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Tennis Camp For Kids

Updated on February 20, 2012

Tennis Camp

Tennis Instruction

> When you send your kid to tennis camp they will be exposed to tennis instruction by trained tennis coaches usually in a tennis club setting or occasionally a YMCA type setting but they usually have very good coaches, usually a college level player or higher that has been trained to teach all levels of student players. If your child is interested and wants to go to tennis camp they will probably know the one they want to go to because that's the ones all of their friends are going to.This is a good thing for you as a parent because chances are one of these kids have been to this tennis club or camp before. You can then talk to the parent of that child and see what they thought of the tennis facility and the instructor or instructors.

Tennis Camp

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Nike Tennis Camp

Nike Tennis Camp

One of my top choices for sending my kids to tennis camp is the Nike Tennis Camp. Why Nike? Well, one they are located all over the country from the tennis hotspots of Florida, California, Texas, Maryland to everywhere in between. So for instance they have 9 camps scheduled in Ca, 3 in Colorado, 1 in Montana, 1 in Utah, 1 in Oregon,and 1 in Washington. That's only in the west they have a lot more in the rest of the country.

Why Nike Tennis Camps

Personally when I hear NIke tennis camp I know it will be at a quality facility with tennis instructors who are the best at teaching as well as playing. Because let's face it you can be the best player but not be able to pass it on to the next person. Not to mention the tennis lessons they are giving have to cover a wide range of kids, from beginners learning how to play tennis to intermediate. In my experience the Nike camps have been able to provide these things not to mention the other fun activities when the kids are not playing tennis. Because let's face it a tennis camp where all you did was play tennis for a whole week would be boring.

Other Options

If you live in California there are tennis clubs everywhere and most of them offer camps in the summer. Talk to your friends who may be members or their kids may all ready be signed up for a camp session it's good to have a friend or two at camp. Not to mention the YMCA in a lot of communities runs some very good camps for tennis as well as other sports. You may all ready be a member of the YMCA and you will get a break on the cost of tennis camp for that reason. Stanford Tennis Camp located on the campus of Stanford University is also another good choice for California families. The Bollettieri Tennis Academy, this academy is a very high end tennis camp from kids to adults to tournament players. If this is your first time at tennis camp I don't think you will get your money worth but if you are a Junior player with some tournament ambition this place can teach you some skills. Their core teaching strategy to teach you the whole game in small groups with a 1 to 4 ratio of instructor to students can teach you a lot in a small amount of time.

NIke Tennis Camp

What To Take To Tennis Camp

What To Take To Tennis Camp

What do you take to tennis camp? That is a question asked a lot by parents well here are the main things. Take 2 tennis rackets. Why two well we all break strings now and then and you don't want your kid missing time waiting for his racket to be restrung. The next important thing is a bag it doesn't have to be a tennis bag and say prince or Babolat on the side but it can be a backpack or duffel large enough to cary their stuff in for the day. Tennis clothing, for boys simple shorts and shirts made of a wicking fabric because they will get hot. I've made some suggestions on the right, you can get them here or buy them elsewhere. For girls, Tennis dresses and tennis skirts and tops made of a wicking fabric, I've made some suggestions on the right you can get them here or buy them elsewhere. Shoes, Tennis shoes or good court shoes you can either buy special tennis shoes here or you can buy them at a tennis pro shop they will probably be more expensive in the pro shop but if you have a decent pair of court shoes that's all you need. All of this stuff should be marked with your name on it so if it gets misplaced you can get it back. Last but not least a swimsuit because most tennis camps have a pool and it's nice to go swimming with your friends after a hot morning on the courts. Find out what other activities will be taking place during the week while your at tennis camp. Then you can decide what else to bring.

Day Camp Or Overnight Camp

Day camp or overnight camp those are choices each family has to make based on your budget, if you feel your child is ready for a week away from home, and the distance to your camp. If camp is at the local tennis club then the day camp is probably the best option for you cost wise. But, if you live in San Diego and you send your kid to Stanford Tennis camp because you went there all through your childhood that is not an option for you.

How Much Does Tennis Camp Cost

Most Tennis Day Camps cost in the neighborhood of one hundred to two hundred dollars a week. Tennis overnight camps cost substantially more in the seven hundred to one thousand dollar a week or more range, but then there are more costs with overnight for the camp they put on dances take the kids to theme parks etc. depending on the camp it's all up to the family and the budget. The Bollettieri Tennis Academy, the one I told you to wait if this is your kids first time at tennis camp costs eighteen hundred dollars a week for boarding camp. So you can start very cheaply with only a one hundred dollar camp for day camp or spend a whole lot of money if you want a specific name and place. Thats another reason I like the Nike Tennis Camps you get a very good camp for about two hundred dollars for day camp and a little more for overnight. Your area may be different so check local prices. Once again I can't stress enough talk to your friends and use the YMCA camps they are pretty good and can save you some money.

Have Fun

Now you know some of the choices out there for tennis camps and what your kid needs to take and some of the things he or she can look forward to at tennis camp. Last but not least you know about what tennis camp will cost. About the same as many other camps out there. So the main thing is to let your kid go to camp tennis or otherwise if they are ready and have fun because that's what summer is about. While your child is away at camp you and your spouse can have a little time to yourself as well. One last thing if your child has never played tennis send him or her to a couple of lessons once again the local club or the YMCA can help with this so that when they arrive at tennis camp they know some basic strokes and such then they are not spending the first couple days learning the basics at camp. You may be surprised after camp you might have to buy a tennis racket because your kid will want to show you what they learned.


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