man Match for the Lucha Underground Championship

Prince Puma (c) vs. Johnny Mundo

What to Expect: If this bout doesn't end up as one of the top three matches in Lucha Underground history, I will be shocked more than the positive reviews for Jurassic World. Every match between these two thus far has been sublime, and we're now about to get a new element in the form of Johnny Mundo's rudo turn. I can't wait to see the viciousness he brings in this match, and I can't wait to see Puma counteract it. This will be his toughest challenge yet as champion, and I have the feeling it'll be his greatest defense yet. Strap yourselves in ladies and germs. This will be a show stopping number.

Winner: At this point, I think we've come too far for Puma to lose the belt now, especially with Ultima Lucha just a few weeks away. Thus, I think he pulls out the victory here, and once more, I think he may have some help, this time from a returning Alberto El Patron. It's actually been a bit now since the Mexican folk hero was thrown through El Jefe's window, and I anticipate now will be the time he strikes back, especially since Mundo has so much to lose. There may be some more interference as well to turn the tide against Puma, but either way, the LU Champ will remain so. In the end, we'll all be winners. Man I can't wait for this match.

That'll do it guys. I'll be back later with something. Till then, stop, DUCHOVNY time!

Please change disks to continue...

What will be the final score for the Puma-Mundo Iron Man Match tomorrow?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Bray Wyatt in LU would absolutely SLAY.... You've made me want to see it too much now!

      And Paul London; my God! I loved that guy.


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